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  1. Lol I'm sorry! I don't have electrical contact cleaner, but I tried to clean it was a bare q-tip and there was no dirt and it made no difference :(
  2. Yeah just turn up the master volume just enough to hear something and see if it comes out of one before the other. I'm interested to know if it's just mine. Although mine is a Toneport KB37, so it is older.
  3. I guess I'll try cleaning it with some rubbing alcohol, although I doubt it's something that simple, I hope it is
  4. Ok, so I have noticed that the right Analog Out channel on my Toneport KB37 puts out a little bit more than the left side. I tried switching the studio monitors (KRK Rokit 5s) and I tried switching cables and everything. I made the right output go to the left speaker to see if it was the right Analog Outputs fault, and it was. You can only tell when the master output is only up a notch, you will hear noise out of the speaker connected to the right analog out before you hear it from the left. You can't really tell once the volume is up a bit, but it still bothers me. Any suggestions?
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