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  1. It is not just that imho. It is the way that a guitar speaker moves air vs. the way that an FRFR does. The delay has nothing to do with it if your FRFR and your "real amp" are the same distance from your ears.
  2. YES! I know everybody loves listening to that super awesome wet stereo reverb... but... put one of the legacy spring reverbs BEFORE your amp in the chain. Thank us later.
  3. Sorry, but imho, that "feel" you want is the "amp in the room" which is accomplished by having a real guitar speaker pushing a certain amount of air. Nothing else.
  4. Hi Peter,
    First off thank you for all the help you have given to the acoustic guitarists out here in the terrifying computer age. I have an obstacle I can't seem to work around. I decided to put together an acoustic gig. I have a Takamine G series acoustic (PIEZO pickups), not the greatest guitar but it does sound good enough direct in the P.A. that I figured it would only be better going through an HX Stomp so I got one. It does sound better in all areas but big body strumming guitar. My guitar sound like it's made out of aluminum. Any of the IR's I use or any presets I have downloaded are fine (for the most part) for fingerstyle or single string acoustic songs. My issue is with my strumming sound. I have all the top IR's and have spent more time than I want to admit trying to get that big round sound out of the P.A. To tell you the truth, it's pretty awful. Very hard and quacky. I have been an audio engineer for over 25 years and a guitarist for over 35 and no matter what EQ'ing I try, It sounds horrible through the P.A. I have great P,A, speakers; QSC k.12, Good board; Mackie DL1608. I'm going direct from the acoustic through the Stomp out  stereo into the board. Is there something I am missing somewhere? Thanks for any help or suggestions. I am happy to try anything, Or even if you know what frequency I really need to roll of would be appreciated. Thank you


    1. PeterHamm


      Couple things I would try first. I would DRASTICALLY lower a pretty narrow band at about 2.6K or 2.7K with a para EQ, I would perhaps do that BEFORE the IR. OR... honestly, it could be a problem with that piezo. Maybe the strings aren't pushing it down enough. I also find that super-low action on acoustics can be a real challenge. Gosh, I hope that helps, but you probably know as much about how to get EQ to do what you want as I know and more.

    2. PeterHamm


      One more thing... the input has two settings on Stomp. Line and Instrument. Make sure you are set to Instrument, not line.


    3. gerryCol


      Hi Peter,
      thanks so much for getting back to me. I have made some headway. I have come to terms with the fact that PIEZO pickups are inherently very quacky when strumming. And I am pretty percussive and that doesn't translate into more bottom on a PIEZO just more quack. So after searching through every IR I had which is just about everything from Sigma and more. the best ones are the ones I downloaded from you. The 109_slope_jumbo and the super_jumbo were best for my guitar at 25%. Anytime I add too much IR mix I seem tp get horrible phasing issues. Does anyone ever use an acoustic IR at 100% ???

      To counter the quackiness of the PIEZO I ordered the K&K Sound Trinity Mini PRO Guitar Pickup System.

      *I am going to plug my Takamine Piezo to the left input of my stomp (Panned Left)

      *I am going to blend the K&K System (Mic and Pickups) to the right

      * I will eq each side to get the desired sound and blend them together into my live board.

      Wish me luck but it should work.




      Thanks again.

      Gerry C

  5. It will not stop the voices... do not ask me how I know this...
  6. VERY different kind of product, but very excellent. And, when you are tweaking for live use, I find that IEM-style headphones work best.
  7. I saw something similar to this in a beta build of an older firmware. It might be a corrupt preset. First. Try saving to another slot and then back. You MIGHT have to delete the EQ block and put it back in, but try that first.
  8. Sorry, still not a huge fan. I know that some broadcast folks use them, but there's a reason you never see them on the shelf in a Music store. I think they probably have a harshness inherent in them. I do find that my open back DT990s (Beyer) sound fantastic with Helix, and any closed back headphones are only good for when I have to have no bleed because I'm tracking vocals.
  9. No offense, but "Koss" may be your problem. Not surprised they might sound harsh. The headphone amp in Helix might be a little much for them.
  10. Did you try a different browser, or clearing your cache? Since this isn't a widely reported issue, it might be something going on there.
  11. This is a global issue, but the global setting you need to change is not in globals, instead it is the first dial when you page to the Variax input block. Can't remember the name of it. but you change that and you are golden across all your patches.
  12. POD Go has something called "Kinky Boost" which is an EP Booster.
  13. It still seems, to me, like this new Boss processor will be really awesome for a lot of guitar players.
  14. well, there is another reason this wouldn't work. It would be WAY too easy to hit the wrong pedal and mute your whole sound during a song. That would not fly during a live performance at all.
  15. Variax doesn't have the kind of functionality required to make that happen. It only sends audio from the guitar to the Helix, even over VDI.
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