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  1. patdixon

    Hum w/ Helix into FX Loop

    Here's the link- for the hum fix go to 4:50
  2. patdixon

    Hum w/ Helix into FX Loop

    https://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/nady-he-1-hum-eliminator Can't get to it now but there's a YT vid where a guy uses a hum eliminator with 4cm & Helix. Don't know if it will help you but it did me. Search YT for "4cm with Helix" etc. & you should find it. Good luck.
  3. patdixon

    Clean boost (with LT)

    Great, thanks!
  4. patdixon

    Clean boost (with LT)

    If you were going to add, say 3~4 db of clean boost to a preset without adding a lot of distortion how would you go about it? I've tried compressors, OD/Dist, no matter what I do so far I always get horrible sounding oblique bends (like the gain is too high), everything else is fine. Any help very much appreciated, thanks
  5. patdixon

    Best Amp with Helix

    Agreed. I'm in an apt right now while my house is being built; when I move in I plan to get some frfr speakers & simulate the live sound so who knows, maybe I'll get up the nerve to break the umbilical cord, etc! Then I won't even have to take a monitor (we already use 4 QSC wedges out front). Of course then I'm at the mercy of the foh guy...
  6. patdixon

    Bypass one block using two different switches

    I assume this can be done with the floor unit- it can be with the LT: 1. Save the preset in this state 2. Assign synth block to one fs; gain block bypass assigned to the same fs 3. copy both blocks above, assign to a different fs but with different settings (synth 2) I do this where I have, say a drive turning on / a mod effect turning off with the same fs. It can be a little daunting but extremely effective in doing what you want to do. Hope this helps...
  7. patdixon

    Best Amp with Helix

    I hear and understand you perfectly, just to add another flavor the Paul HIndmarsh YT vid "Helix LT- all you need to know" where he shows how to use the LT as a stomp directly into a combo amp is what sold me on it. I use 4cm into a Blackstar combo and Saturday a guitar player in the crowd said I had great tone, whatever that means. We all know tone is very subjective and a lot of things can affect it but it was nice to hear, since many guitar players are analog snobs.
  8. patdixon

    LT with aux input/phones

    I failed to mention that you have to use both returns to get stereo, ie; output from a cell phone, cd player etc. Thanks for confirming!
  9. patdixon

    LT with aux input/phones

    No big deal because my situation is temporary (in an apt while my house is being built). We all know the LT has limited in/outs but I believe I can still use one of the returns as an aux IN & control headphone mix/level globally with the big knob. The only way I can see to do this is by having a dedicated preset (or all of them if I chose) with a return block. I don't see any other way. Has anyone tried this? How did it work for you? Thanks
  10. patdixon

    Helix looks like the one !

    Not 100% sure what you're asking either, but with my LT I have one preset that uses a Helix amp/cab model (clean channel on my Blackstar) then others that use the amp's preamp gain channel with or without FX. The only way I found to do this is to use 4cm, which works great. The Helix also switches amp channels automatically by preset so I don't even have to think about it. I'd buy another LT in a second.
  11. patdixon

    Volume drop with 4CM

    You could copy the preset, then replace the separate S/R blocks with a combined S/R block. If it doesn't worked you haven't lost anything. Glad you got it working.
  12. patdixon

    Volume drop with 4CM

    pp67's ideas are great, hopefully you'll be up & running in no time. If not, a screen shot in HX edit or a pix uploaded of your signal view screen might shed some light. You haven't mentioned noise with 4cm but I had it & a hum eliminator in the Helix send to the amp input took care of it. Let us know when you get it worked out!
  13. patdixon

    Volume drop with 4CM

    What are your outputs set to? The big knob should control 1/4", XLR & Phones if it's setup that way...
  14. patdixon

    Volume drop with 4CM

    What type of amp? My Blackstar has a level switch for the loop
  15. patdixon

    Volume drop with 4CM

    Also if it's not bypassed check the global loop setting- I can't remember whether instrument or line is louder, you could try both. I remember having the same issue when I first went to 4cm & it was one or the other. There are level adjustments for the loop but IIRC that wasn't necessary after I set it up correctly.