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  1. Yes, and I do this with my 2-voice guitars... BUT... you can't use the Auto-Z feature on a Return input, AND... you can't use the tuner if the instrument you are tuning is only connected there. I think this is a great idea!
  2. all due respect, I don't measure crap like that, but you are not arguing with my opinion on this, you are arguing with my experience. And, it's not only mine, as I've learned. Others have tried both, too. I shared my experience, and in my experience, there is a difference, and in my experience, the 1/4" -> DI solution has worked in environments where going XLR direct was problematic. Probably a half-dozen to a dozen environments where I've been able to test That's my experience. Maybe not yours. But you can't say my experience didn't happen. And less than 2 weeks before Christmas, (I work in a church) I am neither setting all this crap up to measure, nor am I engaging this thread anymore... just don't have the time.
  3. I don't have time for that kind of thing when I find something that always works I just kinda stick with it.
  4. The level/impedance are lower enough that I have never had a problem plugging into any mixer this way (I use a pair of Whirlwind IMP2 passive DI). I can't say the same for the XLR outs, regardless of Line/Mic setting.
  5. Sure there is, the signal coming from my DI is a totally different kind of signal than what comes from those balanced outputs.
  6. Disagree. In my experiences connecting Helix to a PA, sometimes with XLR out, other times with a DI, I have had to futz and take up more of the sound guy's time than I wanted to connecting XLR every single time. With the DI, he just gets the level he's looking for, and I've literally never had an issue.
  7. Wrong? No. BUT... if you aren't sure what the sound guy is doing, or if they know what they are doing, and it's an unfamiliar room, you can easily have problems with phantom power, impedance, and level that the sound guy can't figure out (because he doesn't know about the mic/line switch, the pad, or maybe the desk has mic-only inputs, there are tons of things that can go wonky. All of that is basically mitigated or eliminated by going 1/4" out to a quality DI, and you will sound just as good.
  8. I get that, and you are not, imho, anywhere near 100% off base. EXP Pedal? It's why I have the rack (which is, imho, the true "pro" solution anyway), so I can choose my own. Phantom Power? I think that everyone in a live environment should be using the 1/4" out to a DI anyway, solves more than just phantom power issues. But I'll bet money that problem goes away the next time around in some form or fashion. iOS or Android editor? Nah. Just another platform for them to support. BT was too slow when it was being developed, and I bet few enough users want or need this to make it worth upping the price of the unit to support it. WiFi? Yeah, probably, I could see that. Global Blocks? EXCELLENT idea. They should incorporate this if they can. But I know I'll never use it, because I don't ever want all my presets to change automatically, but I can see this as super useful. We need cantankerous souls like you to think of the stuff that we all want but don't know it yet, so keep on keepin' on.
  9. Wow, I'm bypassing some of your post to focus on this. 1. How the heck is HX stuff not pro hardware? (I'm kinda calling BS on this) 2. "Favorites" isn't good enough to achieve this? What does it better? (I'm generally curious on this one) 3. It has been discussed to death why this isn't happening... (And neither Kemper nor Fractal nor QC has this, right?)
  10. Nothing wrong with that, wait away. That said, people who need to make music are the ones who buy what is available, either because it's their job, or they have music in them they have to get out and literally can't wait (neither can their audiences). Collectors and aficionados wait because they always have to have the next big thing. nothing wrong with that, perhaps that describes you. But Helix is a pro-level piece of equipment, and loads of folks are using it to make great music, entertain and love their audiences, and make the world a better place.
  11. The Helix is still selling well, still has a lot of life left in it with updates, and even if it never got any, I could still use it for another 10 years. Line 6 isn't worried about niche players that sell through only their own store or through only one outlet. And they aren't worried about sub-standard copycats either. When there needs to be a next flagship processor for guitarists, I will bet you that they have something ready, and I'll bet that it's something that they are working on now, but haven't told us about, because they can't.
  12. Double check first to make sure that you don't have the guitar inputting on another path. Perhaps you could take a screen shot of your signal chain? Never seen that happen.
  13. Nope. You can do this with snapshots, OR... what I do... add a dirt pedal or a boost (the Mark V EQ is fun for this, as is Deranged Master).
  14. That RTA analysis is only meaningful for the room you do it in, tho. Only use Global EQ to "fix" the room, when you are in the room. Otherwise, for shaping your tone, use EQ in the preset. (and START with the Amp EQ!)
  15. two things. 1. every day you wait to get the tool that will help you make music better and have more fun doing it is a day wasted. 2. There is not a Helix 2 coming any time super-soon.
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