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  1. It might have been cured but suffered infant mortality
  2. Just submitted a bug when tap tempo is set to snapshot in hx edit, my stomp xl locks solid after moving the mouse wheel over the tempo or adjusting parameters of blocks. Back to global for now.
  3. coachz

    Auto impedance

    In 4 cable mode don't you have the guitar plugged into the input of the helix just like normal? I do in my 4cm setup.
  4. coachz

    Auto impedance

    That's my mindset too but I wondered if anyone had an compelling reasons to do otherwise that they could detail. I couldn't think of any.
  5. coachz

    Auto impedance

    Yeah, I knew about that but was wondering about the thought process others use.
  6. coachz

    Auto impedance

    Would that have the same effect as using a tone control ? Example please. Thanks !
  7. coachz

    Auto impedance

    Thanks for the excel spreadsheet. So take for example "Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster 22-32k". If you set it for auto and have first enabled set then it should automatically switch to the 22-32k impedance but if you have your impedance set manually to 1M then you would be mismatched. So when does it make sense to not be just on Auto ?
  8. coachz

    Auto impedance

    When do you use AUTO impedance and when do you not? When you don't how do you choose what value to pick also?
  9. coachz

    Helix 3.5

    What versions are the hardware at?
  10. The u67 does sound freaking great and will keep me very happy.
  11. What has improved is the ease at which you can get exactly the sound you want. Super nice.
  12. The cabs are amazing. Attached is a preset for Glassy Chorus / Crunch / Lead for Stomp XL and up. Enjoy. Played on humbuckers. -Glassy Chorus.hlx
  13. here.... thanks -6dB hrd stm Rpr.hlx
  14. yeah it's very audible distortion at my +5 level on Master out when Rivet is at level +10
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