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  1. As far as I know it doesn't work that way. Whenever I assign multiple blocks to one foot-switch they all toggle on and off together. I could be wrong but I think the most you might be able to do would be to use the "bypass" button to enable or disable one or more of those blocks (turn them on or off). That way, whichever blocks were off will toggle on and whichever blocks were on will toggle off. I did that on a couple of my presets when I first got going with Helix. I could have either this tone or than tone. Once I started using snapshots all that disappeared.
  2. I think it is possible I know what you might be talking about. You want to connect two Helix units, using one as a master and the other as a slave? Is that correct? But controlling the master using the computer possibly? I know that is possible with some brands of MIDI looper/switcher controllers (like OneControl Crocodile Tail Loop, for example) but I'm not sure if it is possible with Helix.
  3. Helix has two Cry Baby models: the Teardrop 310 and the Fassel. (They add an extra "s" in Fasel, presumably to avoid legal issues with Dunlop) I admit I do not know which Fasel model it is supposed to emulate though. There were a number of them and there were some significant differences. I'm not that sure what you mean by "not that heavy on the wah". Do you mean the wah does not sweep a wide enough range or do you mean there isn't any built in distortion? You should probably make an attempt to clarify exactly what you mean by "thin" as well. All wahs have the effect of narrowing the EQ peaks so they could all technically be described as thin.
  4. I would need more room in the back than that. For starters I made a loom/snake for the 4CM and it uses straight plugs. If I also added two more pedals in the loops as I would like to I suspect it would be near impossible to plug all those things in using 90 degree ends.
  5. I have actually been looking for something suitable for my own needs to mount Helix to; something that provides cable protection, sun protection, has room for two pedals I would like to run in the loops (an H9 and a B9) and can also double as a carry case.
  6. That looks interesting. Thanks for the linkage. I only wish it addressed one of my concerns which is some protection for the connections on the back of the Helix Floor. I have had some close calls playing at open mic nights when multiple people get up to sing and space gets cramped and people sometimes come dangerously close to stepping on my 1/4" plugs on the back.
  7. Yikes!! Please do come back and post here after you have it repaired and tell us what they said was the likely cause. That kind of information would be very good for the collective knowledge base of this forum to have.
  8. One way that seems pretty obvious to me that does not require making changes at all to your patches or settings would be to employ an A/B/Y box between your guitar and Helix. This is the A/B/Y box I have and it works flawlessly for me: https://www.radialeng.com/product/twin-city
  9. I use the Deluxe Reverb a lot but I also use the HiWatt, AC-30, Tweed, Plexi and Rectifier as well. It depends on the song, really.
  10. You could try running two parallel paths using two separate amplifier blocks (one on each path) and running your wet effects for shimmer on one side but not the other. That said, if you're looking for a preset already made for you then you could try taking a look at the Helix CustomTone web page and search there. https://line6.com/customtone/browse/helix/
  11. I don't think I ever thought about this before but after reading the OP's question I am now wondering if it might be possible to assign EXP1 to control the sweep. I'm going to have to look into it. That sounds like it would be an interesting and useful tool.
  12. You'll have much more success if you learn about it on your own. Just go to each setting and adjust them one at a time all the way up and then all the way down so you can hear and learn what each parameter does. Do that on each one a few times so you understand what's happening. Once you have that sorted out in your mind, adjust to your own taste.
  13. Have you considered the Game Changer Plus pedal? It was designed to do pretty much what you want to do. A little bit pricy though. I think you would probably have to connect in series with your BOSS as part of the same loop.
  14. As a MacBook Pro owner who used to have the same issues I feel your pain. My MacBook is older than yours so I don't run your version of OSX but I do have two USB-3 Type A ports in addition to two Thunderbolt ports so my connectivity problems were likely not as tricky as yours with only one kind of port. You might try this cable: https://www.connection.com/product/startech.com-usb-c-to-usb-2.0-type-b-m-m-printer-cable-1m/usb2cb1m/30567921?cac=Nested Make do with this 3 foot cable. If your computer desk or table does not make that possible then rearrange your desk or find another location until 3 feet does work. I bought several 6 foot cables and none worked. I could not connect until I bought a 3 footer. Don't ask me because I don't know why. If this cable does not by itself work you may have to do the other things I have to do. In addition to the short cable I make sure Mac and Helix do not interact with anything except each other. I eject all peripherals, hubs and devices from the ports and I close all other apps. If I don't do this the Helix will frequently lose connection to the Mac right in the middle of what I was doing. A frustrating experience to be sure.
  15. MGW-Alberta

    Creaking pedal

    I used a silicone lubricant made by 3in1. In my case it took a few applications to get a permanent result. It worked immediately after the first time but then went back to creaking after about a month. I did it again and it lasted 6 months. I did it a third time and it has not creaked for about 4 years now. Silicone is apparently the safest lubricant for use on the synthetic rubber bushing on the treadle but I suspect it takes some time for it to .... I dunno .... become impregnated into the rubber maybe? I'm not sure exactly why it took several applications but it did work in the long run.
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