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  1. donkelley


    tim? Curious title :-)
  2. donkelley

    Reverb Models

    same here about the hof. I did literally the same thing and came away thinking, well now... the HOF is amazing alright, but this sounds nearly identical. Yea, in a studio I might add some studio verb, the software variety for an album, for certain things. I normally do. But I'd probably do that if I had an AXE 3 also. Can't expect our guitar modeler to do everything as well as dedicated singular products can do it.... but it's so close that I think nearly all end listeners won't hear a difference.
  3. donkelley

    Reverb Models

    Interesting! I always found literally the opposite, specially when I got out my quad a few years ago. It was a false memory for me, to think the Quad sounded so amazing. What it really sounded like was a big treble cut in the verbs to make it smoother.
  4. donkelley

    Reverb Models

    Ah yea, I get where you were coming from with that now. Yea, BOSS does that all the time. What they are doing, because they own the product, is taking the formula verbatim and plunking it into their floorboard devices. It's great, and works well. Definitely a simple way to get "my pedal" sound fast if you know the original pedal. Cheers
  5. donkelley

    Reverb Models

    The verbs are excellent. It doesn't work the way you're talking with modeling something that are mathematically generated reverbs, which nearly all digital verbs are. Reverbs aren't models - they are algorithms. Formulas. Math. So the Line6 engineers created their reverbs from a blank slate like that (starting many many years ago in some cases, improving them over many products), and then created "stomp" reverbs out of the process that you can assign to blocks. Each reverb type will cover certain territories, but give you stomp-style virtual knobs to turn. In some cases, the knobs can change the reverb's effect so dramatically that you can use one reverb for crazy wash reverbs with modulation and whatever else you like, and the same reverb in a different block and have it simulate a short room tone, or a plate. In some cases, the tone can be altered significantly (hi cut can do wonders), allowing one reverb to cover the tone of many types of reverbs. They don't model the pedals in your link - they created reverb blocks that can recreate the same reverbs as those in your link, though. However you might need to know what the original reverb pedal is actually doing to recreate it here. I bet there are topics on here that describe how to simulate certain reverb tones. I know I've seen patches available to recreate things like Devin Townsend's Ki album tones which are ethereal beautiful complex things, as well as a lot of focus on classic spring reverbs if you're into that kind of thing (I'm not).
  6. Oh ok, that's good then! It was supposed to work that way, but I didn't put much effort into the effect that handles the attack. I guess the default settings in it seem to work well for you! I think I found what's up with the wah pedal - I'll confirm and upload a fix later today or tomorrow.
  7. Helix is being used professionally all the time for direct recording. In fact, I'd venture to say that during the epidemic, it's one of the primary reasons to buy a Helix.
  8. If you ever want a hand with helixhelp site... i'm a senior software engineer and do a lot of C# web stuff (and php when needed), plus DB side of things as well as javascript (with lots of jQuery).  CSS and layout if needed, but not my strong point.  Just because it's a cool project - if you ever need a hand, if things get too big.  I'm blown away with it so far.

