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  1. i have this issue too. it drives me insane
  2. Hmm I wonder what makes the helix hardware work differently from the plugin. How can the hardware adapt to different pickups and stuff but the interface can’t?
  3. Do you change your levels for every song? im trying to work out how to use it live and work with changing volume knobs and pickups and stuff
  4. Hey guys. I followed the input gain advice and dialed the input of my interface back to where I’m hitting helix native at -18 a -24 dB. My DI waveform however now looks really weak. my other question is if you were using this and recording sections where you switch pickups often how would Native react properly? Would you have to readjust the input gain on the interface? I’m struggling to wrap my head around this. Perhaps I get my highest output(bridge humbucker) in the right range and everything else falls in line as it naturally should? I.e. the neck pickup will be quieter due to its lower output. Is the small waveforms a problem for the DI?
  5. I don’t mean to bring up old news but I love this and want to make it. I also made a midi foot controller on teensy that just has 5 switches right now but I have to go into the code all the time to change the cc value it’s spitting out. Do you know how i could learn to make a GUI like you?
  6. Right but does impedance matching matter to get the sound accurate of your different pickups!
  7. nvm i figured it out. cc 0 was mapped to something else. I switched to 21 and it worked fine.
  8. Hey guys I have an envelop to control Snapshots for plugin Helix Native in Reaper. Helix has Snapshot Index midi automation controllable so it puts the control on an envelope. It is an index of 8 and can be controlled by Midi Learn CC. I have it set to Midi cc 0 and mi controller is sending values 16 32 48 64 80 so i should get snapshots 1 2 3 4 5 not working though. any advise?
  9. cant get this to work in reaper. please advise
  10. I actually cant seem to get this to switch the snapshot index. anyone successful?
  11. Thanks! With that info I can code my controller to send out values for this
  12. yeah i would have to be really on time for that to work. Right now the gang is mostly improvising. The nicer use case for me would be if i could assign midi to modify that automation lane. You have at least pointed me down the right trail to look Soundog. Thanks
  13. so i figured out how to turn parameters on for snapshot control. I see where to select "Snapshot Index" from the FX parameter list. It puts a little sub track below the main track in REAPER. I am assuming I can program this subtrack to automate snapshot changes but not exactly sure how that is actually done.
  14. I am trying to use Native live. With snapshots it should be pretty straight forward. just need to figure out how to trigger snapshot changes with midi i see the FX Parameter Snapshot Index but not sure how to control that in Reaper. I have a teensy based MIDI controller that i can program to send whateve codes i want, just need a solid plan of what midi codes ill need to send to get a board going. thanks gang!
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