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  1. I was planning on using the XLR's. But I guess since the cable length will be less than 2m it will not make a big difference in noise to the 1/4" on line level. The unbalanced guitar cable and the single coil pick ups will pick up lots more noise. Now I'm going to shop for a pair of nice studio monitors which don't break the bank ;-)
  2. Thanx, this is exactly what I have been reading. Getting the monitors on a stand was I was planning. Getting them away from the back wall will be a challenge. Maybe I pull back my desk a few inches.
  3. I read that. Positioning is really important with near field monitors Also something to consider. Thanx people.
  4. Hi, I'm considering buying a pair of near field monitor speakers for my PC and using my Helix as an audio interface. So hooking the monitors up to my Helix LT (XLR) and connecting the Helix through USB to my PC. That way I have better sound from my PC (at least a flat response when editing music) and can I listen to my Helix through the monitors. My question, will this work and are monitor suitable for listening to the Helix? I know the quality depends largely on the quality of the monitors. But maybe you guys can share your opinions. Cheers, Martin
  5. Is there a way on the helix to put an effect between preamp and power amp?
  6. Thank you both for the explanations. Seems logical.
  7. Just out of curiousity. In the factory presets (and a lot of youtube patches) Ithe cab block is mostly placed right after the amp block. And then after the cab block modulation effects are placed. What I expected is that the cab was to be placed after the modulation effects like in a real amp situation. I know it's up to me to configure it the way I want, but I was wondering why the cab is not at the end of the chain?
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