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  1. In my country I do not have the option of reimbursement. Your opinion has been very useful, I will wait to compare RCF vs. Alto. However, I believe that RCF is a quality option. Thank you!
  2. The Alto arrive next month at the store, I'll wait to try them. Thanks for your answer!
  3. Thanks for your answer. I was testing an EV and I felt quite "hard".
  4. Your eyes of water, like mirages that go mad, go away ...

  5. Hi Just Startin ', thanks for your answer! The sound of the Helix through the RCF is consistent with what is reproduced by PA? Have you had to adjust your parameters in stage situation? (Again, sorry for my bad English, haha!)
  6. Hi guys! I have the possibility to buy only one of these two speakers: RCF art310 or Electrovoice ZLX 12p. What do you recomend me? Could someone compare them? Sorry my bad english!
  7. Surprising! Thank you very much Line 6!
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