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  1. This is exactly what I mean. I'd like to be able to have different blocks assigned to the stomp row for manual operation on a per snap basis within a preset. I didn't think it would be possible, mostly because I could find no mention of it anywhere. Does anybody know if Line-6 has ever mentioned working on providing such a feature, perhaps in a future update? Or is it more likely that the question has never come up?
  2. I run my Helix Floor in Snap/Stomp mode. I'm wondering if is possible for different snapshots to have different stomps assigned. I cannot seem to find any info about it and that leads me to suspect it is probably not possible but I thought I'd ask anyway.
  3. If you want to sidestep the DSP limitations you would be far better off using something MIDI programable in one of the effects loops. The Eventide H9 would probably be the most perfect candidate. It has plenty of processing power and is extremely versatile in that it can do as much as Helix in terms of variety of effects. Actually, maybe more than Helix now that I think about it. It also has several algorithms that use a combination of effects, which could potentially eliminate more than one DSP intensive block from your Helix path. It doesn't have to be Eventide but maybe try steering your explorations in that direction. I think you'd probably find more and better success.
  4. I forgot to mention that I also close all other windows whenever I am connecting Helix to HX-Edit. I do that first. It's been a number of years since I ran a Windows machine so I don't know if it still exists but there used to be something called a Task Manager where you could see everything that was currently running. Try first closing anything that is not absolutely essential to running the computer and is not directly related to Helix before attempting the connection. This app thing and the short cable thing were both suggested to me when I was seeking help. I'm sorry, I forgot to mention the apps. I have since learned that I don't have to disable my audio interface but that was also part of the original suggestion given to me. The person said Helix is very selfish and doesn't like to share ... or some other words to that effect.
  5. I'm a much bigger Petty fan than I ever was a Beatles fan. You could very well be right about the Gretsch. I recall seeing George playing a Pac-Man guitar on TV and that's why I said that. My own Ric is a 6 series and it is very good at doing a convincing Campbell sound.
  6. Helix can only get you so far. Many times it's the guitar that gets you that last 15% to 20% of the way to the tone you're after. In this case that would mean a Rickenbacker 3 series. I find it's the same with Mike Campbell (Tom Petty). I've got a pretty good Petty preset but it definitely works better with the Ric. Assuming you don't have a Ric, maybe try a Tele? See if that can help? It won't be perfect but it will be better than a Strat or Les Paul.
  7. I had this same exact problem. It wasn't until I rearranged my computer desk and began using a short 3 foot USB cable that I was able to maintain connection. I don't pretend to understand the hows and whys. All I know is it didn't work with the cable that came with Helix, it didn't work when I was buying multiple brand new 6 foot cables and now it does work every time with a 3 foot cable. I dunno. Maybe this is your problem as well?
  8. There was a firmware update for Helix just a few months ago. That would seem to strongly indicate Line 6 has not "ditched the device like they always do." Look for a thread called Helix Ideascale Community Submissions. It will be near the top of the list. I do not have the time needed to read the entire thread but if you do have the time you may discover someone has already asked for a fix to the problem you describe. If it has not already been asked then you're free to ask for it yourself.
  9. One possibility: Switching an amp model on or off while Helix is in performance mode can often result in an audible pop. This can happen if one snapshot switches the model off to provide a very clean tone. Some presets shared (or sold) in the CustomTone area do that. Can also happen when using two different amp models and assigning one model to snapshot X and another model to snapshot Y.
  10. Try this and see if it works: When using parallel paths, with one amp model on each path, grab hold of the point where they join back together and pull it down so there are two outputs on that path. You can do it on path 1 or path 2. Then change the outputs to send 1/2 for one and send 3/4 for the other. Connect your cabs to those sends.
  11. I don't tweak my tones on the computer. I tweak them on the unit because I play mine through a guitar amp using 4CM. Most of what I do on the computer is rearranging things, updates and housekeeping. I will sometimes very quickly build a new preset by inserting all the correct blocks in the correct places and I will quickly adjust some blocks to approximate known settings as I add them in but the actual tone tweaking happens plugged into the amp. That said, my computer monitors are Yamaha HS8
  12. Have you considered a lower output public address amplifier? Crown has some affordable models, like the XLi line for example.
