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  1. Yes it happens with the 808 off and it also happens with other amps but not as noticeable.
  2. This is an EMG 81 active pickup. Not single coil. It also happens with other guitars I have (passive humbuckers). I also tried the ground lift switch with no luck.
  3. I get this annoying noise on a high gain tone with Cali IV Lead and a Scream 808. It's especially noticeable on palm mutes and is basically unplayable. I removed all cables except the power cable and listened through the headphone output and still got the same issue. Tried 2-3 different cables but they made it worse. What could be the problem?
  4. Hi, I just bought a Helix a few days ago and registered it online immediately. It was working fine and I was able to update to firmware version 2.60 without any problems. However, after a couple of days, The device seems to crash randomly and all the scribble strips start flashing. It keeps doing this until it suddenly decides it's time to wake up and resumes normal function for a long time until it crashes and enters the flashing loop again. There seems to be no pattern to this behaviour and I've tried different things like removing the USB connection, trying a different power source etc. Ive tried resetting all presets but I've not tried reinstalling the firmware again because I'm afraid it could crash in the middle and get bricked. What should I do? Her'es a short video to show what happens: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10ylOYNHRoBeVQcsPKss0hm-RhAnj6sH4/view?usp=sharing
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