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  1. Hi all. I'm using an EHX B9 and a Boss SY-1 in my Helix external loops. I'd like to use an external momentary switch to control the Poly Sustain for these, giving me sustained keyboard chords over which I can play guitar. I'm currently using the Helix expression pedal, but it's awkward and I'd like to use a regular spring loaded sustain pedal or a momentary switch, like the Boss FS-5U (which I already have). Can it be used as an external pedal? I haven't been able to make it work, but it's entirely possible that I don't know what I'm doing. Appreciate any help...
  2. I've been looking for a looper that works in a very specific way for playing live, and the DL4 might be the answer for me. However, like most other loopers, the manual is pretty bare bones. I've found a used DL4 I'm ready to pick up, but i just need a little first-hand info from a user. Two questions: 1) When you start recording a loop can you stop the recording without immediately starting the loop playback or without a double tap (by hitting the play/stop button once, for example) ? That way, you can play it back later in the song. 2) If you play the loop using the "play once/one shot," can you restart the loop by hitting "play once" again? Thanks.
  3. And one follow-up question -- is there any reason to ensure I can register the Variax (as I did with my Helix) or is that unnecessary since Line6 no longer supports these models?
  4. I'm thinking about buying a used Variax, and there's a chance I might not be able to give it a full test before purchasing. Three questions: 1) Can anyone identify this Variax model? 2) What are the tell-tales one should look for when considering buying a used legacy Variax like this? 3) With my rig I use keyboard emulation pedals (EHX Mel9, B9). I've noticed that different pickups push the pedals very different, with weaker pickups producing less of a signal from the pedal. Does anyone think the Variax might not send enough signal to push the pedals, based on the pickups it uses? Thanks very much!
  5. But you are saying that you can change the guitar model from a Les Paul to a Tele by changing a preset, with no addition intervention needed on the guitar?
  6. Thanks for the answer -- I was hoping you'd be the one to see the question, since you seem to be the most knowledgeable about old Variaxes and Helix. So you're saying that if you create a custom tuning, you can't save that in the Helix, you save that in the guitar in one of two custom slots? I guess I don't understand how you create a custom tuning, then -- I really don't know much about the Variaxes. My question about the sending a signal to the external loop was about whether the Variax required and amp model or any other Helix processing in order to send the signal to the loop, since it doesn't have a magnetic pickup. I have keyboard emulation pedals (EHC B9 for example) in the external loops, and I use a separate path to send, return and output that signal. Thanks again...
  7. Sorry to resurrect a dead thread, but I'm thinking of picking up a Variax 500, and I haven't read a post that explicitly answered my questions. Can you tell me if you can use a Variax 500 with Helix to: - Change Variax 500 guitar models on the Variax with Helix by changing a preset? - Change Variax 500 guitar tuning with Helix by changing a preset? - Build custom tunings using HX Edit, save them and use them by selecting a preset? - Use the Variax to send a guitar signal to external pedals in the send/return loop, in addition to the normal guitar signal path? Thanks, and again, sorry to resurrect a dead post.
  8. Hi - I was offered a really good deal on a two-year-old Helix Floor, but I want to avoid any problems. If the original owner registered it under his account for updates and software, etc., how can I put it in my name/account? I currently have a registered Helix LT. Also, what's the warranty on the Floor? If it's longer than two years, does any of it transfer to me if I buy it? Thanks! Edited to add -- if this has been covered beffore, please share a link to the thread. I tried searching, but the search function isn't great.
  9. Hi - I've been using the Helix LT live for about 9 months now, but I've barely scratched the surface of it, so pardon me if these are dumb questions. I'm thinking of adding a synth pedal (EHX Synth9 or Boss SY-1) to emulate some keyboard parts (I've been playing some keyboards on stage, but I'm giving that up). If any of you have tried this setup, how do you rig the pedal with your Helix so that you can have synth only, guitar only, and guitar + synth (with the synth not mixed into the guitar signal but as its own separate signal)? Some of these synth pedals seem quite amazing, and might help me avoide lugging around the 58 pound Alesis QS 8.1 I've been using on about 12 songs per night. Thanks in advance and cheers! J.C.
  10. What is the first (oldest) Variax that's fully compatible with Helix LT? I'm interested in pickup up a Variax, but trying to avoid the sticker shock associated with a new one? I've seen 300s, 500s and 600s for sale at a good price, but I know there are significant limitations with those. I'm particularly interested in changing guitar models and tuning on the fly using my Helix. I just haven't seen anything that says precisely which model Variax is the earliest with full compatibility. Thanks all!
  11. It sounds like THEORETICALLY my plan will work, provided I 1) find patches I like and 2) learn a bit more about IRs, since I'm obviously not quite grokking those yet. I'll dig in and learn a bit more before moving on a patch set. Helpful...thanks!
  12. Thanks for the reply. So you're saying that if I purchase group of patches from GD and load them into a setlist, I won't be able to find one I like and simply copy it over to my user setlist and have it work as intended? Why not? Will the IRs not move over with it? Not arguing (I don't know enough to argue) just trying to understand the limitation. Agree that learning is better. Not sure it's likely between now and the next show.
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