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  1. I'm thinking of trying out something with 2 routes. One clean signal with a high-cut, to remove the clankiness and still have a nice big low end and ot the other route with a fuzz (probably clawthorne drive or bigg muff pi?) with a low-cut before it so it won't get farty sounding. Doesn't know if it would sound too much like a cahinsaw though. I think I prefer a fuzz more than a synth actually. How would you go with a fuzz to maintain a big nice low end but don't get a too mushy/farting sound overall?
  2. I am using a bass. Sorry I forgot to put in the link before Maybe something like this: But today we jammed that part. I used the synth harmony effect. wich gave some prodigy vibes, that I diged, but it's too farty sounding on the low A#, even if I set it to unison on the intervals. Maybe something sounding like this:
  3. I am looking for something like this: I want to do it 100% in Helix, because I need to be able to do it live too. We already play in drop A#, so going any deeper than that seems over kill.
  4. ChaserHUN

    DNB Bass Tone?

    Hey! I'm a metal bassist, but they guys in tha band want a DNB part in on of our tracks. I really don't like DNB but said ok, as long as we play it on out instruments and it's not a backing track why not. So how would you go about it? What effects would you use? I have never played DNB on tried dialing in a tone fore it.
  5. I hope they will model the Aguilar Agro in the next update :( Bit disappointed they didn't do it :(
  6. I was wondering. A lot of times I saw people using dual cab sims/IRs in their presets. Whenever try to use them I feel it's a bit overwhelming, the sound is somehow not as clear or defined as with one cab sim/IR. Feel the tone is a bit more saturated no matter if I am building a guitar or bass preset. Do you have the same feelig or am I missing here something? Or simply I am just not putting together the right cab sims/IRs?
  7. I've got pretty awesome tones from the Helix LT. Start from scratch with your own tones. Usually my go to is compressor, amp and IR. I reocmmend using IRs, I think the factory cab simulations aren't the best. Shiftline has a decent IR pack. Recently I fell in love with 3sigmas aguilar 810 and Mesa 810 IRs. My go to amp s the SVT-4 Pro, but the Aguilar and Mesa amps sounded pretty nice too. I run it through FRFR but if you run it through a traditinal bass rig turn off cab sims and IRs. Also go into the poweramp section of the head.
  8. Thanks I will look into theese. As of now the best sound I've gotten is from Shiftlines Mesa RR215
  9. I've purchased Redwirez Bass IR Pack. They sound pretty great....BUT.....there are just waaaay to many variables. I didn't have the time to go through all of them, as of now I use a 810 with 421 mic 2inch from cone and a Hartke 4,5 with 421 mic 2 inch from cone. The Hartke has a strong midrange and the svt 810 complements this good, but the latter I feel has a bit tooo much low end. I am looking for a nice open sound with big headroom. Also a distortion sound (I use aguilar agro in effects loop). A play in drop A# with an Ibanez SR300EBL What are your favourite IR's? Or what combinations of them? With this many variables it feels like a never ending story to find the right one.
  10. Thanks for the help. Got accepted. also submitted a new idea already. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Aguilar-Agro-bass-overdrive-distortion/1034058-23508?submitted=1
  11. I haven't tried the Helix through FOH yet. But red similar problems with the POD HD back in the day. Probably you need a decent FRFR speaker where you dial in your tones. Even with a expensive headphones your tone might sound pretty differrent on an FRFR speaker and stage volumes. I always dialed in my tone with the POD before hand on an Alto speaker and didn't had any problems, the sound guys were happy with the sound. Also I don't know how you dial in your presets but you should probably use a low and high cut. In one of reiffs beards and gears video Ryan says for a live situation he cuts down to 8-10Khz because it would take peoples heads of. Maybe you will find some useful things, he uses Helix in his live setup
  12. How long does it take for a moderator to approve my acocunt? I'v been trying it for 2 days now.
  13. Why can't I post on ideascale? It says that the moderator didn't accept my receipt yet. But I didn't had to upload it there. It is accepted on Line 6 website.
