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  1. hichembell

    HD+DT Lead toneS sound best using studio direct

    what I discovred today is the following : harsh sound does not equal too much highs ! I am starting to get the tones im into using combo power amp mode ! the answer is neither studio eq nor vintage eq using parametric eq et graphique eq I discovred that on the contrary the problems lies in the lows and the upper mids : need mod lows / less upper mids / and more highs around 400 khz it is not yet the sound I desire but im starting to get usuable polished lead tones thank you so much everybody once I'm done i will post my preset to share and for further advice special thank to spaceatl who helped me those two past years before even getting my DT amp . you are the one who convinced me to nuy one without trying it and I DONT regret it love this forum see you soon
  2. hichembell

    HD+DT Lead toneS sound best using studio direct

    Hi again, return to this topic. Recntly I purshased the hd model packs and tried them in my monitors and FRFR : the panama AMAZED ME !!!!! once pluged into the DT50 .......the same dissatisfaction ...fizzy tone :( not the real panama sound I got when plugd in frfr using studio direct mode... I ordred a torpedo cab to initially use it with frfr ..... I will try to use it in the Fx loop of the pod with the DT50 and see what may happen... I dreamed of this gear for years ...hope will find a way to get that amazing lead tone with the DT I tried your tips....while it helped little bit , it is far from the result I get with frfr and i spent hours and days using different eqs and corrections ....the mid focus eq gave me that bass response i Desire...but for the highs and high mids nothing helps...maybe if i cranck more the amp and I put my self far away from it my ears will hear a pleasent frequency curve??? OR maybe Im initially searching for a recorded sound without knowing it ???I feel that in direct mode or in frfr the microphone sim adds alot to the highs and brings that nasally but pleasing lead effect I'm searching for ... I'm little bit lost.... I already have a pleasing lead sound using the soldano but it is another kind of polished lead tone that i'm searching for this time further help is welcomed
  3. hichembell

    Realistic Bundle

    after lot of experimentations , found my self using the les paul lester pickups on the les paul junior body ! superb sound im finnally done....its different from a real les paul but the most important is that its an inspiring tone TIP : USING the greenback 30 helped alot to get the desired bass response
  4. hichembell

    Realistic Bundle

    THANK you so much for the tip..I'm a tweaker i will try it and if it workd will share on vguirarforum.com
  5. hichembell

    Realistic Bundle

    note that my problem lies more in the neck position is it possible to get this kind of sound : ANY TIP IS WELCOMED this bluesy feel and frequency curve is what i'm expecting from MY variax
  6. hichembell

    Realistic Bundle

    intresting answer so maybe I am after another kind of les paul sound in my mind that I AM unable to replicate on the variax ....i want that hollow dark sound , but with bites and lets say a fair amount of treble attack ...need to tweak my pod with your Les paul presets and see ps: i found that changing cabs help ALOOT ! usualy to a 4x12 for that bassy response expected from a les paul
  7. hichembell

    Realistic Bundle

    I was just trying them : the spank are amazing !! despite the lester which I found too nasaly , I love all the rest I think despite minor errors will keep them.. I dont knwo if it is my ears or me or the variax........but till rhis day it seems difficult to work a very good authrntic les paul sound ...why did you choose the gretch body ??
  8. hichembell

    Realistic Bundle

    will try them today....i have the 69 ....I see that all the strings are at 100 pe cent ....didn't you find the behaviour of the sound werid at 100 pr cent ?? i ALways put them oh 80 per cent I will be happy if your bundle will sound as I expect my variax to sound will give you my critics
  9. hichembell

    Realistic Bundle

    which variax do you play? Im asking the question for the neutral body preset..will the sound change from lets say the 59 to the 89 ?? will try it ....seems a lot of work...how did you spend tweaking ? Thank you so much for sharing also : how do you set global strings volume ??
  10. hichembell

    HD+DT Lead toneS sound best using studio direct

    but still want to use live cab to color the actual dt50 speaker .......... any trick ??
  11. Hello, Im using the dreamrig DT50 + HD500 IT SOUNDS amazing in clean and crunch and super crunch ...i'm using combo power amp mode in the HD500. the problem is that my lead sounds are too fizzy with too much highs .... I have a lot ofexperience in post eq in the pod (i use the pod since 2013) and what ever I did it always delivers too mushc highs ....yet when i switch to studio direct my lead sounds are amazing ( im using pre amp models ) is there any way to switch off mic modeling in clean sound in studio direct ...this way I WILL benefit from those amazing lead sounds in studio direct and maintain the same amazing clean and crunch tones That i have in combo power amp mode (combo power amp mode uses cab emulation without mic modellling) if no....do you think I can tweak my clean/ crunch sounds in studio direct to get the exact feel and sound as in "combo power amp mode" ?? Which mic model is the most transparent for this usage ?? Any one with the same experience ?? ANY user finding that studio/direct sounds better than the other modes using l6 link into DT ?? I want that controlled miked equed lead tone that i get in studio/direct mode in my DT but still having that feel and lively sound in my clean and crunch sounds in combo power amo mode.... thank you in advance
  12. hichembell

    Output Modes

    resurecting the topic !! I play with the dream rig (variax + hd500 + DT50 COMBO) my lead sounds through the DT sounds best with studio direct...while my clean sound are best in combo power amp.....the problem with my leads using combo is that it delivers too much high ends even with post eqs it still too harsh...........but it sound organic and full in studio direct ...is their an way to switch of mic modeling in clean sound in studio direct?? THIS way i will have both options in studio direct mode (using only cammobel in clean tones and using cab + mic in lead tones) if no ...which mic model is the most ransparent one and which will give me less boomy results in clean sound using studio direct.....if i can make my clean and crunch patched sound in studio direct as good as in combo power amp i will switch to studio direct to benefit from that amazing lead tone in studio direct
  13. do you mean you have different patches for your variax for different systems ?? I understand that amp pedal presets sounds different and im not using the same presets in my dt and in my studio monitors the thing is that : with a regular fuitar switching systems and switching presets works fine .........yet with variax it seems that i dont only need to change presets on pod ...but i also need to change presets on my variax :o
  14. Hello everybody, I want to share with you this experience. I spent yesterday the whole journey at home with my dream rig (JTV + POD 500 + DT 50) The objective was to set and regulate the sound of the modeled guitars. It was hard and difficult to acheive what I wanted But in the end I was verry happy with the result. I used the DT 50 as my main amplification system and a blackface model..... today I plugged my Jtv and hd500 in my studio monitors using studio direct and I selected my studio presets and....the guitar does'nt sound as good as it sounded yesterday on my amp .... the modeled guitars sound moody ... when I go back to DT50 they sound good ! did you ever experience this ? WHAT KIND of amplification system should I use To regulate the modelled guitars? My big fear is to experience the reverse that is : setting the jvt sounds on my monitors and having an awful sound in my DT .... In this situation it means I need different presets for my variax for different amplification system and .... it is not practical .... ps: i Tried to eq the amp models, it helped little bit yet it was not as good as It should Do you think I must use no amp model at all ?? HOW do you proceed ? Did you have the same experience ? what is the best working method for you ? share
  15. hmmm I did the reverse ...lowering strings volume and ading preset volume !! will try the the other way and share with you the results