  9. You wiiiild and crrrazy guy! Pushing the boundaries!
  10. good ideas! Actually, no I can't do that. I can't even figure out why the wah pedal changed the sound source! I'm sort of new to this level of patch editing. I will absolutely keep trying, though. I created this on the device, not in the computer editor, so maybe it'll be easier once I see it in the computer version. I'm very happy that it works for you!
  11. Hey! Just saw this thread and thought I'd take a stab at creating something like that EFX pedal where you hit the button while holding a chord and it records the chord, hit it again and you can play over top as much as you want. EHX Freeze I think it's called. With a couple limitations of what the footswitches can do, it's not quite the same (it takes 2 buttons), I think I managed to do a pretty decent job. It's not like OMG it's the same effect, but it's close enough to be useful! I attached the patch to this post. What I did is I took one of my favorite stock patches (Flood in Texas), which works great with my RG in single coil mode (a high output strat, basically), and built a freeze effect into it. There's one switch that turns on or off a delay effect and also sets they delay effect's feedback to 100% when on and 0% when off... so this button is the effect on/off and freeze reset all in one ... to clear the freeze sound that's playing you hit it to turn the effect block off. This also clears the feedback delay buffer after one last playthrough at 0% feedback, so next time you turn it on there's no sound until you enable the freeze thing. Otherwise, turning it on again just started playing back the previously frozen sound again... there was no way to reset it. This also gives the extra feature of letting you supplement the current freeze with more tones... get a freeze going, set it to play over top, play a super amazing harmony up high on the neck or something that will go well with your already frozen chord, turn on path 2 for a second or two and then turn it off again, and now your freeze is the combination of the two chords, and you're back to playing over top. If you want a way to record a new, different, freeze chord to replace the currently playing one without turning the button 1 effect off and on again, try this: -- play a new chord (different key or whatever now for next part of song) with button 2 turned off while the freeze is still playing, then quickly hit button 1 button 1 button 2, wait a second or two then hit button 2 again. You've just wiped the old freeze effect and turned it off, turned the freeze effect on again, turned on record freeze for the chord you are already playing, waited a couple seconds for it to fill in the freeze effect nicely, then turned off the freeze record setting so you can play over top. It's a foot dance, but doable. From what I've seen of the ACTUAL freeze pedal, this is honestly not that much harder to use. There's a second switch that toggles between 2 paths (using volume blocks with preset state toggles). I currently am using it in an on/off state, but possibly it could be setup as a momentary thing... Not sure that's important though as this works really well. So when this 2nd button is OFF, it takes path 2, which bypasses the "freeze" effect path. So this is for normal playing even when the freeze effect is turned on, and it prevents anything going INTO the freeze effect to be added to the freeze loop. Just play normally, and normal sounds come out - no freeze. When 2nd button is ON (assuming the freeze effect is turned on), signal is routed into the freeze effect path (there are I think 3 effects in this section - a soft attack thing, a digital delay with roughly half second loop and 100% feedback when enabled, and an ethereal kind of reverb effect). So to use it, you turn on 1st button to enable the effect, then (ideally) play a chord and right after attack turn on the second button for like a second or two then off again, and voila, freeze effect! You could just not play until both buttons are on then strum a chord and then turn off the 2nd button, but it'll have a lot of attack in it. The first effect in the block of 3 could, potentially, help take care of that, but it's just easier and way better sounding to strum right before you hit the 2nd button. I'd say 1st button is effect enable and disable/reset. 2nd button is record enable and disable for what gets frozen. I then put some other nice delays/reverbs in the other path and have lots of fun playing various styles over top of that freeze. To me it sounds just like the demos of the EFX freeze pedal. Update: I just attached the patch! Hope it's fun for people! The buttons are 10 (2c) and 11 (2d): Button row 2 C and 2 D are buttons 1 and 2 of the freeze effect. 1B is just a delay for playing normal guitar, 1C is a reverb for playing normal guitar, and bottom row 2B is a really atmospheric reverb, again just for playing normal guitar. bottom row 2C enabled/disables/resets freeze effect, and bottom row 2D enables/disables recording the freeze part (bottom row 2C must be turned on for this effect to work properly though). There's a wah too you can enable by stomping on the pedal. The freeze just sounds like a sort of mystical version of the chord you played, as though held on an organ or something. I purposely kept the freeze level lower than regular playing so you can play over top of it (the output of the delay stage). Strat+Hold DBK.hlx
  12. I thought it meant he was second guessing everything he'd heard in the places you mentioned because someone from line6 just posted in this thread and he feels there is room for interpretation... and maybe it won't be in 3.0 but in a future FW release that they have finally got Poly Pitch Shift working, because of the extra design time and effort required for the new algos. But I guess sarcasm and assuming he's being dumb or lazy are your natural reactions.
  13. Poly is what is exciting to me. Whether shift or synth, although I would imagine the solution for tracking one could help the other with the similar poly tracking issue too, so possibly both could become poly trackers. But mostly, a poly shift removes my need for yet another of my external pedals. That's a win right away! Based on history, you'd think there will be another amp model or two as well, just seems like they try to do that when possible in an update. And... just for my friend DataCommando... I'm going to be looking for any type of looper improvement. I know DC is excited about such things.... :-)
  14. I'm sorry folks - this guy decided after reading one post of mine on loopers (which was a supportive reply to the OP's complaint about the looper), that I was apparently incapable of knowing what I was talking about, and couldn't possibly understand how a company like Line6 creates their products or the complexities of adding features into firmware. There was never any attempt to be polite, or possible acknowledge that I might actually have any experience of value in the industry. Note: I'm a mature senior software engineer and have been working in various types of software for most of my life (middle aged now), while most of my training is in both music and in audio engineering. I'll leave it up to others here to decide if he's an insulting arrogant person to me, after what he just posted in this thread that was off topic completely, just to attack me. So again, I apologize that he decided I'm an idiot, and not actually a really nice guy with a lot of knowledge on certain parts of the industry who's just trying to help contribute here to problem solving. I'm telling ya - it's enough to drive me away from Line6 products after more than a decade of dedicated use.
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