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  1. I'm a complete noob with midi, but I did figure out how to change presets on my Boss SY-200 with midi from my Helix LT, when I change presets or snapshots. Now I'm considering adding a vocal processor to my rig, and I'm wondering if there's a way to control both it and the SY-200 from my Helix. I assume that means I'd need to somehow daisy-chain the two pedals. If that's the case, how do I send two different midi commands with each pedal interpreting the right command? If it's just not possible without adding other hardware, I'd appreciate knowing that too -- thanks!
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to report this, but...since updating to 3.50 yesterday, my Helix LT sometimes fails to change Variax models as it should when changing from one snapshot to another. It seems random and only on some presets.
  3. Has anyone installed one of these "Brockamp" pickguards on a JTV-69? I'm curious about how it looks and whether it was a good fit/easy job.
  4. Last dumb question, I promise -- would there be significant difference between the 300 and a 500, in terms of interchangeability of presets/models?
  5. Hmmm...maybe buying another 300 and swapping the neck is the right answer for me, then. There's nothing I really dislike about the 300 I bought, and I got it for a GREAT price ($200 US for both the guitar AND a POD XT Live). So, some things for me to think about...thanks for the info!
  6. So, just so I understand completely (because this question will determine my next Variax) if I build a model for a Les Paul tuned down a half step in Workbench for my 300, when I use that same model on a 600 or 700 it will not activate that same model/tuning? Or will it activate the model and tuning but just sound different?
  7. That's weird. I quoted from your post as it appeared in the thread. But I also got an email notification that you responded, and it reads differently from the actual post. Something glitchy going on here.
  8. I haven't rules our buying a JTV. The process of unplugging from the Helix and plugging into the XT Live to tweak a model, then going back to the Helix to see how it sounds, is a bit painful. But if I build Helix presets for a JTV, then needed to use the 300 mid-set (broken string, whatever) would the presets work on the 300? The alternate tunings could be a problem, since you have to build those into custom models on the 300 but they can work on any model for the JTV. I also kind of like the older generation models. I don't really dislike the neck on my 300; it is very playable and the nut/neck profile is spot on for me (although I'd prefer a maple fretboard, so I might look at swapping it out). And, I really like the look of the 700 and have been told it plays very nicely. The only one of the JTVs that I think would be a good fit (neck and nut profile-wise) is the 59.
  9. Are they just different parts, or do they work differently? In other words, will presets/custom models build for a Variax 300 work and sound appropriate on the other models? The basis of my question is this: I recent bought a Variax 300, and I really like it and would like a Variax to be the main guitar in my stage rig. However, I'll want to buy one of the higher end models for the better build quality -- with the 300 as a back up on stage. So I'm choosing whether to buy a 500, 600 or 700. I'm leaning toward the 700, although I like the idea of the maple fretboard on the 600. So I just want to choose one that is fully compatible with the presets I've built for the 300. the differences change how it's used or are they transparent to the user (except for tthat the parts aren't interchangeable? Thanks!
  10. Is there any significant difference between the models other than build quality and the physical structure of the guitars? Are the inner workings the same on all three? Thanks!
  11. Anyone replaced the nut on their Variax 300 with a TUSQ? If so, which model nut did you choose? I know it's 43mm, but there are a couple of options at that width. Just want to get it right -- I just bought this 300 and I'm doing some maintenance before putting it into the rotation.
  12. The 5s. Like I Said, they're working pretty well for me right now. I think that goes without saying, but maybe I should have said it anyway, lol. What I really mean is, I don't want to build tones on the FRFR that sound good on it but lousy through FOH -- and vice versa.
  13. I use a pair of small but good-sounding powered Sterling monitors, taking a mixed signal of Helix and digital audio from my laptop (via a Behringer audio interface). It's pretty accurate, in terms or translation to FOH sounds, but if I go with FRFR, I'd want to build them usi\ng it so my on-stage monitor sound matches (as closely as possible) the FOH sound. Obviously the sound guy has to tweak for the room, but getting them close is the start I'm looking for.
  14. How do tones/patches you build on them at home compare to the sound at FOH?
  15. Hi - this isn't specifically about Helix, but I want to hear from Helix users. In my band we use IEMs for monitors and I send signal direct to FOH from my Helix LT. On those rare occasions when we used provided sound without IEMs, I've used an Fender combo amp on stage to improve my ability to hear myself instead of relying solely on the stage monitors. It wasn't great (I didn't tweak patches at all), but it worked. I'm looking a purchasing an FRFR to use for that instead, and am wondering whether it would be better to build/tweak my patches using that as opposed to the studio monitors I'm currently using. There is a difference between how the patches sound on the studio monitors vs. FOH, but it's not a "bad" difference so I've mostly ignored it. So now I'm choosing an FRFR to buy, and it makes sense that I'd want it it sound like what FOH hears (that's the whole point, right?). you FRFR users build your patches on your FRFR and get good translation to FOH without tweaking, or do you do something else?
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