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  1. Every amp has an acoustic setting - you just plug an acoustic in and turn the gain down....
  2. OK, found a fix. There's a bug with the folder permissions when it installs, but the app is actually there. 1. Do the install 2. Go to your Applications folder where there'll be a 'Line '6 folder with a no entry sign on it 3. Get Info on this folder (CMD-I) 4. On the bottom-right of the Info pop-up will be a little padlock. Click this and type in your Mac password 5. At the bottom of the pop-up, click the menu item under 'Privilege' for 'everyone'. It'll be set to 'No access' I think. Change to 'Read only' That's it. The app will now appear.
  3. Doesn't sound like you have the right file - shouldn't be a v1.8 for this. Do you have an Android or iPhone? Just plug into the amp and run the Spider Remote app you can get from your App Store. Go to Settings at the bottom and then 'Device Flash' under Updates. Should offer you a v2.0.0 option there to click.
  4. Good news! I tried reinstalling v1.05 and then installing v2.0.0 again and all is well :) So, nothing to see here, move along please.
  5. I have posted this as a reply in a previous thread, but it's probably a bit lost so thought it worthy of a thread. I've just taken delivery of a brand new Mk1 V 60w, and after a quick play with the default settings, I did the v2 update with no problems. Now however, I can't touch the knobs when on FX setting at all or it all locks up. I can change everything else - scroll through presets, change 'amp' settings on the knobs, adjust volume etc - but when on FX if I try to turn a knob it initially displays the setting value and then that's it. Nothing can be changed, even volume or amp presets - it carries on working so you can continue to play, but you're locked forever in that setting at that volume until you switch off/on at the back. FWIW, although I only had a quick play with the v1 firmware, it definitely didn't do this and it worked fine! Also of note, with my iPhone plugged in I can make adjustments fine through that, and save/edit etc, so I have been able to play with the FX, just can't via the amp directly. I've tried a factory reset from the Home menu as suggested in the other thread, but makes no difference. Have raised a ticket with Line 6 support. There was one other person who mentioned this deep within another thread, but I haven't seen anybody else mention it. Is everyone else working ok with v2 on a v1 amp?
  6. I have a similar problem on Mojave. It says it installs fine and does create a Line 6 folder within Applications as it says - note, it doesn't create a 'Spider V Remote' app in the Applications folder, but a 'Line 6' folder which the app is supposed to be inside. I hate it when companies do this, but whatever... Anyway, the folder is created but is locked and reports as being 0kb. I can't open it or launch the app in any other way. Have raised a ticket with Line 6.
  7. I'm having the same problem. Brand new Mk1, did the update no problems, but as soon as I touch any FX on the amp itself, it freezes. Can do it on the iOS app, but not the amp itself. I just did a factory reset, which worked successfully though left it at v2.0.0 rather than taking it back to 1.05, but hasn't changed anything, still screwed.
  8. I just updated mine via iOS... The Mac app won't even install properly...!
  9. Well, my brand new V 60w Mk1 arrived! Had a quick play through the presets then did the update to v2. That went completely smoothly, took about 5 minutes, it restarted and now successfully on v2 and sounding better. BUT... assume there's some bug with 2.0.0 as it freezes whenever I try to change the effect settings on the amp. As soon I touch any of the knobs on FX setting, the correct settings show up and then lock. None of the buttons have any effect and although it continues to play, I can't change anything, even master volume. Only way round it is to switch off/on, and make sure I don't touch the FX settings. I did realise that it's not affected by the app, so I have been able to mess around a bit and save some presets to my liking, but it's clearly a bit screwed. Didn't see any other threads about this, am I the only one?
  10. Thanks. Could be a question for another post, but is there any benefit of the 120 over the 60, aside from volume? I'm looking for something purely for home use I think, so looking towards something that'll sound good at low volumes. I'd have looked at the 20 even but want all the features that only start with the 60 so that's what I've been aiming for. From what I know, the only additional 'feature' of the 120 is XLR outputs, but assuming the bigger speaker and wattage makes it better for gigging. Is it worth looking at instead of a 60 for home use? I'd be paying more and taking up more room...
  11. Great, thank you. I guess I should try them but this does give me hope that the V might be the way to go. The Mk1 models are now well discounted so it's a good time to buy and do the upgrade.
  12. I've been looking to buy a new modelling amp for home use. I have a valve amp and pedalboard of analog affects, but want something simple and easy with as few cables as possible. I want to be able to get as close as possible to my usual sound (valve amp, distortion, compressor, boost, delay, reverb, wah, tremolo) at home volumes, ideally with just one thing plugged into the wall and a single cable running out to a footswitch. I first started reading about the Katana and was all but ready to buy a 100 with the foot switch. Then saw related videos about the Spider V. Now, I've read up a lot now and realise that the V has not had the best reception and, without having played either yet, would imagine that most people would favour the Katana in terms of tone/effects quality. But... I'm curious to know how much the Mk2 software has improved things. There's no substitute for trying them both and I intend to, but if anyone has any experience in the meantime I'd love to hear. For me, the Spider has features I'd like - the better footswitch with integrated expression pedal (for wah), the wireless functionality, the looper. Drums and metronome less so, but still bonuses. All good for home practice. To add the wah and looper to the Katana is just more cables and I'm trying to reduce them. So I want to like the Spider... So, with the MK2 upgrade, has it closed the gap on the Katana? Or do you think it was only ever an issue with presets and it was always as good when edited properly? If anyone's done a direct comparison, which I'm yet to find anywhere in internetland, then that would be aces.
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