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  1. Watch this and then decide for yourself what will sit in the mix better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGXj_NQONYM
  2. theElevators knows what's going on. What he said ... Question: What string gauge are you using? If it's 10s or bigger .... maybe stop and restring with 9s or even 8s. Contrary to popular and persistent belief, heavy strings don't help bottom end. They just muddy up the bottom end and the more gain you use, the worse it is. Lighter strings tighten up low end and sound better and they sit in the mix better too.
  3. Thank you. This is awesome. I used to be in a band that played a cover of My Sacrifice (Creed) and it was always a bit of a challenge trying to smoothly transition from the cleanish tone with reverb to the grinding tone with no reverb. The expression pedal thing sounds like just the ticket ... if I ever do another cover of that song or similar that is. I will build a separate patch to experiment with it to figure out how best to implement the feature on some of my regular patches.
  4. Maybe also try using a little bit of slap-back delay. Not much, just a little. One repeat. Very short time interval. Use a longer time interval first to ensure your repeats are adjusted correctly to one repeat only, then reduce the interval to very short. Many traditional twangy country songs were recorded this way.
  5. https://3inone.com/product/3-in-one-rvcare-slide-out-silicone-lube/
  6. I had the exact opposite experience. When I first got my Helix Floor I ran it through my P/A, then my powered floor monitors, then my reference monitors at my recording desk. In those situations I tried various amp blocks, various cab blocks, monkeyed with the mics and mic placements, messed around with the sag and bias settings, etc. I spent several months trying different things and I couldn't build a tone I liked. Then I started running it in front of my guitar amp and I have not looked back. Currently using it in 4CM mode. Even better. So now when I want to record I use the cab-sim DI-out on the back of my amp (Mark V-35) and plug that into my interface and I am happy with that.
  7. I've never heard of that. How do you get out of that snapshot? Step on it again, like any other stomp?
  8. I used to get the "No Device Connected" message all the time. The really frustrating part was that on the rare occasion it did connect I would start using HX Edit to update firmware or edit patches or whatever and then it would lose the connection again, right in the middle of an operation. I started a thread about it and got pretty much the same answers you see here. I tried a few things but in the end it all came down to the USB connection. First thing I learned: close all windows/apps that are not directly related to the operation of the computer. Helix doesn't seem to like sharing the computer with other apps. Other peripherals too. It want's the whole thing to itself. Second thing I learned: not all USB cables are created equal. I had at least 5 cables on hand while having my troubles and I tried them all without success. Then I bought a couple more and still no help. Finally I bought an expensive high end cable that was 2 feet long. I don't pretend to know why but long is bad, short is good and shortest is better. Now when I connect I close everything that isn't HX Edit, I disconnect my printer and I use the short cable and I can connect every time.
  9. Sounds to me like a Dual Rectifier (doubled by a few milliseconds) with a pitch shifter and a fuzz. Then add the wah. Later there is a slow flanger as well.
  10. Why don't you just copy your preset to a new location and then change the parameters needed to suit the different output scenarios? Then you simply rename the preset to identify it as being for the amp .... or for the FRFR .... or whatever. Same snapshots and tones and options but on different physical rigs. I do this all the time but not for output. I do it for input. I have my main presets that I use for almost everything except specialized sounds. Then my main presets are duplicated in another bank only now instead of being tweaked so my humbucker guitars sound good, they're tweaked so my single coil guitars sound good. I switch guitars, do a couple of toe taps and I'm good to go with my familiar presets.
  11. MGW-Alberta

    Poly Pitch

    There are lots of players who off-load some of the signal processing to outboard units to free up DSP. I know a guy who has two H9s connected to his Helix Floor, controlled via MIDI. That wouldn't work for you though, as their pitch shifter algos are all monophonic.
  12. MGW-Alberta

