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  1. Yes. Go to command centre, select the footswitch you wish to set, then select (with the 3rd knob), latch or momentary. You want to select momentary.
  2. Makes sense, that's great. Was just trying to wrap my head around it. And see what the possibilities of this set up could be.
  3. Hi people, Just wondered if anyone could advise me on the new Snapshot/preset footswitch functions. i pretty much use my HX exclusively in snapshot mode when gigging. So now, being able to use snapshots in stomp mode, what would be the benefits, or versatility of using snapshots in this way? Thanks.
  4. Karlic’s right. The drop tuning in the helix is just about passable, but it’s not great. Digitech Drops the way to go if you want to do drop tunings.
  5. No problem. I guess if you placed the overdrives in the HX send to amp, that would place your overdrives after your compressor block. I think most people do it the way you're currently doing it (overdrives before HX), but others may chime in with other suggestions.
  6. It entirely depends on what you prefer. Putting your pedals in one of the HX effects loops is handy, as you can then move that block around anywhere in your chain. I personally run my overdrives before the HX and then put my mod effects in an HX loop. I also use external loopers to turn on/off my external pedals, but that's another story.
  7. C4TH

    HX Effects CC Toggle

    Ah, makes sense. That’s great, thanks for that. I’ll give that a try.
  8. C4TH

    HX Effects CC Toggle

    I'm a little bit of a noob when it comes to MIDI, but have so far, seemingly been successful when seeing it up for presets and snapshots. But I'm now having a bit of trouble when using CC Toggle on a footswitch. I'm using two Morningstar ML5's, one in a HX loop, and one for the front end, overdrives, etc. When setting up a CC Toggle on a footswitch (which I have set for momentary), it seems to activate the same loops in both ML5's, instead of just activating a loop in my preferred ML5. Example - I want an overdrive turned on for ML5 (1) loop A, which it does, but it turns loop A on, in the ML5 (2) that's running in the loop. Is there a way to just let the CC Toggle control one of the ML5's, instead of activating both simultaneously?
  9. I set the (Bank CC00 - off) to CC64. And use that bank for all snapshots. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi. I'm running a Morningstar ML5 (pedal loop switcher) https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ML5/pages/491730/Manual along side my HXFX. I'm using my HX in 4CM, and using the ML5 to control a few of my outboard pedals. My question is, is there a way to run some of the pedals in front of the amp and the HX, and then some in the effects loop? The ML5 only has 1-IN and 1-Out. But could one of the loops in the ML5 be used to split this up somehow? Thanks.
  11. I agree. I never notice it with my other pedals in the HX loops. The loops are very good imo. I meant more with the Digitech Drop, as it’s obviously a little more noticeable with a pedal like that.
  12. Yeah, that’s exactly why I got the ML5 looper. Because I forgot to turn it on/off a few times, lol.
  13. Sorry, not sure about the talk box. But I agree, the latency is not awful, but noticeable to the player. I understand what you’re saying regarding utilising your current set up, and I tried to do the same with my HX, which has fewer loops than the Helix I believe. But now I use the HX loops for pedals that I want in the FX loop of my amp, and then run pedals like the Drop, etc into my Morningstar ML5, which goes into the front end. Really does open up the possibilities, but I get what mean regarding your current setup.
  14. I use an HX effects, but hopefully my input will still be relevant. I’ve seen others comment that the loop can cause noise. But I must say, that while it creates a little bit of noise when I use it, it doesn’t sound as bad as what you’re getting. Mines very minor and certainly doesn’t stand out at stage volume, or in a band mix. I tried using the Drop in the fx loop, but it seemed that it added too much latency. I now run it into the front end of the HX, but have it controlled by a midi Controlled pedal looper, so it automatically turns on for my preferred preset. While also not using up a block. I’ve never had to use a noise gate, but have read the noise gate can suck tone. The hard gate doesn’t seem to impact the tone as much, going by what I’ve read.
  15. Great stuff. Glad it worked. Nice one.
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