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  1. @tenayar When you change from patch to patch on the Helix it will change the settings on the powercab, but it will not update the display. This is because as as per the rest of this thread the helix is not selecting a particular Powercab patch, but instead it is sending a message to the powercab telling it what settings to use. The other possible reason is that you have not done the required update on the powercab for the function to work?
  2. How you use the powercab all depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to achieve 'Amp in the room' then the standard approach would be: Helix - Amp models, no cabs! Powercab - use the appropriate speaker model for the amp you have chosen If you want to achieve a 'Mic'ed up sound' then the standard approach would be: Helix - Amp with cab modelling, you will need to set some hi and lo cuts on the sounds to remove fizz and low rumble Powercab - use the flat mode with the FRFR voicing to reproduce the sound correctly
  3. 1) In your patches on the Helix are you using cab modelling? 2) On the powercab are you using speaker modelling or did you opt to use it as an FRFR? With those two answers I can help. Lewis
  4. Unfortunately that leaves me with the problem I was trying to avoid, a duplicate gain block, where the first gain block blocks the second. Lewis
  5. Because with clean / rhythm / lead snapshots allready, if I wanted to use either of the synth sounds with the existing snapshots I would need 9 snapshots in total. That is (no synth / synth 1 / synth 2) for each of the existing snapshots i would like to avoid that
  6. That’s what I am currently doing, that tricky bit is blocking the output of that path when both synth blocks are bypassed. Ideally when either synth is selected it would open the output.
  7. The synths are not controlled as snapshots, only as stomps within snapshots (I like to have the option to turn them on with any snapshot) i did did think about duplicating the gain block but as both synth blocks are on the same path two gain blocks would block each other.
  8. My basic setup is to have a patch with 3 snapshots (clean / rythem / lead). I then switch individual pedals in an out of each snapshot using stomp mode. Ok here goes trying to describe the problem - I run two synth blocks on a separate path from everything else as I then run the output of that path to the PA, but I need to silence the path when I turn the either synth off as I don’t want my guitar sound going to the PA. My solution was to put a gain block at the end of the path and bypass it when I turn on a synth block, then turn it on with the gain dropped to nothing when I want to block the guitar sound - but I can’t work out whether it is possible to control the same gain block from two switches. E.g. 1 all synth sounds off, no guitar can be heard through pa as gain block is set to drop volume 2 turn on 1st synth sound, gain block is bypassed 3 turn on 2nd synth sound, gain block is bypassed is what I am trying to do possible?
  9. Yeah I am not sure why some are doing that, assuming that they bought the powercab because they wanted the amp in the room sound.I can only assume that after all this time listening to a 'miced amp' sound they can't get used to it again :/
  10. Comparing the Helix IRs with the cab modes is light night and day. The IRs when run through the powercab in the FRFR mode will sound like a miced amp through a PA speaker (or close enough that it doesn't matter). Whereas when outputting the helix without IRs through the powercab speaker modes is very much like playing an amp and standing in front of it. On one level it depends on what you personally prefer. I have found when jamming with my band, where we all play through amps and only vox and keys are through the PA, that a miced guitar sound through the a PA speaker just doesn't cut through. Whereas an actual guitar amp does.
  11. When you say non and the mic'd sim are you referring to the mic simulated output on the powercab?
  12. I use my powercab with the inside models because I want an amp in the room sound and not a miced sound. What you have to remember is that just like a real amp if you change the speaker / cab you will need to tweak your amp to sound the same. So when moving from say a PA cab with a particular IR (which models a specific speaker / cab) to the powercab with the inbuilt speaker model you choose, you will still most likely need to tweak the amp. I did that and I am very happy, and when I say tweak I am not talking about drastic changes.
  13. Stupid question but are you sure that you are taking the 'AES / EBU L6 Link Out' on the Helix and plugging the cable into the 'L6 Link / AES IN' socket on the PC+? I have done that with mine and did not need to touch the global output settings for it to work.
  14. When you plug into an FRFR you are getting a 'miced amp' sound - the sound you hear on a record. Whereas when you play through the DT amp as intended you are getting an 'amp in the room' sound, just like the classic amps of old. It all depends on what you personally like. From experience when jamming with my band with only vocals and keys through the PA I want the 'amp in the room' sound, it cuts through so much better. When we play gigs where everything goes through the PA, that's when I want the 'miced amp' sound. Lewis
  15. Got it sorted last night - mags into path 1a, piezo via aux into 1b. This is then merged into1a so that I have the option of using the effects I have setup for my mags based clean sound. Many thanks guys Lewis
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