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    Wah Pedal Issue

    Try using the “Learn Function”. Then you should be good to go.
  2. That’s weird because i was A/b’ing them this afternoon, and found the Poly Capo to be better than The Drop. Like you say, The Drop cuts off some high end. Whereas with the Poly capo’s auto eq, I could bring that high end back in. Admittedly, I only tried this with -1 and -2, but worked great. I also tried the Poly Wham with the same settings and got good results.
  3. Like Phil_m said - You will likely only be able to switch between two channels using the Ext amp input. I have a Blackstar HT40 Mkii, which essentially has 4 channels, but try as I might, I can only switch between 2. Midi would probably be your best bet. Yes, you can get the HX to just send those messages when you step on whichever switch you’ve assigned midi too. I don’t think you could scroll through them on one foot switch, though.
  4. You could try base, as the Sherlock foot controller say it transmits on Omni. It also says that it’s program changes are from 1 to 10. I think the problem is like zappazapper said, that the amp doesn’t recognise cc messages. The only thing I can suggest, is getting in touch with Sherlock somehow, and finding out more info on using the amp with a different midi controller.
  5. Hi people, Not sure if it can work, or should even be attempted, but - Could I have a delay for example, on path B, then use the right input and right output of the HX, and then send them to a send and return on my PA mixer for a vocal delay?
  6. What midi channel are you running the amp and HX on?
  7. No problem. Yeah, let us know how you get on. And we’ll try and help you from there.
  8. I’m fairly new to midi myself, but have managed to rig up my HX with midi, with the help of this forum. So hopefully I can help a bit. Assuming you have all your midi cables set in place - You first need to have your amp and the HX on the same midi channel. Then decide whether you want to use instants (lighting bolts), or have it dedicated to a foot switch. Also whether you use MIDI CC, CC Toggle or bank/program, etc. I use my HX with snapshots, and have it set as follows - Snapshot 1 Instants - bolt 1 Bank/program midi channel 1 Bank CC00 - 64 Bank CC32 - off Program - 1 (hit save) Snapshot 2 Instant - bolt 1 Bank/program midi channel 1 Bank CC00 - 64 Bank CC32 - off Program - 2 (hit save) That now switches channels per snapshot. But check your amps manual for its midi information. That should tell you what program numbers change the channels on your amp. Hopefully someone will give you some better info.
  9. C4TH

    HX Effects/Synth Pedal

    That's true. I may look into it in the future. Thanks for all your help on this. I appreciate it.
  10. C4TH

    HX Effects/Synth Pedal

    I think that might be where we are slightly talking at cross purposes. The HX FX doesn't have an "output block". The only way to control levels and panning of the L and R outputs, is to use the mixer. Or use a pan block for panning, as far as I can tell. So like I say, if I want the synth on one preset (like the one you've helped me with), then I turn that FX Loop block 2 on, put it in path B, then pan it to the right using the mixer. But then if I move to another preset, that doesn't have FX Loop 2 in it, and only has the single path, my guitar signal still comes out of the right output. So I'm not sure how to stop the right output, without creating another path on all my other presets, so I can access the mixer. Like you said, I thought there would be something like an output block, but it doesn't seem like there is.
  11. C4TH

    HX Effects/Synth Pedal

    Yes, I've followed you're suggestions and they've worked great. But, I've done the preset as you said - FX Loop 2 in path B, then panned that using the mixer. Which as I said, works great. But if I move on to another preset where I don't need the right output, it stays on, along with the left output. On the HX effects, I can only access the mixer if I create path B. So to cut off the right output for all my other presets, will I have to create two paths(A/B) so I can access the mixer, and then pan left? Just seems a clunky way of cutting off the Right output. But maybe that is the only way?
  12. C4TH

    HX Effects/Synth Pedal

    Nope, you're not missing anything. But, I've now put the ML5 with the harmony pedal in the amps send. And I've now got the Synth on its own in FX Loop 2. I seem to have got it all working ok with the mixer and panning, etc. My only problem now, is having the right output active all the time. Is there a way to select which output is being used on each preset? Or should I use the mixer on every preset so the right output is only active on the presets that I want the synth on?
  13. C4TH

