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  1. borgis

    Automation via LFO ?

    The ramper looks cool. And if it had tap tempo it would win for sure.
  2. borgis

    Automation via LFO ?

    I actually built an arpeggio patch for fun once using the legacy synth blocks and a few chop trem blocks to play "i feel love"
  3. borgis

    Automation via LFO ?

    Yeah, thats why i thought it would be fairly simple to implement since they gave us the dynamic splitter block option. I was quite excited by the splitter when i read about it but was soon dissapointed by its trickyness to control without creative use of compression and tremelo blocks. Its halfway there, a peak controller is more useful for machine generated signals.
  4. borgis

    Automation via LFO ?

    Brilliant ill check that out
  5. borgis

    Automation via LFO ?

    Just wondering
  6. Used to use similar in fruityloops many samples ago. D'ya think the line 6 chaps could add something like this to helix?
  7. So I use 2 sends before the cab block to goto my power amp . The output block is set to xlr for the PA. Works fine
  8. borgis

    9 volt out mod

    Um. What if you have a flight case that fits the helix so perfectly and you dont want a bunch of wires to deal with. I need 1 9v supply I have many 9v supplies but i want a neat solution.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to do that. Ill try the firmware on Tuesday.
  10. i know its weird, maybe my 2nd dsp chip is faulty. the helix locks up when i try to add a noise gate to path 2 after moving the split on this but path 1 is ok... Multi Band 4 twd.hlx
  11. mic, but it doesn't matter, every input is the same path 2 picks up usb audio
  12. borgis

    sharing is caring

    just wanted to share a power amp that seems to work well for me valvestate 120/120 they aren`t super popular due to the noisy fan but they can easily be replaced with quieter fans. id say typical marshal weight and quality overall, i wouldnt change it unless it was for a 9000 series power amp or one of those mono block power amps that dave murray used to use im running a 175watt 2x12 and a 100watt 4x12
  13. borgis

    9 volt out mod

    warranty shmaranties, nah you`re right, i`ll bring a fluke home from work and check it out, it is an intriguing idea to explore, i really only need 500 ma of clean DC for my freeze. and no the HXfreeze effect isnt half the effect the eHXfreeze is, i suspect the EHX uses some kind of look ahead algorithm so its already stored a sample before you stomp the switch. which the helix fails to do
  14. borgis

    9 volt out mod

    just googled a variax power supply, looks like 2 amp at 9 v. that sir is way more than enough. you win the internet forum hero of the day trophy
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