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  1. Like the title says I spent the last two years stuck in my little studio apartment with tight noise regulations. So I built, tweaked and tuned all of my sets and snaps to what I could hear in my DT770'S (250 ohm) Now I with weekend bookings starting to return I am needing to find some good frfr monitors that pretty much match what the 770's put out. I don't have time to go back and redo all of the work I did with the day job making me go back to the physical office 10 hours a day. I doubt a real "perfect" match exists but I really need to get as close as possible. Any ideas?
  2. That sounds pretty sweet, but I don't think it would help in my case. I live in a studio apt with only two outlets in the living room. So my guitar, helix ,amps are setup on one side and my computer desk and chair etc. on the other. As cool as it sounds to do what you described I think what I need is the opposite. Rather than using Helix to control looping software on the computer, I need to use the computer to control the looper in Helix. I don't own a external looper and I don't record anything through an interface. I just come home from work, sit in my chair, make loops and play over them to feel good. But as it stands now, I will put down a short loop, get comfy in my chair so I can adjust things in hxedit. And it's great...until the phone rings or I want to try a different sound or there is a knock at the door etc. Then it's a game of how fast can I leap from the chair, trip over the coffee table, pause the loop, run back to the other side and get the door without killing myself. It quickly becomes no fun lol. If I could just hit spacebar on the laptop or something to pause the loop and then answer the phone, it would be much more fun for me haha. Maybe in a future update something like this will be possible. I still love the Helix and wouldn't know how to live my life without at this point.
  3. Ah, ok thanks. I was hopeful. Looks like I will just have to keep on keeping on then.
  4. Does this mean I can control the looper functions from HXedit? because I am one of those guys who has his Helix on one side of the room and his laptop on the other and when I am sitting at my desk building sets it's a pita to have to unhook everything on me and go over and push a button to pause the loop or erase it etc. Can I now just setup some kind of keyboard control?
  5. So far (and it's early on) the standout for me has to be the Zendrive. There is just something about the tone that gets me.
  6. This may be a silly question but how do I make changes to the actual signal chain(not parameters) between snapshots. For example in snapshot 1 the amp is third in the chain, for snapshot 2 Amp is 4th in the chain.Or even snapshot one has one path but snap two has 1 and 2A etc. Whenever I try to do this and even add something between the two and switch back they are in snap1 like it's applied to all snapshots. Am I going about this wrong? I got the parameter thing down, I can change those per snapshot easy by right clicking and setting snapshot so it turns white. But how do I go about moving whole blocks around so they only move in one snapshot?
  7. Does anyone know if it's possible to daisy-chain two or even three helix together in order to increase DSP? Or will they just act like three separate units? I recently got a second helix gifted to me and my neighbor has one as well. I have some ideas I want to try but it sounds like a lot of setup and foolery to go through if it's not even possible. I think it would be really cool to toy with though :)
  8. Much wow. very meme. many hype. Does it shred like Slice? Can it emulate flaccid croissant? or smashing celery? very a-ok number one!
  9. Glad you posted this, I was WAY off lol. When I was trying to picture sound on sound well...it wasn't that 8) Maybe I'm too old.
  10. RD2RK nailed this one. It's just too subjective in it's current state. The question what is the best FRFR speaker is akin to what is the best FRFR speaker your wallet will allow. There are good FRFR's and really good FRFR'S and then like the $18,000 audiophile FRFR deals that they sell over in Japan. The question in itself should be rewritten to what is the best FRFR I can get for X amount of dollars., then we might be able to be helpful.
  11. homegrownbuddy

    Mike City

    We just got a new version a few months ago. What needs to be changed?
  12. I also missed the original statement they made about this. I would love to know what it was.
  13. I'm actually still shocked that it wasn't in any of the 2.5x updates. It HAS to be coming....right?
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