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  1. My bad...looks like its some kind of RFI interference. I plugged the Spider into a good power strip and everything is A ok. Thanks for your response.
  2. I noticed that after I upgraded to the new MKII firmware for all the medium to high gain amps there is a repetitive electronic ticking type noise along with the normal amp background noise. Anybody else experiencing this?
  3. HEY PHIL_M!!! Did you hear the news?????????? Spider V MKII announced at Summer NAMM 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Anybody know whats going on with SPIDER V. Looks like Sweetwater and Musicians Friend are no longer selling V120(not available)????????? Me thinks LINE6 is brewing something up!!
  5. Yes..knob 3, works as a pot but non functional when it is pressed.
  6. Have a new HX Stomp. Switch 3 not working for saving or clearing all blocks. Anybody else have this problem? Unit is on latest firmware. Guess I will call LINE6 support or return unit to vendor.
  7. Thx for your reply. Would like to be able to use Helix as a midi controller, also, setup presets in Helix to play through Firehawk 1500 and maybe have a combination of efects used from the Helix and the Firehawk. I see that Chad Boston has a video incorporating the two but he seems to be using a lot of cabling which is a bit confusing. There must be a simple solution which does not involve a bunch of cables. I would settle for the Helix controlling the Firehawk and being able to play Helix presets through the Firehawk.
  8. This may be a redundant question but can I use the Helix Floor as a foot controller for the Firehawk 1500?
  9. This may be a redundant question but can I use the Helix Floor as a foot controller for the Firehawk 1500?
  10. To each his own but once you get the hang of the Helix it's hard to get a bad tone out of it and with progressive updates from LINE6 it is only going to get better. I originally had the Atomic Amp pedal but sold it cause Atomic was not progressive with their updates. The great thing about LINE6 is that they are on the case for improvement and making a better mousetrap. This is what I expect from a vendor not one that issues a product which sells big time and then they either drop it from their product line or fail to make it better.
  11. Is there any way to reorganize IR's without having to go back to the preset and change the new location number it is associated with?
  12. The Alto's are very bassy. You gotta replace the bass speaker with more of a mid range speaker, example - Eminence Deltalite II 2510-4 Neo 10" Driver 4 Ohm after you do that you will be very happy.
  13. Remember....you heard it from me 1st: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/HelixLT?utm_source=marketing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20170403-national-spring-clearance Line6 Helix LT $999.99
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