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Found 6 results

  1. Help with Helix and studio monitor setup I recently got my HS5 studio monitors and have connected them to my helix floor with the 1/4” to 1/4” cables. In the global preferences on helix I’ve set the 1/4” setting to Line and the level knob on the back of the monitors in the centre position which is +4dB. My main usage is to use Helix as an audio interface to record. I’ve been watching YouTube videos and reading the line 6 forums but I’m having a bit of trouble understanding some things. - The big volume knob on the Helix and Unity gain I see a lot of people saying that they turn this knob up fully and leave it there? Do I need to do this for my setup? Will it affect my tones in any way if I don’t do this? - Calibrating studio monitors for loudness with pink noise and SPL app for mixing purposes When I was looking into this one what I seen people doing was using the level control on the back of their monitors to achieve the desired SPL but this has me confused. My understanding from Helix manual was that going from 1/4” to 1/4” on the studio monitors would need a setting of Line level in global settings. Also the setting for Line level on my monitors is the +4dB one, so if I use the level knobs on the monitors to calibrate won’t that mess things up? Why can’t I calibrate the SPL with the Helix volume knob instead? I apologise if this is a bit of a word salad, but I am new to this stuff and just trying my best to learn. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone! First of all thanks in advance and sorry for bringing up this topic about a discontinued product, but I've just acquired one previous week (I bought it used from a friend). I'm really happy about it, but, being a noob in sound engineering matters (among a lot of other stuff XD) I'm a little bit scared of misunderstanding what the manual says regarding "direct connect", I will paste an extract here: I understand that I can use my Presonus Eris monitors directly connected to the Pod via (I think it's called "RCA") cable: were the left and right connections should match between the pedal board and the monitors back panels. I don't think I fully understand what a P. A. system is, and what can be considered one or not besides being reading a lot on the web... Yes... I'm scared of breaking something hahaha. Do you guys think this is possible? Or am I understanding it wrongly? Sorry again but I want to avoid damaging any equipment... and over all, trying to avoid any accident with high sound levels XD Thanks again everyone!
  3. Hi, I have the following gear at my disposal : Laney IRT Studio Tube amp with matching cab, 2 Adam studio monitors and the Helix lt. I only play at home, no gigs... just for fun. What I would like to achieve.... Using my Irt Studio in a 4 cm - using the Irt preamp and I would like to switch from time to time to the Helix preamps or amps (without cabs, as mine is pretty ok). I managed to do this by watching the vids from Richie Castellano and J Sadites - each of them with there own interpretation of the 4 cm. Very interesting vids by the way. So far so good.... I also have 2 Adam studio monitors with XLR. There are also a lot of vids on YT how to set up a routing for wet dry wet... but most of them with 3 FRFR speakers. I am looking for a solution: Laney IRT for the dry signal and the Adam monitors for the wet stereo signal. What is the best way to set this up. I don't go FOH... just the mentionned gear. All info is welcome!!! Gr from Belgium... Peter
  4. Hey guys, so I have decided that I would like to use my Stomp with studio monitors. I've landed on pretty expensive ones so I have some saving up to do. I've been going through the necessary equipment and I've read that it is a bad idea to plug in two audio sources to the monitors at the same time (PC and HX Stomp). So I found two possible solutions buy a mixer (even the cheapest are pretty expensive and still look very cheap) or use the HX Stomp. I've also read that mixers can negatively affect the audio. HX Stomp seems like a good solution but I'm not sure. Isn't the Stomp going to break sooner if I use it for audio from my PC (around 10 hours a day) and leave it plugged in? It gets pretty warm (but actually doesn't get any hotter) so I don't know about long term use. I've read in the manual that it is not advisable to leave the power supply plugged in when not using it but I'm not sure if it is some "lawsuit protection" or actual advice. Do any of you use Helix as an audio source (PC and Helix) for their studio monitors? Thanks for answers!
  5. Ok, so I have noticed that the right Analog Out channel on my Toneport KB37 puts out a little bit more than the left side. I tried switching the studio monitors (KRK Rokit 5s) and I tried switching cables and everything. I made the right output go to the left speaker to see if it was the right Analog Outputs fault, and it was. You can only tell when the master output is only up a notch, you will hear noise out of the speaker connected to the right analog out before you hear it from the left. You can't really tell once the volume is up a bit, but it still bothers me. Any suggestions?
  6. Hey guys, I recently picked up the UX1 and have been really happy with it so far, running it through a pair of Samson reference headphones. However I'm looking at moving to a budget pair of studio monitor speakers and would like to know if anyone has had any success with a pair going for about $300? At the moment I'm looking at the Rokkit RP5 and the AudioEngine A5+. From the reviews I've read, the AudioEngine's have a little colouring, but lends themselves to rock and the likes as a result. Working out of a study which no doubt has a fair bit of swing, flat response isn't really on the cards. All I want is a pair of studio monitors that provide a fairly neutral representation of what I'm playing and overall, sound good with PodFarm. Thanks in advance
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