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Community Answers

  1. if you really want these things, you want to put them on idea scale. They don't monitor this space for these ideas.
  2. I would try this first. do a good solid backup... DOWNgrade to an old version, then check and see if it works, then Upgrade again if it does. If it doesn't work when you downgrade, could be a hardware problem.
  3. I did hear something like this, although it all works for me. Tell me, did you do a full factory reset before reloading your global backup?
  4. Did you do a factory reset when you updated? And if so, have you saved the preset to another location and then back?
  5. When you were done updating, did you do a full factory reset and then reload your global backup?
  6. Did you do a full factory reset and then reload your Global backup? If not, you should do that first. (MAKE SURE you have a good backup before factory resetting!)
  7. Yes, Double Take has a known bug. They are aware of it and working on it.
  8. I'm curious... when you did the latest update, did you do a full factory reset before reloading your backup? If not, you should do that, and if you did, I'd do another full factory reset. I edit presets constantly and have NEVER experienced this behavior.
  9. Probably want to change the global settings for expression pedal position. That is what this sounds like.
  10. C# is the same as Db... etc... so just figure out what the flat equivalent is of what you want to tune.
  11. It's not balanced, it's not a real DI, it can cause as many problems as it solves, unlike a DI. Just use a DI.
  12. Did you do the factory reset before reloading your snapshots last time you updated?
  13. Hey, good to see ya!
  14. It works fantastic for many of us. Perhaps it is user error.
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