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  1. Hi matsansan,
    I wrote a detailed post with photos about Relay G10 disassembly, possible batteries etc.
    The topic title was "does anyone knows how to disassembly relay G10" or something like this.
    It was in about 2019. A can not find it now.  I think the LINE 6 deleted....
    Maybe it was too detailed... Try to find it.

    Good luck!

    1. matsansan


      Thanks for your quick reply, appreciated! :-)


      Before posting I already searched for all forum posts that you have made. I can only see 4, so they must have deleted you excellent work already then...


      It does not look that difficult, but could you post again on some other page like The Gear Page or GearSlutz etc.? That way Line6 cannot delete it, but the general public can still have well working wireless systems. Apart from the huge battery life issue, this thing is absolutely great.

      Posts by kontra66.png

  2. Although this is some time now, I think that your solution could be a highly practical one, especially when the original battery eventually stops working (regardless of Firmware version). Could you provide us with some more details on what you did and how you charge it etc? I have a bunch of very high quality 18650 batteries, but they are a bit too big to fit as nicely as you made it.
  3. Related follow up to this topic. I did indeed buy a Helix Floor in 2017, and my rig setup is just so flexible! I basically hook up my Presonus Firestudio Mobile to the Helix, and then use Helix as the main sound interface towards PA etc. After a recent gig, I managed to lose the little breakout cable from the Presonus sound card. Here is the complete pin-out for future reference: DB9 pin 1 = MIDI Out 4 DB9 pin 2 = SPDIF In Center DB9 pin 3 = SPDIF Out Center DB9 pin 4 = MIDI Out 2 DB9 pin 5 = MIDI In 4 DB9 pin 6 = MIDI Out 5 DB9 pin 7 = SPDIF In Shield DB9 pin 8 = SPDIF Out Shield DB9 pin 9 = MIDI In 5 "And why bother with such an old interface, especially since it is using Firewire?" Well, for my specific needs there simply has not been a better interface released: It is incredibly compact for having 8 analog inputs It is bus powered, which is desirable from a reliability point of view It still stands its ground really well in low latency performance (5.7 ms measured round-trip at 48kHz/64 buffer size is how I use it). Some tips: Use a Texas Instrument XIO2213 chip Turn off C-states for the CPU Although not officially supported on Mac any longer, it can very easily be installed and used. But since a lot of people don't know this, it can now be had dirt cheap on the second hand market. I just bought a spare one for ~45 USD (that came with the DB9 cable, this is how I could get the pin-out data)
  4. Attached are two recordings, done simultaneously: -Through SPDIF out (no problem) -Through headphone out (going into a 1 Mohm sound card input, still distorting the right) It also distorts on my wife's no-name language learning headphones, not sure about the impedance on those. I am also attaching the patch as a reference. I am using a bass with Nordstrand Big Singles and D'Addario Chromes. Helix headphone
  5. -This new behavior came when updating to 2.60, I had no problem at all before that -It does it on all presets, even after factory reset -I have just tried SPDIF and 1/4" outputs, they are fine -The volume goes down and up equally as far as I can tell, it is just that there is some distortion on the right channel -It does not sound like harsh clipping at all Rolling back to 2.54 does not solve it, which leads me to believe that it would be some sort of setting?
  6. I am having the exact same issue as the user "blutac" on TheGearPage, namely that the right headphone channel distorts. I am using Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, rated at 64 Ohm. -See his post here on TGP -I have tried rolling back to 2.54 and done a total reset of everything (foot switches 9+10 on startup), but the problem is still there Please fix this urgently, silent practice at home is how I use my Helix most of the time.
  7. Thanks for your answers! I am close to buying a Helix LT now, and I thought there is one thing that I need to check still: Is it possible by using Line6 Monkey to flash the Variax bass firmware using Helix now? The reason why I am asking is that my electronics recently had some major problems, most of the time I did not get any sound out. Had to use an old and long CAT5 cable on my HD500 to re-flash. After that everyhing has been fine, but I am worried that I need to hold on to the HD500 for this purpose alone.
  8. Bring back Variax Bass sounds using Helix Myself I am a happy owner of a Variax 705 bass. Sounds fantastic, and gives me great flexibility. But since it is highly unlikely that we will see another Variax Bass, my idea is to use Helix to resurrect the Variax Bass sounds back from the dead :-)
  9. Thanks for your input! :-) Just to clarify further, does "force model" work? Like described earlier in this thread, I have no way of changing anything manually, since my Variax electronics are rack mounted. I have everything working the way I want it with my HD500, but the sound quality really seems to be much higher in the Helix.
  10. Here are some pictures from 2 years back. First picture from right to left: Industrial Radio FSI-1 Line level to GK13 cable from GK13 to Variax converter from Variax 705 electronics Second picture: The whole system, integrated into a fairly portable 2U rack, including soundcard (Industrial Radios Imprint sounds fantastic!) So best of both worlds -Instrument modeling from Line6 Variax -MIDI technology from Industrial Radio All neatly integrated with my POD HD500, one stomp changes Variax model, HD500 amplifiers and effects, and of course whatever MIDI/Piezo things I am doing on the computer
  11. Bump, I am still using my HD500 since I cannot get a clear answer.
  12. Bump, is this working now in the latest firmware? I would only need Helix to restore model selection and settings on my bass, I do not use any of the Variax knobs to dial in settings etc.
  13. Ok, thanks for your reply. Sadly I have no real use for Helix until I can get full control over my old Variax bass, since I've taken the electronics out and rack mounted it (integrated with my Industrial Radio MIDI bass).
  14. See topic. If the answer is "no": Are there plans to add Variax bass support in the future? I will stick with my HD500 until I can use Helix.
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