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  1. Doesn't work for me either....Anyone want to buy a dead helix?? I'm going back to analog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Makes sense...thank you for the reply. It's not that it doesn't sound great...I think it could be better! But that is the fun of it....typically the Laney's are 100% wet they blend well in that situation.
  3. I'm sure this topic has been beaten like a dead horse making scrambled eggs. But here's my question. I am running helix 4 cable method into a jcm2000 with 2x12 cabinet. Love it love it! Love it! I also use 2 Laney IRT-x's for a wet dry wet sound. Now here's my problem. I only play for me. I'm not worried about FOH or leaving my basement. So I am looking for that elusive amp in the room sound from the Laney's scince..I use them in conjuntion with an amp in the room. I dont want to sound like a miked cab...I want the wets to sound just like the marshall..To me cabs sound ok but muffled...i am having a little luck with the Celestian V30 IRs I just bought. I just thought I'd ask the group for any input. Thanks so much.
  4. The black bar thing sucks!!! Get rid of it now!!!!!
  5. Flotsam71


    I look at the forum on my phone almost every day. Yeah I have a boring job!! How do I get rid of this information/help bar thing blocking the right side of the screen..driving me lollipop crazy!!!!!!!!
  6. I have the H9 connected to helix in stereo via loop 3/4 and midi cable. I thought the H9 book was pretty easy to follow as far as midi goes. Not sure about a video...but have done what you mentioned.
  7. I believe and use a frown eq curve before tube amp 4 cable and smile eq curve right after.. tube amps want mids to push them...but I prefer a somewhat scooped sound post distortion.
  8. I only play at home so I have no FOH opinion...but w/d/w sounds amazing to me. I'm using a Marshall via 1/4 out all dry...and xlr out to 2 Laney IRT-X's for a blend able wet. Path 1 is dry to 1/4 inch...split at the end to path 2 with stereo effects and cab block..and out to xlr. So many routing options I get a headache!!
  9. He he...good one ..I like it!!
  10. Not sure if this the place for such a comment...but I would love to see knobs in the editor instead of the sliders ..too big and cheasy looking. I hate scrolling down to see bottom parameters. I love the look of the eventide h9 control. Basically a sceen of the pedal itself. Love the helix otherwise!! Thanks
  11. The performance switch is actually not a physical switch on the outside of H9..the only way to activate it is the app..midi..or analog switch..I'm using a MXR tap pedal. I found this on the Eventide website that explains it perfectly.... If, via cc, I send 127 then 0 right flips to slow. Then back to fast if I do the same ... 127 then 0. This I call a TAP of a midi cc button in gate mode..not toggle. On/off. Because in gate mode it sends 127 when I press, and 0 when I release. If I HOLD that same switch, sending just goes to BRAKE mode..just while I am holding it. When I sends 0, and brake mode is released. This is normal function...identical to my analog aux switch mapped to the performance switch. Also reminiscent of traditional Leslie controls on a Hammond organ. The key is sending the right cc signals. Your need for a double tap is because your switch is in TOGGLE mode, instead of an on/off gate mode..which is a limitation of some controllers...namely the Helix, as I understand. ...still love the helix after 1.5 years...H9 is just a great addition. Thanks you for this forum!
  12. This post was a while ago I know...but thought I'd jump in since just bought a H9...just because I'm crazy and needed something new to play with!. Anyway I also couldn't get midi perf switch to work correctly. Found a post on the Eventide web site..which does work but is a little weird. Using a midi toggle...and dim to 0 and lit to 127. (Think i have those right..if not reverse them) You have to double tab the button quick to toggle fast/slow. Just pressing activates the brake. So maybe I'll just stay with the MXR tap pedal for perf switch. Save the helix switches.
  13. Does any one if it's possible to use the amp 1/2 control switch on helix as an aux switch for the H9?? The H9 aux switch is a three way switch tip/sleeve/ring something....can't remember at the moment. I just need one thing activated. I don't use the amp/control on helix for my Marshall cause as most of you know...IT DOES>NT F-ING WORK!! I use midi for channel switching. I also use midi from helix for the H9 which by the way is amazing is stereo through helix. But I still want to control a feature not midi-able...does that make sense? Any advice greatly appreciated. Can I hurt anything by trying this?? Is it just a relay?? Can I fry the H9...or any other pedal by attempting this?? Thanks again.
  14. Really...I'll have to try the tape thing...I bought the hifime usb issolater. NOT the cheap one!! Thanks for this!
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