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  1. Looks like Spider V has been discontinued with most dealers out of stock? Anyone seen this officially? is a new version 6 on the way or has the Catalyst replaced it?
  2. Anyone know if Line 6 are still replacing these free of charge? Im on my third on my third free replacement that’s gone faulty or bite the bullet and buy new version?
  3. To answer my own question on the Sony rf895... latency not an issue but horrible whine sound when plucking strings. back they go!
  4. Resurrecting this thread after some research , I see someone is using them, what about the Sony RF 995, 985 and 400 (all the same) definitely will work with only 1-2ms, only question is quality? currently use ATH M40X so expectations are high
  5. Have to say I have only used with iOS. Tbh having previously owned a Fender GT40 with Bluetooth dropouts, I’m more than happy to have a wired connection. Also the amp charges the iPad which would have to be plugged into a wall socket anyway, so I consider it a bonus not a negative. Also unlike Spark you can go completely wireless as you have a screen to scroll through patches plus built in wireless guitar. Also there’s a foot switch. I do agree about the G10 and wish I’d never ‘upgraded' it and got reduced playing time! considering the bigger and more powerful V60 is actually cheaper the spark, even with constant discounts, it also overpriced imho
  6. Currently have both (V60), and to me the Spider is in a different league. Obviously it’s size and power is greater and it sounds like a proper amp compared to a desktop speaker but even the tones are better. To give the Spark a chance I even played it through the V60 speakers and leave the Spider on full range, but even then it has inferior tones. I thought the Spark would benefit from its cloud available song specific tones but even then I can always find something better. This was main reason to buy and its disappointing. The smart features are app specific and there are better apps available for playback and learning. The only reason I can see to keep is the hope that PG will continue to support and improve it. Plus it’s better at playing backing tracks than the Spider. Given the hype ( unlike the spider i can’t find a negative review on it) it’s very disappointing!
  7. Is it possible to pair a transmitter with 2 receivers. That is one in the Spider V60 and a stand-alone one for another amp? So theoretically you can play both amps simultaneously? ps if you’re reading this and know about the usb failure what is the best fix as I’ve seen many cheers
  8. DIY mod requiring soldering skills. Will provide info if allowed
  9. Hi would you be able to send me the rolled back version for the G10 relay?

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    2. jocko3147


      Thank you I'm going to give it a try. I'll let you know if I have any luck.

    3. jocko3147


      Nope no matter what I tired I couldn't get it to work with the 1.4 firmware. 

    4. matsansan


      Thanks a lot for the firmware for the transmitter. However, the receiver also needs to be downgraded for this to work. So does anyone have the file "G10RX_1_0.wuf" as well?

  10. anybody got a copy of the original MKii firware backed up? cheers
  11. i have been able to rollback the firmware as some kind guy had a copy will let you know how it performs from now on
  12. Oops...looks like I need the firmware for the G10 not the Amp all archived firmware has been removed. Possibly safety but a never had a problem with overheating and now find my playing time reduced at least by half ☹️
  13. Can someone point to the previous firmware please? since updating to 2.02.2 the battery life of my g10 has dropped dramatically! thansk
  14. Copied from a post I’ve started on Facebook Any techies here? Trying to mod the wireless receiver on V60 and up. Ideally put in and out jack sockets on back of amp. With a looping cable would work as normal but could plug into out from the receiver to send to other amps or even inserting pedals to take better advantage of the wireless system. Had a look at the ribbon cable connecting the receiver to the main board and there are far more wires than I expected to see. Thought there’d be just an Earth, power and RX. But it’s far more complicated. Can’t see line 6 supplying any wiring diagrams. Don’t suppose anyone has seen any? Cheers
  15. Can this be done via firmware update? ie hold down button x and turn Master volume to control MP3 input? think it’s been requested a few times? cheers
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