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  1. Silverhead, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH. Problem solved.....
  2. So I purchased a Floor model yesterday and cannot update it. The line6 uploader will not open on my MacBook Pro I called apple and they said I need to contact line6, I called the number but no one is available.... I just want to update this thing so I can use it at its fullest potential..... This is the error I am getting.....“Line 6 Updater.pkg” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. PLEASE HELP
  3. Thank you! All for replies!!!! so if I get powercab 112 ( not plus) can I hook Boss RC500 to it? Would I be forced to use midi?
  4. So I am in the market for a great Multi Effects board and the Helix is where I am thinking (heavily). My Setup is as follows... Fender Strat into the Boss ME-80, into the Boss RC500, into the Fender Mustang 1 v ii. If I replace the ME-80 with the Helix will I be able to go to the RC500 and into the amp as I am used too? If so will I still be able to use the AMP and CAB add ons if i go to the front of the amp, running the amp on a pure clean tone? how would i go about achieving this without the use of always having to wear headphones? I know I am probably buying more than a guy in a bedroom needs, but I would rather go big with the effects than spend more money over time building with trial and error, I do plan on playing on stage at church through the PA eventually..... Thanks for helping a total NEWB
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