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  1. Does anyone know of a dependable repair shop that can fix a Pod X3 Live? Moving up to the Helix would be great , but there are sounds in the X3 that the Helix doesn't have. And our songs are dependent on those sounds. Also there's that " Helix not quite in the budget right now" thing. p.s. A shop in the Chicago area would be the best. Thanks
  2. Been using an X3 Live for years and I'm seriously thinking about getting a Helix. But I wanted to know is if , like the X3 , it can transition between say patch 5/A -1 and 5/A-2 using the expression pedal like the X3 ? Thanks.
  3. Hello out there. I really want to get a Helix , but what I do within my bands songs depends a lot on the settings I have in my Pod X3. So my question is , can settings from the X3 be dumped into the Helix? Or would I have to start fresh and substitute ? I'm sure somebody out there has hit this wall. Thanks.
  4. Neither my DAW (Ableton Live) or Line 6 Monkey acknowledge the X3 Live when it's connected via usb. I installed the newest version of Monkey and the latest driver and still nothing. I used it to check and update some recordings just a couple days ago with no issues. Anybody else have this problem and what did you do to fix it? Thanks for any help.
  5. While recording with my X3 live I all of a sudden can't hear playback. Everything was just fine I stopped the song to jump ahead to the next section to be recorded and playback sound is gone. I can hear the guitar that I have plugged in , the tracks are playing and registering on my DAWs meters , and nothing other than the space bar and mouse were touched after stopping the song. I've wiggled , unplugged and reinserted every cable attached. Also shut it all down and rebooted. From the desktop interface (Steinberg UR44) playback works fine. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
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