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  1. Sometimes the more you put on, the harder it is to get it to lock. But once it does lock, you may need a crowbar to get it off again. A little goes a long way with Dual Lock.
  2. How have you got it running with your HX and other pedals?
  3. Haha. Thanks. I'll try and get something up soon. It doesn't sound as exciting as it looks :)
  4. That’s interesting. I’ve had my HX for around 2 years and never had any problems, until recently. The third scribble strip on mine stopped displaying, similar to what happened to yours. I unscrewed the unit, put it back together again, and it fixed the issue. Could have been a loose connection, condensation issue, etc. But to your question, I’ve found the HX to be very reliable. It’s been the centre of my rig and has never let me down at a gig, so far. It’s the same as any other type of equipment. There’s always a chance it might let you down, but there’s nothing inherently unreliable about the HX. As far as a backup, I carry a small pedal train nano, with a few essentials, just in case. Tuner, overdrive and delay. It’s enough to get me out of trouble. But I’ve never used it so far.
  5. Ah, that's perfect codamedia. Works perfectly. I was over looking the - "you are using 2 separate sets of outputs :)" - part. You say that there maybe a better ways to set this up. If you have the time, do you have any suggestions? As what I'm currently doing is my first stab at trying to make this setup work.
  6. Yeah. No problem. Path A -------- Y Split (Panned 100% Left) --------- Chorus --------- FX Loop (4CM) --------- Delay --------- Verb --------- Main L/R (Panned 100% Left) Path B -------- Y Split (Panned 100% Right) -------------------------------------------------------- Verb ------------ Send --------------- Send 1/2 (Panned 100% Right) Path A is my guitar amp, Path B is for the Boss SY1. I'm basically looking to be able to run both paths simultaneously, while being able to add effects to the synth independently. Hope the photo comes out ok. IMG_1589.tiff
  7. Hi people, I've recently added a Boss Sy-1 synth pedal to my setup, and I'm trying to send it out to a separate speaker. I have my amp running in 4CM. I'm then using the HX send 1 > Boss input > Boss output > to PA speaker. The problem I'm having is that I'm using the Send 1/2 on Path B, so I can add effects to the synth separately. But when I add a reverb, delay, etc, the reverb on Path B comes through my amps signal. I've panned Path A hard left, and Path B hard right on the merge mixer, yet the effect on Path B still bleeds to the other path. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I think you’d be gaining in nearly every aspect apart from the harmoniser (although I’ve never used the G system one). Since the 3.0 update, the only thing lacking, for my personal use in the HX effects, is the harmoniser (many still find it more than usable, though).I use a TC electronic Quintessence in the loop instead. But apart from that, I think it’d be an upgrade. Some people have said they experienced tone suck with the HX, but I never have with my amps (Blackstar HT40, Orange Rockerverb and Egnater Renegade). Once you have your ins and outs (line/instrument, etc) set up on the unit, there should be no problem. Reverbs, Delays and Mods are great. And they are endlessly tweakable, but also very easy to use.
  9. No, you're right. I don't think that is normal. And I can't think of a setting that enables or disables that. You could try back dating to a different firmware, to see if it's a bug with 3.01.
  10. I’ve read on this and other forums that the channel switching between mesa’s and HX effects, seems to be a problem. Are you running it in 4cm? Is there a hum or noise when the switching cable is plugged in?
  11. C4TH

    HX Effects

    I'm having the same problem as rd2rk, with my HXFX. I won't let me import it. Are you updated to 3.01, dfurdon?
  12. Oh ok, that makes sense. Yeah, that would be a nice feature. Have a go at posting it on Ideascale. You never no, future updates could address it.
  13. Yes you’re right. And it is normal. As soon as you hit bank - up or down foot switch, the selected preset disappears from the scribble strips. But like you say, is still active. I mainly use snapshots, so it’s never really an issue for me personally, unless I accidentally hit one of the bank foot switches and it takes me out of snapshots, which has unfortunately happened a few times. If there was a way to disable the bank foot switches while in another mode, that would be a great feature. In what way does it cause an issue for you? Changing presets on the fly?
  14. Hi, I've got a few external pedals in a Morningstar ML-5 loop switcher that I want to place in the effects loop of my amp, and was wondering where it's best to place them. I'm running my amp and HX in 4CM. Would it be best to place the ML5 in between - HX left output > ML5 input > ML5 output > Amp Return. Or HX Return > ML5 input > ML5 Output > Amp Send Thanks.
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