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  1. Awsome thank you... And yes I did take notice to that work around. With multiple native plugins. Do you know if the rack foot controller will work with native to? I seen it had usb... And a spot for power to..
  2. Sorry guys notifications was off. Didn't realize that. Just signed up on here. Anyways. I wasnt talking about a complete new platform. But rather a helix "x"version. Or whatever you wanna call it. Like pod hd 500 and pod hd 500x for example...With updated hardware components ect... Giving it more juice for complex routing. I was thinking the helix is almost 4 years old. And every so many years they will release a updated version of a product. So isn't about time. It has everything there as far as I/O. But if you in corporate that in a live setting and try to utilize helix. You can run short on power. The helix is capable of 4 stereo signal processed outs. If you choose to configure it that way. But it leaves it lacking a little power. Since it's only 2 sharc dsp chips at 450mhz.With Fractual releasing the axe 3. I figured it would be a good time. For Line 6 to release a updated version. You can clearly tell that Fractual got a helix. Checked it out.Then said to themselves what is it missing and how can we incorporate some of this in our product. And as you can see. If you check out there axe 3..They did take some notes. Which is awesome. That is what drives thing to the next level.At least I would do that if I was in the modeling business(Or Any). After using the native platform for awhile. I really like the helix. I decided it's time to upgrade my older line 6 gear for live use.. I'm concerned about the dsp power. Seems like there should be more head room. I know there are work arounds. As far as differnt ways of utilizing the signal chain. And using both dsp chips. But I would plan on using this for vocals effects to. It's in the unit why not use it. Right. It has some different effects. Compared to my digital mixer.And I wanna be able to still get my own guitar tone but without compromise. Yes I could buy a effects processor for the digital mixer. But before I would do that. I could added that money to what I have saved. And get a axe 3. But I want to keep rocking the "LINE SICK" lollipop. I have been using it this long (15years or so). Loving the modeling idea. Thats what made me jump on board years ago.Waiting for the day the tech and development started to catch up. To tube technology...And its gotten so close. And now it will start to take over. Its already started to. Anyways....So I got the money and the only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger. Beside black Friday and cyber monday being so close.... Damn budget. LOL... Is I'm I going to buy this and in a month or 2 down the road. They release Helix 2...In the past it's been every few years they update the products.. I'm going to end up with something either way. But it did have me thinking. It would be a little upsetting to. Drop 1800 on a rack and controller. For it to drop in value months later. After they release helix version x... and I could use the extra power in the first place. It has the ins and outs. And they will be used... Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions. But it seems like the helix could use more horsepower... And on a side note. How come the native software also limits my routing. I have plenty of cpu power to run way more. But yet I get this feeling like line 6. Didnt want one product to be superior to the other. Or everyone would get native, laptop and a midi controller. ( Yes I understand the helix units can be more reliable than a laptop).Has anyone else took notice to this...? Why the software limitation.?Besides to protect the actual product. I tried to choose 2 different amps and it was limiting my choices. Is this a limitation from the 15 day trial version. I thought it was a full blown version. Thanks for your time, Josh
  3. I was wondering if we would be seeing a new Helix(Mark2) ? Anytime soon.Since the release of the new Axe Effects 3. The helix is almost 4 years old now. They have to be brewing up something. The helix is awesome. I've been playing Line 6 gear for almost 15 years. And modeling really came full circle in the recent years. I knew it was a matter of time until the modeling technology caught up to the tube technology. And its great to see line 6 gain even more success for the hard work. And great product. Go Helix....
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