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  1. Hello Silverhead , I meant restored to the way it was when it was new with all the footswithches working properly and not just reset. Sometimes they don't engage when I step on them.
  2. I know it's old and outdated but I love my X3 Live. Does anybody know of anyplace where X3 Lives can be restored to their fresh out of the box state? Thanks To All.
  3. Does anybody know where I can get my X3 Live repaired back to it's out-of-box state? I know it may be old but I still love the sound and the sounds I get from it. And the fact that I can have both guitars hooked up and ready to go. The Helix is out of my price range and the Helix LT doesn't have an aux input (unless I missed it). Thanks for any help.
  4. Does anyone know of a dependable repair shop that can fix a Pod X3 Live? Moving up to the Helix would be great , but there are sounds in the X3 that the Helix doesn't have. And our songs are dependent on those sounds. Also there's that " Helix not quite in the budget right now" thing. p.s. A shop in the Chicago area would be the best. Thanks
  5. Been using an X3 Live for years and I'm seriously thinking about getting a Helix. But I wanted to know is if , like the X3 , it can transition between say patch 5/A -1 and 5/A-2 using the expression pedal like the X3 ? Thanks.
  6. Hello out there. I really want to get a Helix , but what I do within my bands songs depends a lot on the settings I have in my Pod X3. So my question is , can settings from the X3 be dumped into the Helix? Or would I have to start fresh and substitute ? I'm sure somebody out there has hit this wall. Thanks.
  7. Neither my DAW (Ableton Live) or Line 6 Monkey acknowledge the X3 Live when it's connected via usb. I installed the newest version of Monkey and the latest driver and still nothing. I used it to check and update some recordings just a couple days ago with no issues. Anybody else have this problem and what did you do to fix it? Thanks for any help.
  8. While recording with my X3 live I all of a sudden can't hear playback. Everything was just fine I stopped the song to jump ahead to the next section to be recorded and playback sound is gone. I can hear the guitar that I have plugged in , the tracks are playing and registering on my DAWs meters , and nothing other than the space bar and mouse were touched after stopping the song. I've wiggled , unplugged and reinserted every cable attached. Also shut it all down and rebooted. From the desktop interface (Steinberg UR44) playback works fine. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
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