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  1. MeToDuCT

    FOH vs 1/4" sound

    Forgot to say that in this setup obviously you'll need a short patch cable "send 1" - "return 1"
  2. MeToDuCT

    FOH vs 1/4" sound

    For that scenario I use 2 parallel paths where path 2 input block is set as "return 1" and "send 1" block split these paths on the upper. 'Pre' effects (wah, distortion, etc.) are before "send 1", then preamp block and 'post' effects (delays, reverbs) goes to 1/4 output on the upper path (feeds the "return" input of the stage amp head / combo), and the amp block with same 'post' effects + IR block goes to XLR output on the lower. Stage volume is controlled by Volume knob, XLR volume controlled by FOH guy. Not ideal DSP usage, but works fine for me. Hope that helps, sorry for possible bad english)
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