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  1. Hm.. Strange. Does this sound even appear with the 808 turned off or with another Amp like it's too distortion
  2. Add a determined unmuted output for the tuner please. As a singer an guitarist using the helix I'm not able to talk to the crowd while tuning the guitar. Either the crowds hears the sound of both mic and guitar or nothing. I have to put a tuner in front of the guitar in.
  3. What gunpointmetal says. This sounds more like a single coil or missing ground on the output jack.
  4. Hey, so I have to use a seperate tuner for this method? That's the thing.. I don't want to use any external pedal. It looks like HonestOpinion said, that I have to submit a request to the ideascale to mute a determined output. But thank you anyway :) edit: looks like some people have the same "issue" :)
  5. Okay, I selected "Guitar" as input and "1/4 Inch"" as output, but the guitar signal is still getting through while the mic is muted. Is that a bug?
  6. Hey datacommando, that's correct but I don't want the crowd listen to the sound when I tune my guitar. I want the guitar muted while the mic is bypassing the tuner.
  7. I'm gonna post my full system specs for you: -Windows 10 Pro with 1903 May Update -MSI Z370 M5 Gaming -i5 8600K -Palit GTX 1080 -4x8GB samsung m378a1k43cb2-crc (overclocked to 3200 MHz) -system drive: Samsung 840 series 250GB -sound card: Yamaha AG06 any further specs you need? I already did: Windows repair/upgrade installation, deleting, (re-,de-)installing Helix, de- and reactivated .NET Framwork 3.5 and 4.7, de- and reinstalled sound and graphics drivers, restarting in safe mode, adding another user account/activating administrator account, deleting all line6 files from the pc. I simply can overwrite 1.81/2.81 with the 1.70/2.70 and both (native and hx edit) start immediately.
  8. Hey fellas, is there any option to keep the Mic Input unmuted when you tune the guitar over the internal tuner? Or do I have to pick an external tuner? Problem is, that i'm not able to make any announcements to the crowd over the microphone when the Helix is in tuner mode. Regards!
  9. It's not meant to be that negative as it sounds, but it has a very minor appearance.. Tech Support told me that they have 2 or 3 more reported cases with the same issues in Europe. I use native 1.70 for that period to the next update. Not sure if my PC is the problem, but it's very mysterious, that Native and HX Edit work flawlessly until 1.70/2.70 and not on newer versions. I did. watch my upper sentence. As i remember there were no cases in the USA only in Europe.
  10. Report it to the Tech support.. Maybe they'll fix it in the next update.. I haven't found any solution to this problem.. An i've tried many different ways. :(
  11. Haven't found any solution until today.. Guess it'll never be fixed because of the minor appearance of this problem. :( But hope dies last. Thank you anyway for your suggestions.
  12. Didn't work. I'll try to fix the sandbox issue first. after i will give you a report..
  13. Hey guys, sandbox isn't running due to 0x80070002, i'm still looking for a solution. I tried running HX Edit over the onboard graphics card but same pheonomenon affects. Drivers are up to date and .NET framework was reinstalled. Do you know which Framework HX Edit uses, datacommando?
  14. Sorry i mean 1.60. and 1.80. I reported the Tech Support that HX Edit works until 2.70 and Native until 1.70. From HX Edit 2.71 and Native 1.71 it stopped working. :) I never connect the Helix to the PC because it's not a Hardware issue. The programs/plug-ins themself doesnt work. Only in the above-mentioned versions (Native 1.70 and HX Edit 2.70). The device and HX Edit works flawless in combination with my Notebook. Even with the floor disconnected HX Edit 2.71 and above starts flawlessly. But that's a clue at least :D Yeah I'm running Windows 10 Pro 1903. Just give me a second. I'll try it running in sandbox. It might has to do something with the OS. But why would All versions of Native and Edit work until 1.70/2.70 if it's an OS based problem? :/
  15. Addition: After deleting every Line 6 app and folder and installing Native 2.60 it worked. Upgrading Native to 2.81 same "error" occures. :( Same with HX Edit. As seen in the image below, HX Edit starts flawless. Addition 2: Last working versions of Edit and Native are 1.70/2.70 for me. I called the tech support and they reported, that this issue i known in two, three more cases.. So it looks like a deeper problem. Thank you anyway for your help. I will wait for the next bug fixes and hope, that this problem will get solved. Regards!
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