    Poly Pitch

    Put a POG2 (or similar) in one of your f/x loops. Problem solved.
  13. The treadle works fine. About the only issue I've ever had with it is that it sometimes squeaks; not loud enough that the audience can hear it but loud enough that I found it annoying. I use 3-In-One Silicone Spray lubricant and then adjust the tension to taste because the lube makes it move more freely than I like. It might take 3 or 4 applications of the spray to make the squeaking stop for the long term. The first few sprays on mine only lasted a week or so but eventually it stopped for good. I find the percentage readout to be useful. That's something you might not find on other treadles.
  14. Yah .... strings really need a new operating system. Their code is crap.
  15. ^^^ I agree with this statement 100%. Of course it's unreliable. It's not supposed to work all the time. Stop being such a cry-baby. Line-6 doesn't sell products you can depend on. What were you thinking? Nobody does. They're all just toys for your living room. You can't just go around thinking you could perform on stage with them and depend on them for the whole gig. That's not what they're made for. They're just toys for Pete's sake. Gaaaawd.... The nerve of some people.
  16. I have no issues at all with the side to side spacing. It seems just about perfect to me. About the only thing I can think of that could stand some improvement would be if the back row was elevated another 1/4" or so. My makeshift solution is to raise up the back of Helix Floor a little bit to slightly change the angle of the board. I just velcro a 3/4" wide strip of 3/8" thick wood (painted black so it's not obvious) up to the bottom of Helix under the back edge where the jacks are. I also stick on a strip of the furry side of velcro to the wood facing down so it doesn't scratch the flooring. With the 3 strips of velcro added to the 3/8" wood the overall difference is just a hair over 1/2", which translates to almost 1/4" at the switches and seems to do the trick. Even with the strip, Helix still fits in the backpack carry bag.
  17. MGW-Alberta

    HX Stomp FRFR

    For right now it seems kind of cost prohibitive as an experiment.
  18. Fast Forward to about 3:58 It looks to me like he uses some kind of external device. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdCxaRCME0o
  19. Try to think of IRs as being kind of like a Kemper profiler. This is in contrast to Helix which is a modeller. With the modeller cabs you have various parameters you can tweak to adjust the sound. With an IR you basically have two controls: volume and blend. You can blend the mix level between dry and IR but if you want a different sound you need a different IR. The Kemper thing isn't a perfect analogy but it should help you wrap your brain around it.
  20. MGW-Alberta

    4CM Cable?

    Believe me. I looked. This was the only way.
  21. MGW-Alberta

    4CM Cable?

    I built a snake for mine and colour coded the connections to make it fool-proof.
  22. Same thing here. Four years and still learning. It took me a while to figure out how to use IRs too. The manual and pilot guide don't actually show you how to use Helix that I've ever been able to find. They only seem to show you what is available but not how to do it or why you might want to. That's been my experience anyway. For me it's all been trial and error and watching videos, some of which are helpful and some not so much.
  23. It used to happen to me all the time when I was running 2.82. I was never able to figure out how or why it was happening. It still made sound but nothing I touched made any difference. I didn't know if it was a software issue or a hardware issue. Somebody suggested an update to 2.92 would fix it. It didn't but after the update to 2.92 I started paying closer attention and that was when I realized it happened every time I pressed the AMP button to shortcut to the amp block. I started a service ticket and Line-6 was unable to diagnose the problem and said it needed to go to a service depot. It was off warranty so it was going to cost me money and I didn't want to live without it for however many months so I learned to live without pressing the AMP button and used the unit for quite a while with no freezes. After I updated to 3.01 I tested it and the problem had disappeared. I am now running 3.11 and it still functions just as it should. I do not pretend to know the reason why.
  24. Absolutely right. My spidey senses are always on high alert. Even more so whenever I visit a site I've never been to before, whenever I get an unexpected email, unexpected friend request on social media, etc. I don't surf porn. I don't click on things all Willie Nilly like most people do. I will not read past the first page of anything that works like a slideshow where I have to keep clicking (getting redirected) to see the next pane. I look at the sender info first before I read any email. I double check the URL address before inputting info to make sure it's not just a look-alike. I run Safari in privacy mode, which can be painfully inconvenient at times but you get used to it and it helps slow down the accumulation of trackers. I clear my cache frequently. I do full shut downs every day and hard boots. I turn WiFi off when I'm not online. Lots of stuff. I got internet in 1995. 26 years of getting screwed time and again has made me suspicious of everything.
  25. My version of Microsoft Office (I forget the number) had to be uninstalled. It stopped working after updating MacOS. That wasn't the first time I lost the use of a valuable app that I depended on because Apple decided to abandon backwards app compatibility. Then I went to the Microsoft website to (reluctantly) pay for a new version but the only one that will consistently run on my system is a subscription service. I refuse to rent software. I only buy it. Renting software is a scam and I won't do it. There is a stand alone version but after reading about it I learned it only works on the 3 most recent versions of MacOS and every time Apple makes some small "security update", whatever that means because Macs are already secure, it counts as a new version so I would have to buy a new copy of Office over and over again. I said screw you Microsoft and screw you Apple. I learned how to use Pages and I won't be updating MacOS either. There is nothing wrong with my OS and there is nothing wrong with my apps either. Everything works fine .... until I update and then it costs me money and frustration. I will only update if I am absolutely FORCED to. Same goes for my phone. I can't tell you how many apps I lost because of iOS updates. Never again.
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