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  2. Yeah, but you open the preset, go to the block, and select "default" and wham. I think actually automatically changing every single instance of Cosmos Delay in every single one of my presets, or something like that, would be 99% useless tbh.
  3. I think it's coming in 3.0 "Favorites" or some such. Also, I think at the basic level, you'll be able to set your own default settings for all blocks.
  4. Check your sample rate settings in your DAW as well as in your Helix Floor Global settings. Make sure they match.
  5. I find the tap tempo light to work fine, always have.
  6. well, the gulf between usability on the two platforms is far from what it was just a decade or so ago, but yeah. I still find Windows 10 so annoying to configure and use that my "test" laptop I have here never gets turned on.
  7. I am more than a regular on all the forums. I see WAY more issues with Windows computers and HX products than Mac. I don't know that there is actually that many issues with Catalina, tbh. I certainly had no issues with it with either Native 1.8 or 1.9, through all the betas as well.
  8. Suggestion: stop trying to figure out the tap tempo thing, guys. It's a known issue, and they are literally fixing it as I type this.
  9. I did in 2.82, but I have not in 2.90, and I have specifically designed presets that change the tone control from snapshot to snapshot.
  10. You probably want to post this in the bug reports discussion, tho.
  11. I would definitely try re-loading first.
  12. check globals. Also, turn the unit off and back on again 2 or 3 times (let it fully boot up). I've heard stuff like this happening only on the first few boots. Again... did not see this in my testing, sorry.
  13. Again... KNOWN problem... hot fix is coming in days, not weeks.
  14. It's a hot fix that will be coming sooner, not later.
  15. 2018 MBP 13" here, Catalina, everything ran smoothly on every beta. In fact, I have had no installation issues of any kind since early 2016 I think.
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