  14. I have a 212 cab with V30s and thinking of swapping them for the F12 X200. Currently I am using an Alesis monitor wich is ok, but not the real thing. My only conern is that I play bass in a band and those celestion speakers range is in between 60Hz-20000Khz. I am unsure how it would handle a tuned down 5 string bass :/
  15. Do Line 6 read this? I tried to post my ideas on the Line 6 ideascale, but says moderator didn't validate my receipt, but it was. So my ideas: - Aguilar Agro, preferably the rackmount unit, with and extra blend/mix function. I think it would make a lot of bass players really happy :) - EVH 5150 III EL34 version - Rivera KR100 or KR7 for all us Slipknot fans :)
  16. Tried yesterday ML Soub Labs Boaner and Mars Silver Pack, they sound amazing! There are some samples in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFJjDHcVIyQ
  17. So far I only tried ML soundlabs Mega Oversize and Freeman pack. I like more the freeman pack. Probably going to try the bgnr or boaner and orange packs as well.
  18. Hey! Got my Helix a few days ago. Don't like really the stock cabs, but IRs, wow. Makes a really huge differrence! One of my friends sent me a mega over sized cab pack and freeman cab pack from ml sound labs. I was always more a V30 guy using real cabs. The mesa cab pack sounds good but honestly not that big of a fan of the mesa sound. I really like the freeman cab pack with the V30 sounds. Sounds like a marshall cab has a nice midrange chunk, but still not totally what I am looking for. In the POD HD I used the Bogner cab with dynamic 409 mic, but to me the same cab and mic sounds worse in Helix. I am looking for a cab pack that has a really nice midrange chunk and is more "open" sounding, you know having nice headroom. something like the tone on Slipknot Vol 3. I am thinking of getting one or two of theese: BGRN cab pack Boaner cab pack Zilla cab pac ORGN cab pack Wich one would you recommend?
  19. My Helix just arrived a few days ago, I originally ordered a Headrush 112 but got an Alesis drum monitor 112, wich is like the same thing marketed for differrent users. I think it sounds pretty decent, of course not as good as stuido monitors and doesn't moves are like a regular cab. I play bass in drop A# in a metal band. the lows doesn't seem to be as thumping as on my Hartke 410, but still has a pretty big low end. It seem pretty loud as well and I have only tested it on 4-5. I am going to test it on the weekend to know how it holds up in the rehearsal space. It is still going to be better bringing this with me than lugging around huge cabs.
  20. I don't know. I heard pretty amazing bass tone from the Helix. Also I do play guitar too so it would come in handy on that part too.
  21. Yeah. But wouldn't I be losing low end? I mean the low B on a string is abouth 31Hz. So a 5 string bass wouldn't sound as good as it should or with my XL410 cab wich has a frequency response of 30Hz-5KHz.
  22. I know it is a great rig. But what is the point having it if a lot of scenarios I can't use my own rig and the other the cab is never miced up? Also what is the point of a Helix and having custom IRs if I run it through a standard bass cab? Really I would just need the HR or the PEDD for rehearsal or an extra stage monitoring. We don't play loud even though we play metal. No need for insane loudness, we want to preserve our hearing. There great reviews on it on sweetwater, and maybe 2 people said it sounded better than the headrush or the friedman frfr and was loud enough. Also the Kemper Cab is "only" 200W and many people said it is loud as hell.
  23. Interesting, the Yamaha has a 52-20000Hz frequency response, the QSC subwoofer 38-121Hz. Got an e-mail from Tech 21 and they said the Power Engine Deuce Deluxe has a 20-20000Hz frequency response.
  24. I had an Alto TS115A with the POD back then, sounded horrible. My concern is that the headrush lower frequency response is 46Hz and we play in A# wich is half down from the standard 5 string. I don't know if there will be enough low end.
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