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  1. Pacemaker1000

    Cloud connection errors

    Cheers il try later
  2. Pacemaker1000

    Cloud connection errors

    Thanks but it’s really up to Line 6 to sort this
  3. Pacemaker1000

    Cloud connection errors

    My problem is not custom tones but just loading the app and accessing my OWN tones stored on the server. About eight connection error warnings when loading the app. If I delete a tone it comes back on reloading the app? pain especially as constant reloading is necessary due to amp connection issue when in background mode
  4. Pacemaker1000

    Cloud connection errors

    Yes same as me. whenever I load the app I have to ok at least half a dozen prompts relating to failed I cloud updates before use. Dont recall this fault before last iOS update and need a fix quickly! ps I’m still awaiting a fix for not being able to return to the app after it’s been in background mode. Locks up and again needs reloading, made worse now by the constant error messages popping up. this is bordering on unusable Line 6! please fix
  5. Pacemaker1000

    Cloud connection errors

    Get this warning whenever changing 'my tones'. numerous pending updates to cloud
  6. Pacemaker1000

    iOS app broken with latest update?

    Problems syncing with cloud since update. Says connection errors Anyone else notice this? only cure is delete and reinstall app
  7. Pacemaker1000

    Spider V and Amplitube integration?

    Not sure what you’re after? You can use the spider V as an input to an iPad to play amplitube tones and effects. Wirelessly if using a G10.
  8. Pacemaker1000

    FBV Volume control question Please

    So it basically controls the 'amp' volume rotary control knob?
  9. Apologies as already asked on Spider Forum can someone kindly answer whether the expression pedal ,when set to volume, only controls the amp tones and not any music via the aux in or via the usb to iPad ? thanks
  10. Pacemaker1000

    Expression Pedal Question.

    When used for volume does it just control the master volume? in other words if you have an MP3 playing on aux in does it continue play. So just muting the guitar tone?
  11. Pacemaker1000

    Time for an update!

    Come on Line 6 don’t abandon us Spider fans the amp needs a refresh to keep it in the top 10
  12. Pacemaker1000

    Moving the fixed Compressor!

    Usual position for a Compressor is before the amp. Please can this be made 'movable ' in an update?
  13. Pacemaker1000

    Spider V30 Amp Won't Load Beyond "Line 6" Boot Screen

    Had the same problem and I’m afraid it’s an impossible home fix. You will have to return it!
  14. Pacemaker1000

    Spider V as Interface for Amp Sims...IT WORKS

    Unfortunately the 'original' tone, in this case 'passthrough' will always play through the amp. Inputting the sim tone through either the usb or aux in works but it has the original in the background. I have bought a pair of active speakers to play the amp sims through which I also use for the Spider when playing along with stereo backing tracks as it sounds more integrated
  15. Pacemaker1000

    Spider V as Interface for Amp Sims...IT WORKS

    After further investigation I’ve learned to set the 'amp' volume (not master) to max in your amp bypass patch for best results. also output form iPad headphone socket into headphones or separate amp as although the Sim sound played through the Spider it gets mixed with the amps 'pass through' patch i created. I am sure Line 6 could relaeas a firmware with a setting to bypass the original tone and make this a great interface as well as a great amp!