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  1. The main problem is that: Line 6 did not inform its clients about the playing time decreasing before the new firmware update!!! We had no possibility to decide took a risk of overheating or update G10. (I never had overheating.) I think would be a good solution to let download the old firmware after user declares that accepts the risk.
  2. The new 1.06.fw. does not let over 4.0V the battery voltage. (I measured the voltage.) The first (original) fw. let the battery voltage up to 4.18V Normally the li-ion battery maximum voltage is 4.2V. 2 hours playing time lost when updated it from original fw. to 1.05 or 1.06. Line 6 does not care about the originally specified playing time.
  3. "they may send a replacement" Replacement for what? Has the replacement original charging capacity??? I do not think so... I think on the new one has updated fw. with limited battery voltage.
  4. Line6 took away 2-3 hours playing time with new Relay G10 firmware. The new fw. does not allow the battery voltage above 4.0V Normally the li-ion battery maximum voltage is 4.2V. I supposed they got a wrong battery contingent from China, which overheated during normal charging. Sold and got panic. The old firmware has gone... Fortunately I can charge my piggyback (1200mAh) battery from outside to 4,2V. >> 12 hours playing time. This story is a typical Line6 story....
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