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  1. Im going from cleanish to heavy , im automating mic distance and early reflection and drive.
  2. Hi Quick question. Isn't using snapshots supposed to change settings without a gap in audio output?
  3. The frequency knob works in 10 hz increments which for some notes is a bit off. However the exp pedal seems to have a higher resolution but is impractical , is there a setting to allow coarse / medium / fine resolution. A hold and twist combo hudoken type manoeuvre perchance?
  4. Id use a send block to the BJ and any old amplifier for the sound coming from the helix sims. My story goes like this. A few years ago i bought an old valve carlsbro pa 60 which i dicked around with replacing caps and such. I cascaded 3 of the input valve channels to get some drive but wasn't impressed. I had planned to clone a 2204 preamp and rip out the pa 60 pre's all together. Since at the time i had a 1992 (basically a plexi) I lost interest. Couple of months ago i bought a jet city 20w head which by the way is awesome i retired the superbass as it has one sound. It sounded awesome, but sometimes you want something different y'know. Few weeks ago i got my helix floor and the plan was the 4cm. After a while messing around with ground loop issues the thought occurred to me to use the carlsbro as a valve power amp. Wow. WOW I've been using only preamp models from the helix and its better than anything ive played through. Full disclosure tho. I do have an early 70's 4x12 with 25watt pulsonic cones soooooo. But yeah i fully endorse going into an effects return and utilizing helix's potential. Cheers.
  5. So the tech guy confirms some odd behaviour of the momentary switching. We shall see what we see
  6. Easy way to find out would be to use the osc synth on a path with no input then fed back into the guitar input
  7. You can send hotkeys to fl studio like "space" for play or You can also use mmc commands.
  8. I guess you could use the external expression pedal to blend a block in/out using a/b/y blocks or similar.
  9. 2.82 didn't solve the issue :(
  10. Same. Tried global footswitch settings to see if the touch select setting was an issue. Is it possible that this is an issue from the 2.8 update that was meant to fix some units that had bad/dirty switches?
  11. yeah so the double take is the one i have set on this preset to be momentary hold it down for 60 seconds and it goes from normaly closed to normaly open, bizzare 2.82 updated and still the same pot of piscine pumpkiny.hlx
  12. I will try the update. It does it with double take too. At round about 60 seconds.
  13. Greetz So. When using a momentary footswitch to engage a bypassed block for a solo im finding that the polarity of the switch flips and i end up with a block that is on when it should be off. Specifically Stereo bubble vibrato 2.81. It seems to happen after an extended period holding the switch down. Any ideas?
  14. borgis

    Daw crashes

    Yeah. I get you man Sigh........ Turns out the laptop in the studio is a i5 540m Don't know where i got core duo from.? I looked it up on cpu benchmark andd its just under 500 percent better. Hahaha five.....hundred percent.
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