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  1. Agreed. I'm using native as my best setup atm. I wanted to use helix because I assume the front end input is more optimized for guitar than my digimax. Thanks
  2. What is your round trip latency using loopback test? Since we are recording guitars 10% of our time, leaving the stomp xl on all the time makes less sense than using the existing PreSonus digimax FS interface and rme card. I understand that others may be fine with this setup but I'm pretty sure my current latency will be lower.
  3. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately it would be a too cumbersome to keep going back and forth between using the stomp xl outputs and the digimax. I'll just keep using the helix native but thanks.
  4. That's really a bummer that Windows sucks so bad. After spending thousands on a new 7950X computer an rme audio card and digimax interfaces, going to a Mac is not an option. It's a shame that there's no easy way to reamp it in Windows and have it integrated into recording with other musicians without the terrible latency ASIO requires. Well thanks for the reply anyways
  5. Can you guys offer some insight on the options for using the USB recording ? I see lots of youtube videos with people recording guitar through usb on helix but none with actual songs. Just guitar and that's it. I'm making albums here and was hoping this could be integrated into the process. I have win11 with an RME 9652 and Digimax FS I/O that I use in Reaper. With Helix USB I can't use RME and Helix USB at the same time though. How am I supposed to record a keyboard player, playback the song while also recording the guitar with re-amping capability? ASIO has huge latency so is no go. I'm currently using Helix Native as a workaround but that requires going through my Digimax FS I/O which is not as good as the Stomp XL inputs. So what is the correct setup please ? Thanks for any ideas.
  6. Thanks for the very helpful info. Your solution worked. I made a new backup and restored it twice and all seems good again. Thanks again !
  7. I added that info. I'm on win11, 7950x cpu, 64gb ram and ssd pcie4 devices.
  8. I renamed the file and put it in a directory by itself and did the restore. If I choose only globals it gets through globals but fails on impulses, works on favorites, user model defaults and fails on presets (looking for impulses?). Aren't the impulses stored IN the backup ? I just got successful restore of each category manually so I'm back but this is disturbing. What could it be ? I just did a backup of THAT and restore failed AGAIN with timeout. This is a real problem.
  9. Any ideas how to get my restore working ? I was at 3.50 on stomp xl and hx edit. I made a backup of everything using hx edit. Upgrade to 3.60 went fine. Now I can't restore my backup. I have done a factory reset on boot holding keys 2 and 3. Even only selecting gloabl settings fails. Help.
  10. It might have been cured but suffered infant mortality
  11. Just submitted a bug when tap tempo is set to snapshot in hx edit, my stomp xl locks solid after moving the mouse wheel over the tempo or adjusting parameters of blocks. Back to global for now.
  12. coachz

    Auto impedance

    In 4 cable mode don't you have the guitar plugged into the input of the helix just like normal? I do in my 4cm setup.
  13. coachz

    Auto impedance

    That's my mindset too but I wondered if anyone had an compelling reasons to do otherwise that they could detail. I couldn't think of any.
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