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  1. Something that currently is not available to purchase and will cost at least $350 more than Stomp...
  2. maybe you should just stop making music until someone makes exactly the product you have determined is the best one possible...
  3. Snapshots is not a "compromise"... I'm jus' sayin'... It's a feature. And yes, much of what you describe above is obviated by the presence of snapshots anyway. Need 8 settings in one song? You can do it.
  4. 1. They never sound identical. 2. Line 6 seems to be selling plenty of modelers, and are not really, as far as I can tell, staying awake nights worrying about Boss.
  5. I think you are missing the point. The argument is that since Brand X can do it, why can't Brand Y. I answered your question, you changed the subject. I'm not saying the Boss stuff doesn't sound great. I think it does. Not the question.
  6. how do you know this part? This seems like a ridiculous assertion, tbh.
  7. The difference between the modeling technology between Boss COSM and Helix HX is significant.
  8. The modeling is also far far less sophisticated. So that isn't a surprise. Delay spillover? Fine. You are never getting it in Helix. Jus' sayin'... The only way to do it would be to cut the functionality from 2 paths to 1.
  9. There is also a clear all blocks option.
  10. It's the "face mite" of bugs...
  11. In defense of those who are complaining about this. set up stereo speakers with one speaker 2.24ft further away than the other... it will sound odd. Yes, such an offset can indeed be an issue. I still don't think this is a bug per se.
  12. The idea that this 2ms is "Multiplied" by the other things that are going on in a DAW btw, seems to be complete malarkey to me. This is not a bug.
  13. Normally, I am not an "upgrade right away" guy, but I did with Catalina. It is a GREAT update, very stable, and for me, I'm using mostly apple products, including Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, iWork, etc. It is working just peachy. I "had to" upgrade as I was going to a new machine, but honestly, apart from some weird stuff from a few people, it seems like the last 3 MacOS updates have actually been really really solid. And, fwiw, you will, if you follow your plan, get 11 or 12 YEARS out of that Mac Pro. Try that with a Windows machine. In my experience, that ain't happening.
  14. Tuner in the editor? When EVERY TIME you use the editor you have the actual unit RIGHT THERE?!?!?! No.
  15. This also gives me another cool idea. If you could determine 6 parameters that could go to the 6 knobs when you switch to a new preset, all from different blocks if need be, so you could literally bend down and change that gain stage on the fly.
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