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  1. Logic, can you add those to Customtone? I'd like to be able to access those through the Spider app. Thx
  2. Exactly! It's a great time to buy a Mk I.
  3. Phrydoom

    Worst amp ever?

    To each their own. I never cracked a smile playing the Kanata as I found it limited and uninspiring. My 240HC stereo head though--through my Marshall 1960AV--gets me high every time. Just shows that everything is subjective. All in the ears of the beholder.
  4. The 2.0 update was a pleasant surprise. Very much appreciated!
  5. You should of just spent a bit more for the 240HC and then run it through a cab. I run my through my 1960AV. It sounds pretty nice.
  6. Can someone be kind enough to help me figure out the tone below? I realize I doubt it can be 100% duplicated, but I'd appreciate any help and suggestions I can get. Thx! Sound clip listed below: https://m.soundcloud.com/premierguitar/clip-1-swart-stereo-master-20?in=premierguitar/sets/swart-stereo-master-20-review
  7. The Kanata seems limited and lacking diversity. I have my 240HC stereo head running through my 1960AV and it sounds amazing. The cleans and acoustics with the 240HC far exceed what the Kanata can bring to the table.
  8. Thx. I can't wait for this amp head. I don't get too excited very often but the 240 HC seems like it has tons of possibilities.
  9. So, I have decided to purchase the Spider V 240 HC. I have done extensive research on the head and think it will be ideal with my 1960av cab. I plan to run to class 2 connectors from the 240 to the 1960av to get that stereo optimization. Unlike my JVM 410H, the 240 HC seems like a laboratory of effects and tones. Coupled with the wireless capability and access to the SoundCloud it has me pumped up. I just hope it is still in production this November which is when I plan to purshase it. Anyone running the 240 HC with a Marshall cab? If so, how do you find it, performance wise? thx
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