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  1. So all this is on my laptop because when I first got the Helix I couldn't get it to connect with my desktop. Anyway, I did try installing on the desktop computer, but that didn't help. So I decided to try from my work laptop, which is Windows 7 and never had any Line 6 software installed. It worked! The update finished, and all my patches are still there. Whew! You can close this ticket.
  2. Helix LT on 64 bit Windows 10. So... I uninstalled all drivers, HX Edit, Updater, and reinstalled. Rebooted the computer. When i launch the Updater, it does not show any devices to select. Went to a different computer and did the same things above. Still no device to select. I tried various combinations of boot up keystrokes to reset things. Normally it comes up in Boot Failure - Entering Update Mode. Buttons 6 and 12 give me just "Entered Update Mode". But still no device enumeration on the Updater.
  3. Really getting nervous. I uninstalled al Line 6 programs, drivers, etc. and re-installed. Updater still shows no devices to select. Went to a different computer, installed HX Edit 2.8 and Updater 1.17. Same thing.
  4. I reinstalled Helix Edit, the Drivers, and Line 6 Updater. When I reboot the HELIX LT it still says Boot Failure, and running the Line 6 Updater does not show any devices to select. I tried holding down buttons 6 and 12 and then turning the Helix on. The screen does say "Entered Update Mode", but Line 6 Updater still does not show any devices to select.
  5. I got the expected "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode!" message halfway through the 2.80 Firmware update on my Helix LT. I pressed OK on the Updater, and nothing seems to be happening. It's been stuck at 50% and the Boot Failure message for about 45 minutes now. I was watching Glenn Deluane's video on the 2.80 update, and his seems to get passed the Boot Failure message and back to "Updating Helix Firmware" pretty quickly.
  6. FYI, using the XLR out directly from the Helix LT to the house solved my problem.
  7. I have a new Helix LT. I play in a church worship band. After playing with it at home creating patches, etc I brought it to our rehearsal night to try out. My current rig is a POD HD500X plugged into a Behringer powered monitor, with an XLR out of the monitor to the house. I have a couple pedals in front. Everything is plugged into the same power strip. I've been using this setup for a couple of years. So Thursday I swapped out the HD500X for the Helix. For about 5 minutes, everything is fine. Then the sound went dead. I wiggled chords. When I unplugged the output (1/4 out L/Mono) from the monitor, there was a huge pop. Plugged it back in, another pop. Turned off the Helix, pop again. Turned on the Helix, another loud pop, still no sound. So I swapped the HD500X back in and hoped I hadn't damaged the Helix. When I get it home, it works perfectly fine with the 1/4 L/Mono out into the Effects send of my tube amp. No apparent damage. Any ideas? I bought this thing to use at the church, with plans to sell the HD500X to help pay for it.
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