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  1. Is the new command center capable of assigning a button to be a momentary switch? I've been looking for infinite reverb (e.g. Big Sky) out of the Helix for years. I could swear that someone told me I could create a momentary button, assign a reverb to it, and hold forever as long as the button is pressed. I can't find the post and I can't see how to do it. Is this even possible? Thanks.
  2. I did that. I never could get the sound I wanted without loads of noise. So frustrating.
  3. Does anyone run a physical overdrive pedal in front of the input? When I ran it through a loop (first in the chain), it made an ungodly amount of noise. Running in front sounds fantastic. Now of course it's on all the time. So if you run an external pedal, how do you turn it off at channel switch without tap dancing (something an all inclusive helix-like unit is supposed to eliminate)?
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