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  1. Yeah, this is exactly what I do. But it really is starting to get annoying. After every update this happens, but then tends to go away. Very odd.
  2. For me, The Drop is still king. PolyCapo is great and I use it for raising keys. But for half a step or a whole step down, and saving DSP The Drop is still best.
  3. Nice clean set up. What's the mic stand standing on?
  4. You should be able to change the name of snapshots in HX Edit.
  5. if you want to see the OD on the first page, make sure your OD is assigned to a foot switch. If you want your FX Loop on the second page, make sure its *not* assigned to a foot switch (none).
  6. In stomp mode, you could have your 4 snapshots in a preset on say, switches 1-3 and 4-6. Then on say, switch 2, you could assign an HX Preset. That switch could then take you to your next preset, previous one or whatever preset you want it to take you to, and it does it a lot quicker. The only risk you take, is accidentally pressing the preset button during a gig, etc.
  7. I’m assuming you have the ML5 connected up correctly to your HX. Simplest way to start is to forget about the ML5 for now. Create a preset call it “test” or something, then create two snapshots within that preset snapshot 1 (rhythm) snapshot 2 (solo). Forget about the other two snapshots for now. Then go to Command Centre. Click on Footswitch 1 then go to HX snapshot Press - snapshot 1 Release - snapshot1 then hit save Repeat this process for “solo” on footswitch 2 then hit save Once you’ve done that and have those snapshots saved in that preset, then let me know and I’ll try and help with the instants.
  8. If you go to the top right hand corner of HX edit next to the tempo setting, you can select preset, snapshot or global. Leave your setting on recall. Have you programmed the ML5 loops for your pedals? I don’t use CC toggle. Instead I use Bank/Program on the instants (lightning bolts). I have mine set as - Snapshot 1 MIDI Channel 2 Bank cc00 64 Bank cc00 Off Program (ML5 loop) 1 Wait Time 0ms Hit Save Snapshot 2 MIDI Channel 2 Bank cc00 64 Bank cc00 Off Program (ML5 loop) 2 Wait Time 0ms Hit Save I doing this off memory at the moment, so I hope it makes sense. Let me know how you get on.
  9. Thanks for confirming. Thanks a lot
  10. 3.15 update - Using Ext Amp (EXP 2) Instant Commands with My HX Effects, and changing the command from tip, ring or whatever to change amp channels, seems to effect (EXP1) My expression pedal in EXP1 stops working on all presets.
  11. No problem Johan, Yes, you can control the ML5 from the command centre using HX Edit.
  12. Have you got the HX set up to save by Snapshot, preset or global? Are you using HX edit or editing from the hardware?
  13. Thanks @codamedia and @silverhead. I have now tried EXP1 and EXP 2 but no luck. Global settings are set to the correct pedals. One thing I have noticed though, is that I use EXP1 for expression and EXP2 for channel switching. If I make a change to EXP2 (Tip/Ring,etc) it seems to effect EXP1’s behaviour.
  14. Thanks for your response Silverhead. Test#1 Cable didn't make a difference. Test#2 Tried EP1 with my POD GO and worked as expected. Test#3 Max and Min settings seem to be the same and are all set to EXP1. I carried out a factory reset also, but still behaving the same. Thanks again.
  15. Hi People, I recently bought a Mission Engineering EP1 L6 to go with my HX Effects (I used a Dunlop Mini Dvp1 previously). The EP1 has worked great for about 2 weeks with all my presets/snapshots. Then all of a sudden it won't work. Its basically not moving the "position" parameter or activating/bypassing. Sometimes it will move from 1 to 5% in the heel down position, but nothing above that. This applies to Wah, Volume and pitch. Its plugged into EXP1. Any help would be great, Thanks.
  16. Thanks for your help guys. All working again. I had to delete my instant commands that i had previously made and then redo them again.
  17. Hi people, I've been trying to save some instant midi commands with HX Edit, but I can't see the "Done" button anymore. At least I think it used to be there. But nothing is saving. Can still be done on the physical unit, but HX Edit is not working. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  18. Sometimes the more you put on, the harder it is to get it to lock. But once it does lock, you may need a crowbar to get it off again. A little goes a long way with Dual Lock.
  19. How have you got it running with your HX and other pedals?
  20. Haha. Thanks. I'll try and get something up soon. It doesn't sound as exciting as it looks :)
  21. That’s interesting. I’ve had my HX for around 2 years and never had any problems, until recently. The third scribble strip on mine stopped displaying, similar to what happened to yours. I unscrewed the unit, put it back together again, and it fixed the issue. Could have been a loose connection, condensation issue, etc. But to your question, I’ve found the HX to be very reliable. It’s been the centre of my rig and has never let me down at a gig, so far. It’s the same as any other type of equipment. There’s always a chance it might let you down, but there’s nothing inherently unreliable about the HX. As far as a backup, I carry a small pedal train nano, with a few essentials, just in case. Tuner, overdrive and delay. It’s enough to get me out of trouble. But I’ve never used it so far.
  22. Ah, that's perfect codamedia. Works perfectly. I was over looking the - "you are using 2 separate sets of outputs :)" - part. You say that there maybe a better ways to set this up. If you have the time, do you have any suggestions? As what I'm currently doing is my first stab at trying to make this setup work.
  23. Yeah. No problem. Path A -------- Y Split (Panned 100% Left) --------- Chorus --------- FX Loop (4CM) --------- Delay --------- Verb --------- Main L/R (Panned 100% Left) Path B -------- Y Split (Panned 100% Right) -------------------------------------------------------- Verb ------------ Send --------------- Send 1/2 (Panned 100% Right) Path A is my guitar amp, Path B is for the Boss SY1. I'm basically looking to be able to run both paths simultaneously, while being able to add effects to the synth independently. Hope the photo comes out ok. IMG_1589.tiff
  24. Hi people, I've recently added a Boss Sy-1 synth pedal to my setup, and I'm trying to send it out to a separate speaker. I have my amp running in 4CM. I'm then using the HX send 1 > Boss input > Boss output > to PA speaker. The problem I'm having is that I'm using the Send 1/2 on Path B, so I can add effects to the synth separately. But when I add a reverb, delay, etc, the reverb on Path B comes through my amps signal. I've panned Path A hard left, and Path B hard right on the merge mixer, yet the effect on Path B still bleeds to the other path. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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