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Community Answers

  1. This is very Variax-like. And I'd love something like this. I do something like it with IR now, but to have some already set, like the new built-in cabinets, would be wonderful.
  2. Check Globals:EXP Pedals and see if your position might be set to snapshot or preset. That could easily cause what you are experiencing.
  3. Some folks need a dedicated looper like those from Boss. Your situation is a perfect example of that.
  4. It would be awesome to have this capability imho.
  5. It's not a perfect simulation. It's good, but not perfect. That kinda answers it all. And miking a guitar in the studio, when done right, will always have a magic that a piezo through an IR doesn't have.
  6. First off... the guilt-in cabs ARE IR, but there a bunch of things you can alter about them, so they're "programmable" IRs. Second, for most of us, you can take hours auditioning piles of IR until you find the "right one" or spend hours (it doesn't take me hours, tho) tweaking something that is built-in that is closest to what you are looking for. For every user who can only find their tone with a certain 3rd party IR... there is one like me who actually finds their tone with a particular built-in cab (I have the same 3 or 4 I go to every time). If Line 6 knew what they were doing, they'd give us both options... uh... wait... I think that's what they actually DID...
  7. I think favorites should store more info. Like if I copy and paste an amp block where I've set a footswitch to change settings, it copies that footswitch info, but favorites doesn't store that info. That seems like a no-brainer to me. Vote here. https://line6.ideascale.com/c/idea/1042738
  8. Are you putting the pitch change FIRST in the chain?
  9. I made some of my own (which I use in presets I sell at MarketPlace) and I also love the ones from 3 Sigma. I really want to try those Worship Tutorials ones.
  10. WhatEVER they do come out with, they are probably developing now or soon, right? Helix was in development for 3 years before it came out, iirc. As far beyond HD 500 as Helix was, I expect a similar leap with the "next thing," whatever it's called. (I always vote for "WhizBang 2000 XL Mk iii SE"... which is why nobody has ever hired me in their marketing department...)
  11. Yes, and I do this with my 2-voice guitars... BUT... you can't use the Auto-Z feature on a Return input, AND... you can't use the tuner if the instrument you are tuning is only connected there. I think this is a great idea!
  12. all due respect, I don't measure crap like that, but you are not arguing with my opinion on this, you are arguing with my experience. And, it's not only mine, as I've learned. Others have tried both, too. I shared my experience, and in my experience, there is a difference, and in my experience, the 1/4" -> DI solution has worked in environments where going XLR direct was problematic. Probably a half-dozen to a dozen environments where I've been able to test That's my experience. Maybe not yours. But you can't say my experience didn't happen. And less than 2 weeks before Christmas, (I work in a church) I am neither setting all this crap up to measure, nor am I engaging this thread anymore... just don't have the time.
  13. I don't have time for that kind of thing when I find something that always works I just kinda stick with it.
  14. The level/impedance are lower enough that I have never had a problem plugging into any mixer this way (I use a pair of Whirlwind IMP2 passive DI). I can't say the same for the XLR outs, regardless of Line/Mic setting.
  15. Sure there is, the signal coming from my DI is a totally different kind of signal than what comes from those balanced outputs.
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