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  1. Yes i am selling my full native license as I no longer use it. If you or anyone else is interested. $150... PM me if you are still interested.
  2. Been looking at the Kush plugs and they do look good and will give em a go.. Thank you :)
  3. Bit of an update... I put an instance of SGear basic DI EQ preset before an instance of helix and hey presto.. Its the difference between night and day. When the Sgear EQ stage was inserted before HXN it adds articulation and thump (Andy Scheps ;) and the missing extra bits that seem to be missing from a direct input into helix... Again each to there own but if anything it proves that there needs to be some sort of Pre before HXN for it too really feel real. I think its is this Pre that floor/rack users get that HXN doesn't provide. I have often wondered when I watch youtube vids how the floor users seem to get such articulate and precise patches and tones and when imported into HXN they can turn flat. Soundog, anyone.. Do you know of a way I could model the eq stage that the Sgear adds ? rather than having to add a CPU sapping instance of Sgear?
  4. And that is the problem...... Gain staging... what ever tweaks L6 add to the conversation process is what generally makes the floor unit sound a lot better than HXN. Plugging straight in from your sound card into an instance just seems to be missing something and I do wish in some way L6 could release a gain staging and tweak bundle (if they do use one) for HXN users. Said it a few times on here... insert HXN in a channel strip and you will never know what your going to get. And yet if you insert a waves or any other amp sim package.. they do the gain staging and tweaks for you to a degree so the tone is decent to start with. HXN can sound like a ball of fuzz at times and I just give up as much as I don't want to with it. And i have tried all sorts of pre and post inserts before the HXN insert to try and understand and get it to work. Others might and I am sure they will roast me for saying this but it is what I have found sorry.. and I do want to like HXN but really don't have the time to mess about in a mix and kill the flow..
  5. Hello, I upgraded from the POD HD as well and to be honest at times its a mixed bag HXN. Others might and will shoot me for saying this but I have spent months getting tones that sound incredible on there own.. and even the preset and IR packs you can buy are all mostly pretty good and will get you going. The problem with HXN is getting it to sit in a mix if you use it for studio and DAW only work. That beauty of a tone might just vanish in a mix and trying to add HXN as na insert can be very hit and miss too.. So it depends on what you want to use it for.. but try the demo on here and download some of the free tone packs and Ir's and see how it works for you. Good luck!
  6. Hey Soundog, with you on that too.. He certainly is getting better and the plexi is great too. The surprising thing about the new packs at least, is that I never needed to do any post Helix tweaks in waves or anything like that.. and I am sure if and when I get around to it it will only sound even better! (I did use the Ownhammer Friedman IR's as well but Fremens are right up there too... ) The only slight niggle was when the doubler was added to give stereo. L/R needed to be balanced a little but other than that wow.. The Friedman is a bit of a wall of sound and might not be for what you do but your right, when he gets around to the vintages ohhh.. :)
  7. Been struggling over the last few months to get HXN to really work for me in my studio. It can be a bit hit and very big miss at times, until today... I bought the Friedman amp pack from Fremens presets and finally all the stars aligned and WOW...it sounds just outstanding! I know this is subjective and totally dependant on your guitar, gear, set up and of course your own ear.. but today this nailed it for me and finally made me realise just how good HXN can be with the right patches and IR's... Going to buy some of the other amp packs really soon.. once my fingers and ears recover...:) Thanks Fremen!
  8. The Friedman amp pack.. is outstanding! Thanks!
  9. Posted on the other Helix forum - "Cant recommend this pack of IR's enough! If a Friedman is your sound and thing, this pack takes it to another level. Worth every penny and makes the Placater in HXN sound as it should.. IMMENSE! First time buyer of Ownhammer IR's they are so easy to use, plug and play, and enhance the tone immediately and with a bit of tweaking to taste - killer tone in minutes! Tried other Freidman IR's and patches but they have not even came close to these. GuitarJohnSDS.. know you pop in here from time to time... brilliant work and thank you! " Bit of advice for other HXN users.. I don't load the IR's into Helix.. I use the Ignite amps NadiR IR loader. www.igniteamps.com This is a lot easier to use and browse through the IR's. Put it after your instance of Helix in the channel strip and away you go.. This also allows you to use the higher quality OH IR'S in Nadir and your not be restricted to the limits imposed by the Helix. Make sure the quality is set to Extreme, In Nadir.. Suppose you could even load them into Space designer but not tried that yet. Hope this helps.. :)
  10. Your right there probably would be something non universal about a convertor and if I am really that keen which I am, i will just enter the old patches manually.. Thanks for getting back :)
  11. Might not be relevant but when Native first came out there was a few problems with registration and activations... Line 6 got on top of it and fixed it... do a search on the forum for the post... Might want to raise a support ticket as your now a legit paid for user... Hope it works for you :)
  12. Oh I don't know a convertor could get me into the ball park and as you mention with Helix being a lot more advanced be good to give them a polish :) I am not saying there is going to be a massive demand but only asked is if someone had one or and be willing to share it, or at least point me in the right direction. I am sure a lot of old POD users might agree. perhaps not.. but I would like one. I would now consider myself an advanced user of HXN and part the reason I did the A/B between them was I wanted to hear the difference between the old and the new. A good guitar tone is a good guitar tone no matter what system you use to get it. and I don't always think because HXN has lots new bells and whistles it naturally makes it better... its what you do with those options that count. My patches and tones might sound like a sick cat screaming to your ears and visa versa. Doesn't mean to say i am wrong or your correct. Each to their own..:) I hear what your saying and agree on the whole yes, HXN is better than the old POD systems. I have heard some amazing patches on both and some absolute dross as well..whatever floats your boat :)
  13. I have never really got my head around this either and been tinkering for months... Fr0sty.... I tried this earlier and yes it does give a stereo output with the both AMPS panned hard left and right.. But... there does seem to be a gtr still present in the centre of the stereo field. Perhaps it is supposed to be this way I don't know... but i would have thought that I would hear two guitars playing left and right and nothing in the centre? Am I missing something... Its easily done these days ;)
  14. Does any one have or know, of a file convertor to convert older POD HD .hbe files to the new HXN. hlx format? Got some great old POD HD patches that would be pretty cool to be able to convert import and play within HXN. Before anyone says they are not compatible yes your right... BUT.....I was having a play with an old POD HD earlier and wondered, if I could recreate POD HD patches in Helix and hey presto...I can! Obviously HXN is a lot more advanced but it also seems like a lot of the old POD HD amp models cabs and Mics have all pretty much the same parameters as HXN and the legacy effects are all there too. I manually entered all the POD HD parameters into HXN and recreated a few of my older POD HD patches in HXN (with a tiny bit of tweaking) So... beggars the question does anyone have a file convertor? I have no idea how to do it myself otherwise I would, as it would be a very useful migration tool.. Saying that, I am also happy to enter the parameters myself into HXN if I need too (might be a long night....) Any help or thoughts are really appreciated.
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