    HX Effects/Synth Pedal

    Just thought that maybe I could run the ML5 directly into my amps effects loop. That would leave FX loop 2 just for the synth, and I could place it in path B. Question is, do you know how I should integrate the ML5 into the 4cm configuration, so its running into the effects loop of my amp?
  14. C4TH

    HX Effects/Synth Pedal

    Thanks rd2rk. That one worked great. And thanks for the other info, too. So I understand now how to pan with the mixer. And I've got the synth working from the right output. Which is great. The problem I'm still having (and I've got a feeling now that there maybe no way round it), but basically - FX Loop 1 of the HX is taken up with my amps effects loop (4CM). That just leaves me with FX Loop 2, which has the ML5 in it, which turns on/off the harmony or synth pedal. But obviously, I have to keep FX Loop 2 active to engage whichever pedal I have set for whichever given snapshot. So if I have FX Loop 2 in path B (which works fine for the synth), when I switch snapshot (synth off, harmony pedal on), then the harmony pedal is in path B also, when I want it in path A. Sorry about the double photo. But this is what I have currently set. I think having only 2 loops on the HX is what's holding me back in doing this. Again, hope that makes sense. And hope I haven't looked over anything you've said.
  15. C4TH

    HX Effects/Synth Pedal

    Sorry. I'll be a bit more specific. I have a Morningstar ML5 midi switcher going into FX loop 2, of the HX. I use it to turn on/off pedals within snapshots. My problem is - I have to have the FX loop 2 block on, regardless of what pedal the ML5 turns on/off. So because my synth pedal, and my harmony pedal run into the loop of the HX, if I put the FX block on a different path, then both pedals will go into that path. So say I had snapshot 1 with the synth, and snapshot 2 with the harmony pedal - Could snapshot 1 have the block panned to the right output somehow, and then when I engage snapshot 2, have the block back to normal? Hope this makes more sense.
  16. C4TH

    HX Effects/Synth Pedal

    Thanks for the reply. I mainly just want the synth on its own (right output), guitar/amp signal (left output). I turn these pedals on/off via a midi pedal looper. Only problem I think I may have with this - is I have another pedal in the loop (harmony pedal), that I use on the same preset. So on 2 snapshots I have the synth, then on one snapshot I have the harmony pedal. So I don't want the harmony pedal going through the same output as the synth. Just not sure what the best way of achieving this.
  17. Hi People, I've recently added a Boss SY-1 synth pedal to my board. And I'm looking to integrate it with my HX. I'm running my HX in 4CM with my amp, and have the SY1 in the loop of amp and HX. I'm hoping to run the SY1 into a separate speaker. From what I've read, it looks like I can do this by running a cable from the right output of the HX, then into the speaker I'm going to use. But what would be the best way to separate the signal from within the HX? If I can, I need to be able to turn off the synth pedal with snapshots. Any help would be much appreciate. Thanks.
  18. Do you mean Helix or HX effects? I believe the Helix does now have a clipping meter. It was added after the last update, I think. The HX Effects doesn't have that meter.
  19. Pedaltrain Classic 1 - HX Effects - Digitech Drop - Digitech Bad Monkey - TC Electronic The Quintessence - Dunlop Mini - Morningstar ML5 - Fender FRV1 - Boss SY-1 - TC Bona Fide - All powered by Voodoo Lab PP2.
  20. Yeah, I would try a TS and TRS and see if that works. But I’m my experience, it struggles to switch between more than 2 modes (clean and drive). My Blackstar HT40 has two other voice modes that I can’t seem to activate, no matter what I’ve tried.
  21. C4TH

    HX Effects amp

    I’ve used my HX Effects with an Orange Rockerverb mkiii, Boss Katana, and a Blackstar HT40. Sounded great through all of them.
  22. Yes. Go to command centre, select the footswitch you wish to set, then select (with the 3rd knob), latch or momentary. You want to select momentary.
  23. Makes sense, that's great. Was just trying to wrap my head around it. And see what the possibilities of this set up could be.
  24. Hi people, Just wondered if anyone could advise me on the new Snapshot/preset footswitch functions. i pretty much use my HX exclusively in snapshot mode when gigging. So now, being able to use snapshots in stomp mode, what would be the benefits, or versatility of using snapshots in this way? Thanks.
  25. Karlic’s right. The drop tuning in the helix is just about passable, but it’s not great. Digitech Drops the way to go if you want to do drop tunings.
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