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  1. Hello! Is it posible to activate or start in snapshot number 1, everytime i select a preset?, because every preset will stay with the last activated snapshot number.
  2. Hi! Is it possible to turn a effect off that is linked to a expression pedal, or turn off the expression pedal after sometime of no use?
  3. Ok , after checking every connection again, i found that i have a bad patch cable before the guitar signal entered the HX effects input. After repacled the bad patch cable for a good one it seems that everything its ok now. Sorry line6, my fault here, for not checking out for bad cables.
  4. Hello to everyone! Well im 50% disappointed with the HX effects, i bought it to use with my amps but the thing in 4 CM sucks tone, feel and dynamics from my marhall. The purpose of the unit was to give and add effects to real analog amps, not to suck the tone, feel and Dynamics. And from what i found the problem of the unit comes from the guitar input section or and from the output of the unit to the input jack of the amp. Because when i put my guitar jack directly to the input of the amp and use the unit in the effects loops the amp gets back the Dynamics and feel. Im still using the unit with this kind of 2 cable method and midi, but its very bad job from line6 in the design of the unit and released to a market where the users love and knows his analog amps, and that very picky to units that suck tone feel and Dynamics.
  5. Hello everyone! Im using the hx effects to control my amp via midi and effects trough 4 cable method. For some songs,I have a preset per song, and in the preset i have 4 or less snapshots for every part of a song, intro, chorus, solo, etc..,, and each snapshot ativate my amp channels via midi. How do i scroll trough presets silently withou earing pops from the channel changes of my amp to select and activate the rigth preset ?
  6. HI everyone! Will this expression pedal from Boss work fine with the HX effects unit? Will i need a TRS cable to connect it to HX effects?
  7. Ok, what is the best way to create a preset to make it sound like there is two guitars playing the same thing but one of them playing a octaver higher then the other. Until now the effects i have created, sound me like a synth is playing.
  8. If is user interface we are talking about software it should be easy. The snapchot per preset it should be easy also, in the end you will have less presets capability and more snapshots per preset.
  9. Philm and ADBrow, about the 6 snapchot view.I bought this unit to avoid pedals like many users to avoid tap dancing. So I'm not going to use the stomp box mode much. If you give the possibility of 6 stomp box view why not allow a 6 snapchot view?
  10. Hi! I think i'm going to need and use 3 meters jack cables. I think the resistance/meter is important and also capacitance, righ? Is the jack cable quality really important in the 4 cable method? What kind of cables and specifications do i need? Can you ear the diference between a regular guitar cable from a very good cable ?
  11. OK now it boots and the firmware has updated to 2.5, it seems ok now. If the same thing happens again i will have to repeat this process? or this firmware update will solves this issue? I still want you line6 expert and product specialists guys to do the following updates in the HX effects: - Allow a 6 snapchots view - Allow to select a color for the footswitches in preset and snapchot view.
  12. OK now the unit booted, i'm going try to update the firmware now.
  13. Do you mean the Mode and TAP TUNER footswitches?
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