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  1. There is nothing wrong with my computer. There was nothing wrong with my computer before this odyssey either. There was something wrong with the Helix files that the Line 6 download website installed. That had nothing to do with me nor was it the fault of my computer. That was all on Line 6. 100% If you think I am intent on making life difficult then you completely missed the point of what I was saying. Line 6 software was making things difficult. Not me. I just wanted it to be resolved and be over and go back to being happy with my device. Now I want to make my life less difficult in the future. That is the reason why I want to put a deterrent in place to jog my memory and remind me not to update again. I do not need to repeat that aggravation. I don't know why I did update, to be perfectly honest. My Helix was working and serving me well. There was no need. The only reason I plugged it into the computer at all was to upload some archived patches onto the unit. I should have just done that and left it at that. Hopefully, I won't make that mistake again. Thank you for the link. I may get that little plug and put it to good use.
  2. Yes. I did. After quite a number of fruitless efforts the actual fix was finally arrived at. The final fix was a completely different approach from all the other efforts which were basically nothing more than "try it again now." For anybody else who might be pulling their hair out making countless attempts that yield no result I can tell you that the eventual solution involved manually removing all related software from the computer and purging all evidence of it left behind in the form of driver files and system and environment files and then reloading from scratch. Even then, it still took a couple of attempts. The fix was not a simple task and it could not have been done by any kind of automated process or app. It had to be done manually and it's not a job for the average layman without a lot of help. Get your support ticket started, be prepared to wait a long time for them to get back to you and try, try, try to get them to jump to the end as quickly as possible because the first 20 steps are all BS. I have "closed" the support ticket but just because the situation is resolved does not mean I am going to retract my earlier sentiment. In fact, if anything, this experience has permanently cemented my opinion that Line 6 needs to spend a WHOLE lot more time making the update process simple, reliable and painless and a whole lot less time working on bells and whistles. There is absolutely no excuse for this unacceptable situation and expecting people in this day and age to tiptoe on eggshells around a common, everyday occurrence like a software update is unreasonable. Here is the lesson I have taken away from all of this. It is my intention to fabricate some kind of cover for the USB port on the back of my Helix. Something that is not permanent but is still a complete nuisance to remove. Something to remind myself (because I will probably forget six months down the road) that there is a 99.9% chance I will be better off not updating at all and just leaving it the hell alone. I have no intention of ever repeating this experience unless it is absolutely necessary.
  3. What about people who did not think to come here and read about all this hassle before attempting to update? What about people who just thought they would update and never expected to have their device become unusable? What will Line-6 do for these people? In a world where the vast majority of the population is conditioned to "enable automatic updates" on every device from soup to nuts does Line-6 really expect people to approach an update with fear and trepidation? "Oh my goodness ... an update? That's so scary. It's so unusual and completely out of the ordinary. I'd better double check and triple check and quadruple check to see if it will render my Helix unusable." I will repeat the question, just in case somebody missed the point. What will Line-6 do for normal everyday people who got screwed out of being able to use their unit because Line-6 doesn't know how to make updating safe?
  4. It crashed on me again last night after the reset and reload. Time has told. I updated my service ticket with the info.
  5. I did the reset and reloaded my archived patches and it seems to be working as it should but like I said in my previous posts, it can sometimes go a week without a hiccup. It has always worked just as it should ... until it stops responding. I guess time will tell.
  6. I've been searching the HX-Edit menus as well as the unit menus and I am still unclear about how to reset my unit.
  7. Why don't you just create a clean chimey snapshot?
  8. Yah, I already anticipated they will likely ask me to do some sort of general reset which I suspected would likely remove my patches. I plugged the unit into my computer, which is something I do very rarely and I figured out how to back the unit up but about a quarter of the way through the process I got an error code (- 8606) and the back up stopped. Having no idea what that means I changed my tactic and backed up my six main patches individually using the export function. I got no error messages during that operation. If I lose the rest of the presets I don't care but those 6 patches are the ones I use for 99% of my playing. They also represent a lot of my time and effort in tweaking and balancing.
  9. I figured out how to open a ticket. I guess we shall see if I am keeping this thing or not.
  10. As I said above, I can detect no common factor. It can happen on any patch or in any mode. I create and edit my patches right on the unit so I don't know how I could use an illegal character as I only use what the Helix gives me the option to use. I have not raised a ticket with support. How do I do that?
  11. I had a bug and thought I'd fixed it with a firmware update. (2.6 .... now 2.7) Unfortunately no. My Helix (floor unit, not rackmount) crashes. I can find no common denominator except manual input by me, whether the buttons or the knobs or the footswitches. I can be editing a patch or I can be engaging an algo or I can be simply banking up or down to navigate to a preset I created. It just crashes. Becomes unresponsive. Whatever patch was running just before the crash still runs but it is stuck there. There is not a single button or knob or footswitch that has any affect on the unit. Nothing except the power switch. I power it down and reboot the unit and it seems to work fine for a while. That for-a-while is inconsistent too. It can be a day or an hour or a minute. It's a damned good thing this has not happened to me on stage because I would come unglued. This is a damned expensive piece of gear and it is not reliable. That is not acceptable in my world. Please point me in the right direction to make it reliable. I'm not interested in dumb, lame explanations about chips and software. I only want a solution. This is not a toy for me. It's not some novelty item. It is a tool that I depend on. I need to know if I can in fact depend on it.
  12. I disagree VERY strongly with your statement. Things made by humans can be extremely reliable. We've simply been conditioned to accept unreliability as a fact of life by the corporate world. It's a byproduct of unregulated capitalism, which wants you to continue buying the latest and greatest thing. Building in obsolescence and unreliability is a good business model that creates repeat customers. That's another conversation for another time and place, though. To answer your query, I got the unit updated but now when I use it to play guitar, the on-board editing features and switching on the unit are unresponsive. It plays fine for a while and then stops taking input. I don't create patches on the computer, I create them on the unit. As I said in my earlier post, it doesn't want to stay connected to the computer. That's why I don't edit on the computer. The connection issue is now a moot point for me. It's at the bottom of my list of priorities. I need a pedal board that works. I can't be standing on stage and have the board quit on me mid-song. That's not acceptable. It used to be reliable before the update. Is there any way to go back to a previous version of the software?
  13. Directly into a USB port. I do have a hub but I find a lot of things don't like hubs. So ... since being here last I managed to stay connected long enough to update my Helix software (the OS?). That apparently was a big mistake. The unit has never crashed on me since I got it. Now it just stops taking input from me until it is rebooted. Still makes sound, just completely unresponsive to me. Buttons, dials, whatever. What if I had noticed this the first time while on stage? This is NOT cool. Line 6 needs to work on reliability before fancy new functions. Reliability is everything on a unit like this. These things are not inexpensive. People are not buying them as amusing toys or diversions. They are tools. They need to work ALL the time. No exceptions. Ever.
  14. High Sierra 10.13.2 HX Edit 2.52
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