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  1. I finally decided to keep the Boogie at the house and use the Pod Go to gig with. I was trying to lighten the load as well. I came up with this idea. It’s a Plano 36” tactical gun case. Works perfect, and cost $69.99.
  2. I FIGURED IT OUT.....I had the dang thing off and not on EXP toe.....
  3. The internal (one that come with the POD GO. When I back all the way off, it come back on to normal volume.
  4. Anyone use volume pedal on GO POD and notice it works, volume gets softer until all the way back and It goes back to normal. Any fix to this, I would like to silent my guitar by using volume pedal
  5. Old guy learning new things. I'm trying to figure out if you can edit and save the factory presets.....Example, Bank 01 Sound C is clean sound. I want it to be louder to match the other sounds in the bank. The couple ways I tried to save it wanted me to rename and add to my tones.....I just want to adjust what's there. What am I missing? Thanks Guys
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