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  1. I watched the video on how to create a david gilmore tone. There are two stomp boxes in the chain. How do get the second stomp box in the chain?
  2. Thanks for your help. I was able to update my fx100 to 2.0 with the ipad. When i was done my Samsung galaxy tab 4 worked great. Amplify remote worked great. Satisfied coustomer.
  3. Is there step by step instructions on where to download and how install remote for iPad
  4. I can not find where to download amplifi remote for an ipad
  5. I have access to an Ipad. I will do the update with it. Thanks for the assistance.
  6. Yes I get the error logging in through the utility.I also downloaded the utility that checks the file for corruption and utility says the file is good
  7. When I first researched the amplifi amps and effects Line 6 only used I Pad,IPod etc. I tried to use Andrid only to find not one way to make it work.By the way I am running a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 running 4.4. Any help would be appreciated. I will say I should have bought the Ipad.
  8. I am not able to run the amplifier utility to update my fx100 to 2.0.I get error HTTP request error when It try to log in through the utility.Help I'm dying to use my FX100 with the remote app.
  9. After installing the line 6 amplifi utility It gives me am error notice. It says HTTP request error.Has anyone else experienced this and what is the solution
  10. Has anyone tried the FX 100 with a Samsung tab 4? In the compatibility list it only list the Samsung tab Pro but it also says any android device running 4.2 or higher. I don't feel like paying $600 plus dollars to run the Remote app if I can spend $314 to do the same thing.
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