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  1. Hey! I want to try out Helixe Native trial, because I am thinking of buying a Helix LT. I already own a HD500X so I use it as my audio interface. I use Adobe Audition 2019. inster the vst plugin. Set a track to record and turn on monitoring. The Helix comes alive but I can still hear the dry sound even though I set it to 100% wet. What am I doing wrong? Heres a pic of my setup: https://ibb.co/p3dsm4t Thanks for the help!
  2. Hey! Can I buy seperate amp models? Or just in pack. I would really need the Line6 acoustic model, but really don't want to spend 50 dollars on the full vintage pack and models I wouldn't use.
  3. I've tried the POD HD 500X with my valveking head, and the sound is a lot thinner than connecting directly to the amp. I've tried my ISP decimator G-String as well and it sound same as connecting directly, so theres nothing wrong with the cables or the amp. Any one had similar problems? FX loop is engaged, mix is 100%. It sounds as loud as before just a lot thinner and more high end :S
  4. Also wondering, how would you boost your signal to get your rythm channel into lead? As my amp has only 2 channels. Before I used an EHX LPB-1 or my Memory Boy Deluxe to boost the signal as well.
  5. Hey After using the POD HD 500X with an Alto TS112A, I'm probably going back to real tube amp, and using the POD as a multi effect only with 4 cable method. On it's own it sounded amazing, but with a band, no matter how I EQ-d, or loud it was, couldn't keep really up with the real amps. Doesn't sound as good as the real deal. I've red stuff that with the 4 cable method the tone gets muffled etc? Any experience with this? I'm probably going to use it tihe a Valveking. and switch channels via midi.
  6. Well, hope Line6 is working on it, because W10 is almost here
  7. Hey! Did anyone try out POD HD 500X under Windows 10? Because there are GPU drivers already available for W10, but I don't see any on Line6 website, does the Win8 driver work with Win10?
  8. Hey! I want to practice some vocals while playing guitar, how can I set up the HD500X to have them both working?
  9. I think I got it, at least, got pretty close to it. Also with my guitar that has X2N in it, has a lot more of that strong mid range with my subline pickups, probably an EVO would sound even better: http://www.megafileupload.com/Xe5/metalrocktone.mp3
  10. I saw this. If you get the tone I was looking for please let me know :D I don't want to use too much stuff in the signal chain like lot of EQs and stuff, takes up DSP, would be cool to have the tone out of one amp :S I can't get close to that tone, all of them that have powerfull mids, sound boxy
  11. I don't think it's the les paul..... This is pretty much the same tone, I was talking about
  12. The only good amp in the metal pack is the 5150, the others are pretty useless, I'm really dissappointed in the variac'ed plexi. Thought I'm going to have a high gain plexi tone, but it's not near that at all....
  13. Ok, but how can I get this tone from the HD500X? :D
  14. So I made this topic, to get specific tones/sounds My first one is: Is there any way to get a sound from the HD 500X like the Axe-FX 2 Marsha HDE? I don't know if Santa Cruz uses Axe or what amp, didn't find any info on it, but it sounds pretty much like the marsha hbe Love that mid range
  15. Yeah the volume i weird, on 40% it's still louder than the ENGL or the others on 70%. I love the 5150 model, but I feel a bit that they put all the work and effort in only that in the metal pack
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