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  1. Cats and six year olds do that as well. But cats are more dangerous. Once they learn they can make the screen do stuff, it's a new form of entertainment. Once a six year old loses his iPad for twenty minutes, the problem solves itself.
  2. Mu-Tron. Shakedown Street-in-a-box. Somebody has a tone called Jerry Quack in Custom Tone and it's pretty good (I had to make some adjustments for tone).
  3. GAH! "So despite the smoldering cigar in the parlor, we can summarize that the Duke of Westerly was, in fact, on a quail hunt at the time of the Captain's death. This leaves us no alternative and proves the actual murderer can be none other than...uh...than...ummm...." Do you recall if it was within EQ, preferences, etc?
  4. Hi all: I'm getting a weird artifact as I switch between two snapshots in a modulation and delay heavy ambient preset I'm building. it's an audible note maybe a half step up from D. The only change between the two snapshots are delay synchs (half note and quarter note). Even when I bypass the delay I get the artifact. I've bypassed all blocks one at a time, yet it remains. I am using two split cross-overs (One on top path, the other on the bottom). Anybody have any ideas? Chain is: Input (multi), pitch w/mix controlled by pedal 2 for feedback->script phase -> split crossover -> A path amp/B path preamp, FX loop for external pedal, legac phaser -> merge to Path 2A -> split cross-over A path to IR/B path to onboard cab, Merge-->delay -> reverb-> multi-out. This is messing with my Sunday Build time.
  5. I guess on the upside, the OP managed to up his post count by a full third within this thread. Is there a "I don't agree with a thing or two, but like the sound of my own voice"" rank? Should I Ideascale that rank?
  6. Yeah....that wasn't hypocritical.
  7. OMG. Dude...You're replying to every single post now. Grab your Saturday, bro. Complain where it will do you some good, because I assure you that most of us are pretty much okay with the update. You''re not. Cool. Peace out, yo. Head on over to TGP with this, 'cause at this point you appear to be seeking attention.
  8. Yet here you are clearly provoked to argue your position, negate others opinions, make blanket accusations, and ramp up to fascism. If you think this is fascism, a certain Mr. Somebody could use a history lesson. You're trolling, dude. Keep on going and and either be ignored or get replies you're compelled to elevate to flames. Or, and just hang while I flesh this out, realize that perhaps your approach is a bit flawed if you truly believe you're not trolling.
  9. Along with your "thank you for playing" bit, I must imagine you're familiar with flame wars and trolling. What is the most frequently requested gripe/revisit to date? That's a serious question, not a rhetorical one. I imagine that improvement to the tuner is at least neck-to-neck with meters. For most of us, this is a welcomed update as it addresses a fundamental flaw since the original product launch. Back in July you inquired if L6 revisited earlier iterations to make improvements. They just did. I'd imagine we'll see a pre-NAMM upgrade that will introduce new amps as well as take advantage of the back-room upgrades we just received. BTW, appreciation for something which you personally don't appreciate does not a fanboy make.
  10. I know how you feel, brother. When I was but a lad on the precipice of adolescence, I came up with the idea that male and female organs might actually fit together somehow. Now all kinds of people are doing that and not one. single. person. has thanked me for the original concept. On a less ludicrous note, I've chased after these a-holes selling paid for presets for quite a while now. They site-rip Custom Tone, buy producers' monetized tones, and then sell them on eBay. Every time I see one of them advertise in threads I ask the direct questions (never answered). With respect to people all butt-hurt because their uploads are used as templates for other tones, that is what they are there for. It's crowd-sourced content. Get over yourself or start charging for your stuff. Frikkin' cry babies.
  11. I couldn't stop laughing for a couple of minutes when I read that. And, props to the devs, the new tuners are a big improvement.
  12. Desk Riser. Like a VersaDesk or something.
  13. I'm pretty sure you and I have different definitions of 'morbid'.
  14. Ground loop. Check your lift button on the back of the unit. I find that doesn't help in my HS where everything goes through a single Furman, so I bought an Ebtech Hum Eliminator. That works like a charm. Good luck.
  15. Why not just duplicate three more snapshots with the synths in an A or B state? Would seem to save a lot of DSP and still allow you to go in to stomp mode as needed.
  16. Essentially there is no pattern. The fixes and updates occurred rapidly upon launch as early adapters ran in to problems (myself included). And, yes, I'm guilty of making the 2.7 comment when 2.6 was released. Just hang back and let them develop. I'd rather have a strong update than a rushed update.
  17. Yeah. Now I see why nobody likes their producer or sound tech.
  18. @DunedinDragon: I did have cabs and/or IR's on the pretend FRFR setlist as I was using the aux return on three different amps. I knew there would be some adjustment. I wasn't expecting the departure I found. TBH, it actually did create a 'trash it' situation. I hauled the amps up last night and plugged them in; all good. Going in to FRFR, it is a completely different sound. I knew the aux-returns were coloring. I didn't think they were painting. I was actually quite surprised as it negated the settings of some of the fx to the point where I actually trashed the fx blocks and started re-auditioning. I took a break to clear my grumbling (my kitchen is flawless) and approached it from a raw perspective last night. I started building in a more traditional chain and ended up with the beginnings of a decent late-70s era Lifeson base. I'm going to spend some free parts of the next couple of days getting it toward Template Status so I can hopefully start the (long, back-to-basics, trial-and-dammit) rebuild process. I'm a generalist on tones with the exceptions of Lifeson and Adam Jones. Oh Adam builds...
  19. I bought two HS5's last weekend and mated them with my 15" sub in the HS. I'm very satisfied with the results and I'm looking forward to showing some skeptical friends. Well...I was. I was doing fine tuning in my tones until today when I made it to my Lifeson Paul. Back to the drawing board. The tone is for 5hit. I'm not even in the same zip code. Lost the crisp highs, too much lows, and the blend on the modulations is completely lost. The Piezo pathways are beyond bad. Think "Ubiquitous kid at Guitar Center messing around with his first pedal on an amp he's never played turning every dial to eleven"-bad. I've spent two years dialing six different Lifeson presets in to play through either my amps' Guitar In on one set list and amps' Aux In's on my pretend FRFR set list. The FRFR ones are completely trashed. I'ma gonna clean my kitchen now. : (
  20. It's not so much a budgetary concern as an aesthetic one. I sold a pair of Yamaha NS 1000M Pros from the 70's about five or six years ago and have kicked myself ever since, but they were dominating my music space. The 8s, while certainly not that large, would still need the sub, which is about two feet square. Again, too much real estate. I am interested in hearing Man On The Street-type of comparison experiences such as MusicLaw's above. Thanks all!
  21. I'm going to relegate the amps to live situations and free up some space in my home. I've been researching the smaller powered monitors and I think I'm leaning toward the HS5s. I've got a large Yamaha sub, so I should be alright with bottom end. Just curios if anybody has any experience with these. Thanks.
  22. It is an interesting approach. I didn't get to try it last night, but I'm going to mess around with it this weekend. I like that people are finding new ways to use the Helix in order to zero in on tones. I think that the writing is on the wall that at some point they're going to have to provide a unit with greater DSP, but my main experiment with the GP article approach is going to be ways to dial it back so that I can use more FX within the Helix and supp the DSP via FX loops with the HD500. I find that a lot of the HD's FX are just fine (and a I prefer a couple of the modulation sounds it has over the Helix), but in the end we're all looking for a one-stop approach to signal modeling.
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