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  1. The exp pedal on the helix Lt has collapsed and broken. Which means I can't hit the toe switch. Which means the external pedal a roland ev5 can't be used from what I can figure. I don't have time to replace it under warranty. I have a Melbourne cup gig in a couple of hours so need help urgently to get this working. Please help. My roland doesn't have a toe switch. Thanks
  2. Yep mine broke and now I have no wah for a big Melbourne cup gig tomorrow! Not only that I was getting buzz from my 1/4 inch output too, so needless to say I'm pretty bummed. If I'm going to go external wah I might as well get the ax8
  3. I made a video of the problem. I've changed power boards, power leads, speakers, guitar cables, pedal boards, guitars. The noise is caused by the helix for sure. Anyone know why?
  4. I bought the taylor and the martin IRs after such glowing recommendations. Didn't like them at all... Just thought I would temper the hype.
  5. I downloaded this patch, but it mentions in the description that the top row of foot switches is meant to change amp settings etc. My understanding is that this would be done with snapshots, but I can't see anything different in the other snapshots. So are these available somewhere? Thanks
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