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  1. Hey guys… I’m trying to update my helix floor to 3.0… HX Edit updated normally ... It appears to be stuck at this point… It never started updating the helix floor apparently although it says firmware downloaded successfully… Suggestions?
  2. sorry if I missed it , but where are the Step By Step instructions to properly execute this update ? Are there any videos of the same ? Having had nightmares in the past , I am a bit gun shy .....
  3. rockinb

    no sound

    thx for the help .... all the pres are sent with the output to XLR only ... changing to ""multi " solved the problem !
  4. rockinb

    no sound

    thx . but not the problem
  5. rockinb

    no sound

    hey guys ... embarrassed to ask ... but ... I'm trying out some Brett Shull presets and am not getting any volume/sound from them .... I know it's simple ... but ... all other pres and snaps are fine ...
  6. rockinb

    Helix floor Wah

    yo boyz ... would some one be so kind as to simply spell out , step by step , how to make expression pedal 1 be the Wah controller without using the toe switch. I use a Mission pedal into Exp2 for my volume pedal. hopefully , with the heel down ; the pedal is out of the chain completely , but turns on as the pedal is rocked forward to initiate the Wah . I find the toe switch difficult to trigger and a pain in the lollipop ! trust this makes sense ..... thx in advance, rb
  7. no , it doesn't stop the rebuild , .. it says "rebuilding presets" and quickly counts up by ones at a rate of about 10 per two seconds , then just stops briefly on one number (currently 216) and then finishes within 2 seconds ... skipping from 216 to 898 thru 915 and done. might have to do what bobcoss did and delete all factory presets to solve this ..
  8. I think this may be a 2.82 quirk ... i tried silverhead's method although his math was difficult. my helix was stopping on only preset 220 in the rebuild , and then quickly skipped to the end. i figured 220 was factory setlist 2, bank 23 , slot D. i overwrote it with a new preset to delete it. upon restart, it stopped only on 219. did the same delete for all of bank 23. now it stops on 216 and then skips to the end quickly ... do we have to live with this ?
  9. yo all .... is it normal to have the helix "rebuild presets" every time you turn the unit on ? I don't remember that delay before.
  10. rockinb

    2.82 update

    one more thx to Peter .... finally got it .. not sure how ! ... many attempts ; reloaded the HX Edit 5 times, tried button restarts, computer restarts , etc. ... the hammer was looking good ! then , did an install all normally again and it flew thru w/o issue and w/o the dreaded error pause in the middle !?? ... man , it hope Line 6 gets their lollipop together before 2.90 comes out !! be well all , rb
  11. rockinb

    2.82 update

    Thx again for help Peter .... i've been stuck for two hours ! Do you mean turn the helix floor off and on with the buttons pressed where i am with the line 6 updater running at the stall point ? .. or .... ?
  12. rockinb

    2.82 update

    i am Updating from 2.71 to 2.82. How long did it take for you guys to get the second phase of the update of the firmware to get past the “boot failure entered update mode” screen on the helix?
  13. i am running versions of 2.71 on my Helix and in HX Edit. Can I update directly to 2.82 on both ? i.e. no need to update to 2.80 first ...
  14. yo peter ... thx for the help ! reinstall of Helix Edit 2.71 got me back to square one ... now working up courage for 2.82 updates ...... !
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