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  1. This is good info to know...but is there a way to NOT make it boost the signal? This is a major problem, I can't believe that they didn't know this would happen.
  2. Greetings, I downloaded a bunch of decent tones from the Tone Library that other users uploaded. My thoughts were to tweak those already made settings slightly to my preference and be done. The "EVH 5150 III" tones are actually pretty good. I have a Delay, Chorus, and Flanger effect going through the effects loop chain on the signal path, and assigned buttons to activate or de-activate either of these on the top row of the HD500x. When I hit the Chorus effect, I get a bump in volume. The same happens with the Flanger, but not as much as the Chorus. I tried to change the Mix level and Tone level, and anything else I could think of to get the volume to not be boosted but it still happens. How do you fix this? Thanks,
  3. So it looks to me that the way I want to use this is to add a separate boost and delay pedal and assign it to a separate patch. Kinda makes me think, do I have enough spaces to have all this happen on the original tone? :)
  4. I'll try adjusting the feedback as you mentioned. Yes to #1 and #3. I have #1 set up already. If I were to use the same boost, but added a different delay with a different delay time, I can't get the boost to work on another button because it seems that it's already programmed on the first one. Only the second delay works. Should I add another boost then and assign it with the new delay to another button? Seems like I should be able to do what I'm thinking without adding a complete separate boost though...hmm. :wacko:
  5. 2 things to mention.... Ok, so the other night I'm messing with different delay options. I have the guitar into the HD500x which is plugged into a Mesa 50/50 stereo power amp, then using 2 Marshall cabs left and right. Is it me or do some of the delay options only give delay out of one cab more than the other? I left my left and right volumes the same on the power amp, and scroll through different delay options, and I hear the delay effect more noticeable out of one cab over the other. I know that ping pong delay wilI have a "bouncing" effect, hence the name...duh? :D , but I swear it was a stereo delay. I'd then switch to a completely different delay effect, and then hear it out of both (probably an Analog delay). This was really noticeable with 2 cabs. Normally, I'd be using only 1 cab, but with all the stereo cabs out now, I can run left and right within the same cab. This has me a bit confused. Anyone else hear this? The other things is this... Let's say you have a rhythm patch and you have 2 effects (boost with a 400milisecond delay) to both get activated simultaneously on another button for the same patch. Ok....no problem. Now using the same rhythm patch, you want to use the same boost again, but you want to add another delay pedal but with 600ms delay to be used with the boost, (instead of the 400ms one) on another button. I'm able to get different effects to work at the same time together on one button, but when I tried to use the same effect 2x with a different delay on a different button, it wouldn't work. :angry: Please assist. Thank you.
  6. I was using the Analog delay setting. Mix was low and it was close to being good but repeats cut off to quick. Increased the mix level and the slap back was as loud as the original signal. Which one has the ducking? Maybe that's the one?
  7. Newbie here...well....kinda... Does anyone know how to make the very first delay "slap back" sound NOT to be as loud as the original or actual note? I'm messing with the mix level and no matter what I do, I can't get the beginning of the first repeated note to be lower in volume than my last note played. I got the right amount of feedback and all, I just want the very first one to be less noticeable. It's pissing me off. The mix too low, cuts off the amount I want, the mix to high, is too much...wtf? My rack unit works just like I need it too. This should as well...Arrrgggh!
  8. Can someone give me info on how to connect the cables to have effects only? Not the 4CM, I know how to do that.
  9. Greeting to you all, Newbie here. I purchased a 500x because I wanted a portable multi effects pedal board with amp tones if I chose to use them. I love the tones I get from the amps I already have, I just want to use effects when I need them. I learned how to turn off all effects and amp settings. I went in and changed the input source to be "guitar" for input 1 and "same" for input 2. I plugged the guitar into the "guitar in" of the 500x, and from the "unbalanced out left", I went to the front of the amp. I wasn't getting the full power of the amp. Something wasn't right. It sounded like the 500x was limiting the power somehow. I just wanted to have the amp be like it is if you plug in directly to the input of the head, but have effects programmed to any preset on the 500x. Like using pedals. Once I get this figured out, I'll try the 4 cable method, which I think is a good way to go, but one step at a time for this newbie. :) I appreciate the responses. Cheers
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