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  1. Hi would you be able to send me the rolled back version for the G10 relay?

    1. Pacemaker1000


      sure but ive experimented quite a lot and it wont work


    2. jocko3147


      Thank you I'm going to give it a try. I'll let you know if I have any luck.

    3. jocko3147


      Nope no matter what I tired I couldn't get it to work with the 1.4 firmware. 

  2. anybody got a copy of the original MKii firware backed up? cheers
  3. i have been able to rollback the firmware as some kind guy had a copy will let you know how it performs from now on
  4. Oops...looks like I need the firmware for the G10 not the Amp all archived firmware has been removed. Possibly safety but a never had a problem with overheating and now find my playing time reduced at least by half ☹️
  5. Can someone point to the previous firmware please? since updating to 2.02.2 the battery life of my g10 has dropped dramatically! thansk
  6. Copied from a post I’ve started on Facebook Any techies here? Trying to mod the wireless receiver on V60 and up. Ideally put in and out jack sockets on back of amp. With a looping cable would work as normal but could plug into out from the receiver to send to other amps or even inserting pedals to take better advantage of the wireless system. Had a look at the ribbon cable connecting the receiver to the main board and there are far more wires than I expected to see. Thought there’d be just an Earth, power and RX. But it’s far more complicated. Can’t see line 6 supplying any wiring diagrams. Don’t suppose anyone has seen any? Cheers
  7. Can this be done via firmware update? ie hold down button x and turn Master volume to control MP3 input? think it’s been requested a few times? cheers
  8. WOW!!!! Just updated and it’s like a wet towel has been removed from over the speaker! Listening to my own patches selecting classic over full range speaker is incredible Well done Line 6 and I’m almost embarrassed to ask but can we have the speaker selection available through the app? Pretty please
  9. Just heard the great news so when will the firmware be available?
  10. Thanks but it’s really up to Line 6 to sort this
  11. My problem is not custom tones but just loading the app and accessing my OWN tones stored on the server. About eight connection error warnings when loading the app. If I delete a tone it comes back on reloading the app? pain especially as constant reloading is necessary due to amp connection issue when in background mode
  12. Yes same as me. whenever I load the app I have to ok at least half a dozen prompts relating to failed I cloud updates before use. Dont recall this fault before last iOS update and need a fix quickly! ps I’m still awaiting a fix for not being able to return to the app after it’s been in background mode. Locks up and again needs reloading, made worse now by the constant error messages popping up. this is bordering on unusable Line 6! please fix
  13. Get this warning whenever changing 'my tones'. numerous pending updates to cloud
  14. Problems syncing with cloud since update. Says connection errors Anyone else notice this? only cure is delete and reinstall app
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