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  1. I have had my HD500 for 4 years and use it practically every weekend. Last night in the middle of the set my presets have been set to default. There were a few left in the upper memory. What would have caused this? Has anyone else had this issue before?
  2. I currently use the HD500 direct to PA in Stereo. I would like to add an Tech 21 Power Engine to monitor on stage. What is the best way to do this? What program settings are best? Will it still be stereo out front and mono to my amp?
  3. Just got a new one in because my first died when I tried to update firmware. Same issue on the program changes. Never seen a midi device that excepts program changes do this. I wish LINE 6 would comment on this issue. Wish I could get my money back at this point, to many issues.
  4. When I use CC 49 with a value of 0, it changes the state, if i insert CC 49 a few measures later with value of 0 again it changes again. It only toggles the state, it doesnt matter if I use 0 or 127. Another issue i forgot to mention....If i assign a default patch to a song in digital performer, for example patch 4. If i turn on distortion, verb or whatever, if on the next song I assign the same patch in the default of digital performer, it doesnt reset it to the saved patch, if leave on the effects. I have to manually go into the track, at the beginning of the song and insert a patch change to some other patch, then reinsert patch 4, to get it to reset. What a pain. Its so lame for such a high end pedal.
  5. I have a HD500 which I use with my cover band. We use Digital Performer for some backing tracks and effects. The HD500 will sync the delays to DP's midi time clock and I can assign a midi controller to turn effects on and off. CC 0-64 for off and CC 65-127 for on. I bought the Helix thinking it would be an improvement, but come to find out its not usable in my situation. First, there is no syncing the delays to midi time/beat clock in DP (I thought that was a standard in any legitimate midi device now days). I think maybe there's a work around, but if very time consuming since I have to program up to 100 songs. The other problem is using midi CC to turn effects on and off. For some reason they elected to do a toggle, CC 0-127 to turn on and CC 0-127 to turn off. This is too confusing to deal with, if you are turning multiple effects on an off through out a song. Then times that by a 100. I would welcome someone to prove me wrong or that I'm missing something. Saddens me to not be able to use the Helix, because I think it sounds great, but not at the programming price. Thanks JE
  6. I agree, why would something so import be left out. I;m having to keep my HD500 for that reason. We play live with Digital Permormer and all my delays are synced.
  7. Im using Digital Performer and a MAC to change programs on my Helix. There is not a midnam for Helix that I can find. I used the PODxt previously with my HD500. This will only select 1/2 my patches in Helix. Does anybody know where I can find this or is there another way to do this? Thanks JE
  8. My patches are all over the place in volume. I want to even them out without changing the sound of the patch. What is the best method? Thanks
  9. I am using Digital Performer for live performance. With my HD 500 I can sync the tempos with DP. I don't see a way to do this with the Helix? Is there a work around. I want all my delays in sync with the song tempo. Thanks
  10. Can someone tell me what im doing wrong? I downloaded the latest software and installed on Helix, I then opened the software and went to the 1.06 firmware download. when I downloaded nothing happened. The instructions said that when you downloaded the firmware that it would recognize Helix and prompt me on what to do next, but this is not happening. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. When connected to my Macbook Pro, Helix will not stay connected. I constantly have to disconnect and reboot Helix for it to come back on line. Then it randomly looses connection. Anybody else having this issue? (Tried different cables) Thanks
  12. Yes, I did all the above. Again, it loads the patch, but when i switch from patch to patch, the name changes but the parameters stay the same as the first patch i used. Thanks
  13. When i try to import patches from customtone into Helix, the first patch i import sometimes works, but any others will show the correct name but will have the same parameters as the first one i dialed in. I am loading them into the user banks. I tried loading them one at a time and a group at once with the same results. Any suggestions? Thanks JE
  14. Can you explain how i would send a tap tempo from my sequencer? Does tap tempo have a CC number? Thank
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