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  1. Does anyone know any Luthiers that can service a JTV in London? Its only brigde intonation and action set up but I rather someone that knows how to handle the piezos. Cheers
  2. Anyone using the Rockboard 4.3 with the helix?
  3. guix

    Helix 2.9

    Good catch! Didn't realise..... will try next rehearsal. Thanks a lot guys
  4. guix

    Helix 2.9

    Helix allows you to either select 1 output only for XLR and 1/4 inch So for Path1 , lets say vocals, I can use XLR. BUT as I use Line 6 Link for Path 2,my guitar, to connect to my powercab, there is no way to select the output of the guitar Path to ONLY Line 6 link, hence I need to use the MULTI selection, which sends my guitar ALSO via XLR. So in order to avoid my guitar in the FOHI pan my vocals to the right and the guitar to the left in the output, also since powercab takes only the Left channel in as it works in mono. If I could select , like we could do in the POD X3, which outputs I can send per channel, I could send my vocal stereo to XLR and my guitar in stereo to my powercab... and get another powercab for a fullly stereo vocals and stereo guitar setup Makes sense? Attached an image of the current set up
  5. guix

    Helix 2.9

    Now if only 3.0 would have Flexible routing
  7. How about Peak Leds on each block? at least it helps to find which block is distorting.... I play with the Powercab plus and have found that checking each block helped me get a decent level without distorting in very extreme patches.... with many many blocks
  8. Then select only the output you use for the guitar for example if the guitar outs on 1/4 inch and the vocals go out of XLR select 1/ Inc and it will mute the guitar only
  9. Well there is only one thing to it...ask Santa
  10. Actually you were talking about midi connections I am talking about Line 6 Link ones :- )
  11. For now you seemt to be... but who knows there might be others.... :- ) Its simple You could have helix tell powercab: Hey powercab when I am in Helix preset 1 snapshot 1 change to Powercab preset 34 for example instead Line 6 has based powercab control on setting all the parameters of powercab within the Helix Preset/Snapshot not caring about the powercab preset that is selected Makes sense?
  12. awwwww :- ( because of ... reasons? it's OK... you are right... its just a bit of pain at the beginning... i am actually starting to think its best with more detailed options....
  13. Letter to Santa sent:
  14. No I meant if you only have 3-5 powercab prsets you use, it easier to tell, by snapshot , the preset number... instead of having to set every parameter on every snapshot. For example I use an IR with specific high cut and volume. If you could tell the preset number it would be 2 clicks to set up a snapshot. With the current way, its 5, multiply by 50 presets... but i gues we can ask for next version
  15. Ahhh... i am soooo dumb.... of course.... :- ) Thanks Phil!
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