  13. Why would you need an effects loop to run an HX Plexi preamp in front of your amp? Just do it. There are no rules. There's no law says you can't run a preamp into the front end of an amp. Just do it. What's the difference between a preamp model and a stomp box model in terms of what your amp sees at the input? It's not like the signal levels are different or anything. Just do it. Don't listen to the GuitarEffectsReligiousFanatics. Whatever it takes to get your sound then that's what it takes.
  14. Like all questions of this nature, do some reading. Find out what for certain your Katana wants to see at the Aux Input and set it to that.
  15. Whenever I create a preset on my Helix Floor I save a copy of it in another Folder. I do that in HX-Edit because I have not yet sussed out how to do it directly on the unit. I don't know enough about Pod Go to know if they have folders or not. All of my presets in folder 1 are duplicated in folder 2 with the exact same bank/preset locations and the same names and snapshots, same everything. That way I can adjust a preset in one folder for plugging straight into my interface and tweak the other for use with the guitar amplifier. Doing this allows me to instantly compensate for any of those EQ differences you are worried about. I just find it easier doing it this way than changing a preset's settings back and forth. Changing folders is a pretty simple operation. Setting up each preset twice for different applications is a little tedious at first but once that job is done I just change folders as needed and boom, I'm ready to rock.
  16. Ahem ..... psaudio makes HiFi amplifiers and other stereo equipment. Yes, they can draw a lot of current and there is an inrush upon power-up. Helix has no amplifiers, no disk drive storage, no internal moving parts. Turn it off whenever you want to. The wear item is the rocker power switch.
  17. I am not particularly impressed with it. It does work slightly better with a good IR but it will still sound like an acoustic simulator rather than an actual acoustic, regardless of how you adjust it. There's only so much it can do when you're starting with thin gauge nickel strings and a pickup. I confess I never tried it with a semi-hollow like a 335 or something. May possibly get different results from a guitar like that. Jason Sadites has a good video that will help you understand the parameters and give you a head start in the right direction but you will still need a good IR to get you even a little bit close. It will be a very little bit ... as in not really very close at all. I used an IR pack by 3Sigma. I suggest a dreadnaught pack if you choose to go that route.
  18. As far as I know it doesn't work that way. Whenever I assign multiple blocks to one foot-switch they all toggle on and off together. I could be wrong but I think the most you might be able to do would be to use the "bypass" button to enable or disable one or more of those blocks (turn them on or off). That way, whichever blocks were off will toggle on and whichever blocks were on will toggle off. I did that on a couple of my presets when I first got going with Helix. I could have either this tone or than tone. Once I started using snapshots all that disappeared.
  19. I think it is possible I know what you might be talking about. You want to connect two Helix units, using one as a master and the other as a slave? Is that correct? But controlling the master using the computer possibly? I know that is possible with some brands of MIDI looper/switcher controllers (like OneControl Crocodile Tail Loop, for example) but I'm not sure if it is possible with Helix.
  20. Helix has two Cry Baby models: the Teardrop 310 and the Fassel. (They add an extra "s" in Fasel, presumably to avoid legal issues with Dunlop) I admit I do not know which Fasel model it is supposed to emulate though. There were a number of them and there were some significant differences. I'm not that sure what you mean by "not that heavy on the wah". Do you mean the wah does not sweep a wide enough range or do you mean there isn't any built in distortion? You should probably make an attempt to clarify exactly what you mean by "thin" as well. All wahs have the effect of narrowing the EQ peaks so they could all technically be described as thin.
  21. I would need more room in the back than that. For starters I made a loom/snake for the 4CM and it uses straight plugs. If I also added two more pedals in the loops as I would like to I suspect it would be near impossible to plug all those things in using 90 degree ends.
  22. I have actually been looking for something suitable for my own needs to mount Helix to; something that provides cable protection, sun protection, has room for two pedals I would like to run in the loops (an H9 and a B9) and can also double as a carry case.
  23. That looks interesting. Thanks for the linkage. I only wish it addressed one of my concerns which is some protection for the connections on the back of the Helix Floor. I have had some close calls playing at open mic nights when multiple people get up to sing and space gets cramped and people sometimes come dangerously close to stepping on my 1/4" plugs on the back.
  24. Yikes!! Please do come back and post here after you have it repaired and tell us what they said was the likely cause. That kind of information would be very good for the collective knowledge base of this forum to have.
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