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  1. What are my options for a frozen headphone knob on a Helix floor? Was thinking of trying some Deoxit/contact cleaner first - see if I can get it to move. Saw another thread on user repair/replacement of the pot. Hoping not to go down that road, but I guess I will if I have to. Way beyond warranty repair. Don't really use the thing but - also don't like have unusable knobs.
  2. Can't believe there's finally a Princeton. My new favorite Helix amp.
  3. Turned out to be user error on another piece of gear. I had disconnected an expression pedal that was controlling volume via MIDI CC and it defaulted to the lowest value. Dumb, dumb, dumb. 2.82 update went without a hitch (after all).
  4. Still troubleshooting but: after just updating to 2.82 all presets (or if I try to create a new preset) are SUPER quiet after the update. Not understanding where this massive volume drop is coming from.
  5. May it operates the same way as the Boss RE-20?: "Relative to whatever the tap delay time is at playback head 1, the tap delay time at playback head 2 is twice that, and the tap delay time at playback head 3 is three times that"
  6. Can anyone tell me what the tape head note values are if the tap tempo value is set to, say, 1/4 note? I'm not getting the interplay between the tap tempo note value and the play heads. Maybe it's not a neat tempo subdivision but a fraction or multiple of the tempo sync value but...I'm not able to get my head around it. Thanks!
  7. So - where I'm at is: I use the input pad on the Helix all the time. On most amp models, I have to hit the upper range of the channel volume (amp setup for clean or edge of breakup gain) to get it to occasionally light up orange (lead/solo volume) and not distort on a low, open E power chord. So when I set up my patch I get the output going until it distorts and then back it off about .5 on the channel volume to give myself some headroom. The last gig I played I got the Powercab volume up to about 3 o'clock for the gig. We are not a loud band but - I wouldn't have run it that loud if the amps had been going to the mains (which they were not). I find the angle of the Powercab is really good - and I can get good monitoring volume without being crazy loud onstage.
  8. I'm experiencing two issues in 2.53 that I'm pretty sure are NOT in my head: Issue experienced while programming presets with H9 being controlled via Helix MIDI for program changes, etc. - At times when switching between snapshots, all Distortion blocks will be turned on, when - previously on that Snapshot, specific Distortion blocks had been assigned/selected - MIDI Program Change messages being sent by Instant Commands on Snapshots are being changed/re-assigned. Most recent time it happened was when I was setting up a new Snapshot to send PC Instant command to select preset on the H9. Where, previously - Snapshots had been setup to send: Snapshot 1: PC 0 Snapshot 2: PC 0 Snapshot 3: PC 1 Snapshot 4: PC 2 After the new Snapshot (6) add been setup to send PC 9; all other Snapshots were now setup to send PC 1
  9. I can confirm that my Helix is sending Program Change messages via Snapshot instant commands using 2.53
  10. I saw a picture of Andy Summers and thought, "Put a chorus on it. Pow...you're done."
  11. Posting this in case it's helpful to anyone...took me most of the day to find a workaround :-) I was trying to figure out how to use MIDI CC from the Helix to control the Performance Switch in the Rotary Algo on my Eventide H9. I could set up a MIDI CC toggle switch and map it to the Performance Switch function, but when I do that - instead of mimicking the Performance Switch 100% (Fast/Slow; hold for Brake) it would only toggle between Fast and Break. BUT - if you assign an expression pedal as MIDI CC controller to the performance switch...it works. Toe down is brake and heel down toggles between Slow/Fast. You can use Min Value 0 and Max Value 127 for full range, but it seems to feel a little better to me if you set the closest possible max/min values for on/of (63 & 64). What David Lynch would call a "happy accident" because I kind of like working it with the expression pedal better than hitting a switch. A little more like a real Leslie. Now...you might ask, why not just assign max/min rotor speeds to the expression pedal and skip the performance switch function altogether? Because it doesn't ramp when you do that. I just glides in between fast and slow and in a rather un-Leslie-like way.
  12. Can the rubber feet on the bottom of the Helix be safely removed by unscrewing them, removing the feet - then replacing the screws? Are there any interior components that are secured by the same screws? I would like to mount my Helix to a Novo 32 Pedaltrain but need to get those rubber feet off to mount it properly. I will place is so the vent is not blocked :)
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