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  1. Pacemaker1000

    Spider V as Interface for Amp Sims...IT WORKS

    This isn’t about recording but as an alternative to a Sonic port. an added feature for the Spider V series. works, but unable to stop the original tone from the amp playing along with the amp sim
  2. Pacemaker1000

    Spider V as Interface for Amp Sims...IT WORKS

    Ok appears you can’t overide whatever tone you send into the iOS. annoying as there is obviously a way to do this if Line 6 wanted to allow this feature
  3. Can’t find anything on this so apologies if it’s old news. i just discovered you can use the Spider V as an iOS interface with all the top amp sims even MobilePod! Not got it perfect at the moment but it is workIng. Surely wouldn’t be hard for Line 6 to make this happen. Although it would make sonic ports irrelevant..lol Connected as usual and created a new patch called 'pass through ' with all amps, cabs, effects etc turned off. Don’t forget to set the downloaded Apps to use the microphone. like said it’s not perfect as I’ve used sims before with a sonic port and sound is slightly out and a bit dull. Managed to improve this by just turning on the equaliser on the amp and upping the treble. You can even use the amp effects in conjunction with the sim for on the fly reverb and delay etc. Download something like Tonebridge free and give it a go. Plus I’d appreciate input in case I’m wasting my time. edit. iOS definitely sees Spider as an interface correctly.
  4. Pacemaker1000

    iOS app Freezing?

    Just bumping this as was told by tech they are aware and it will be addressed in update. On this I kept the amp passed its return date. So bit annoyed nothing is happening. please add if you are also troubled with this fault. cheers or better still if you’re a tech reply that a fix is imminent
  5. Pacemaker1000

    Replacement Speakers!

    Have the 60 with the tweeter. yes it helps with music but the main speaker seems to be the problem. Agree on possibly changing both though. Thinking of taking it apart and seeing specs of standard set. seems a main with a greater frequency response and a tamer tweeter would help. Also read of someone adding insulation inside which made a big difference. shame there is no 'overall' equaliser that controls audio in as well as just guitar sound like the Mustang GT
  6. Pacemaker1000

    Replacement Speakers!

    Anybody replaced or are considering replacing the standard speakers? Listening through good headphones is much better so Amp is capable of great sound! Admittedly I play along with music tracks so would look to improve that also. thought?
  7. Pacemaker1000

    Comfortably Numb Tone

    Still trying here.. thing is, using Gilmourish and others, I know what to use but can’t get it right. Hiwatt 100, fuzz and delay I believe is the standard? amazing the variations on the cloud? Even allowing for different pickups they should all be closer
  8. Pacemaker1000

    iOS app Freezing?

    Still waiting for this fix!
  9. Pacemaker1000

    Spider V Amp/Effects Full List

    Hi Guys. Just done this for my benefit and thought would share. Easy print! Cheers Spider V.docx
  10. Pacemaker1000

    Create A Better Sound

    Please explain what improvement it made? i find my V60 too brash and want to mellow it? contemplated changing speakers
  11. Pacemaker1000

    Line 6 Spider V problems

    None of those on my V60
  12. Pacemaker1000

    Stuck on Boot Logo !!

    Luckily mine was less than a week old so retailer replaced it. Only thing I found you can do is plug into pc and run Line 6 Updater which reinstalls firmware but this didn’t work for me but worth a try
  13. Pacemaker1000

    Stuck on Boot Logo !!

    No, was a V60 but probably the same firmware
  14. Pacemaker1000

    Line6 Spider V Iconic Tones

    Me too. Some are a little too cryptic for me
  15. Pacemaker1000

    Spider v Mustang GT v Amp Sims Comparison

    Oh, and also I had no trouble with a cheap android phone