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  1. Check out gilmourish.com for help with getting David Gilmour tone. DG used Tube Driver and compressor stomp boxes. Using the bridge pickup on a strat is another ingredient. DG uses a Seymour Duncan SSL-1 bridge pickup in his black strat. Heavy delay is a big component too. I use an FX100 and it does a decent job. I prefer the Civil War Big Pi fuzz model in my LA Lady pedal over the Big Pi model in the FX100.
  2. Thanks! I installed the drivers on my Windows 10 system, making the FX100 a sound output device (via USB) and now I can play along with youtube and my own mp3s without any lag. I have connected the 2 "main out" lines to an old Yamaha AV receiver and drive either large speakers or headphones from there. Cables required: * USB 2.0 Cable - A-Male to B-Male (I have also used a USB 2.0 extenstion cable to lengthen the reach, but it is better to have a single cable.) * shielded audio cable, male 1/4 inch mono to male RCA plug (left channel from "main out" on FX100.) * shielded audio cable, male 1/4 inch mono to male RCA plug (right channel from "main out" on FX100.) Instead of the separate output cables, you could use the stereo headphone jack with a TRS plug on one end of the cable to a pair of RCA plugs on the other end.
  3. You can also move the wild cards around in the signal change by drag and drop. So you can put your overdrive before the amp/cab, and tremolo after.
  4. Once you have made your changes, hold down the active button (the ring around it will be lit solid red) until the ABCD switches flash. Release the button and then stomp the switch you want to store the settings into.
  5. Hold down the currently active foot switch button (the one with a solid red light around it) for a few seconds until all 4 buttons flash. Release the button, and stomp the button for the slot you want to put the sound into. This overwrites the settings on that spot.
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