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  1. PeterHamm

    HX Stomp Class Compliance (Linux Audio Interface)?

    Pretty sure it IS class-compliant.
  2. PeterHamm

    Marketplace Goals?

    I've already exceeded the number of people who I thought would pay money for my (rather unusual) presets, so... my next goal is to become insanely rich because everyone else want them. Kidding... I want people to sound great and love what they play. That's all.
  3. PeterHamm

    Line 6 should recieve an award....

    I feel the same way about the Cartographer.
  4. PeterHamm

    Why only 60 seconds for the looper?

    Here's why that should not happen. You are talking about 3 different pieces of gear built into one. Chances are, if you did that, the people who are the target market for it (very few) are going to buy their favorite of each of those solutions anyway.
  5. similar experience. I run my acoustics through either Guitar in or Return 1. My Ibanez fretless bass, tho, sounds fantastic through the Aux, so it's a case-by-case basis, I guess.
  6. The aux jack is specifically for instruments with a built-in preamp, or instruments that plug into a preamp, then into helix. plain and simple. Some of those do NOT work well with the Guitar in, so I'm glad they put it there.
  7. The aux input is going to work badly for this. Every time. Gain block or no.
  8. PeterHamm

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    Page 3 of Global Settings:Ins/Outs has some control. Set the volume knob to only control the output you are not wanting affected. You can do the same with the Headphones Monitor to an extent.
  9. PeterHamm

    Compatible expression pedals

    Output. The Output on MANY Volume Pedals works as an EXP with Helix. Oh, and they haven't made a big deal out of it, but compatibility with different old legacy pedals IMPROVED noticeably with 2.7.1.
  10. PeterHamm

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    You can't currently do exponential, but you can do either linear or logarithmic on the Volume pedal. You can do this. Hold down "MODE" and select the FX block you want to edit. now you can edit with your feet.
  11. PeterHamm

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    pretty sure that part of it is impossible. Only two EXP/FS connections possible. If you need more, look into MIDI stuff like Morningstar.
  12. PeterHamm

    HX Stomp: Are 6 blocks enough? Not really

    With Stomp, I'd seriously consider finding a built-in cab that works for you (adjusting lo hi cuts, mic distance (THE secret sauce), early reflections, and mic type) to save blocks. But yes, the FX Send/Return takes a block.
  13. PeterHamm

    HX Stomp with two Instruments at the same time

    a sample of my multi-voice stuff for Helix, coming REALLY soon to Marketplace.
  14. PeterHamm

    Humbuckers and the 'Guitar In Pad'

    It's hard to clip the input. It's very possible to clip internally. But, that said, I like the Pad ON on Helix all the time.
  15. PeterHamm

    HX Stomp with two Instruments at the same time

    I process two-voice guitar with Stomp. Acoustic and Electric at the same time from the same instrument. The same principle would work. However, with only 6 blocks, you will end up being really limited. One or both of the players might end up really frustrated. If it's simple acoustic guitar on one side and bass on the other? I think it could work okay.