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    Slapping da bass! Smashing the drums! Scrimming through songs! Wrenching on guitars and calling it music! Pretending to play keyboard/pianos. Recording all that noise and unleashing on people in the wild.Surviving the White Walkers that are constantly getting over the wall and feasting on our yummy flesh! Pretty standard stuff!
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  1. Here is our tune “Sucker Punchin’ Weasel” by my band Subconscious Pilot. We recorded it with my Line 6 gear and some other gear, of course. I used helix and native for the guitars, except one solo which was an older multi-effects pedal from another company, and my lowdown 175 and native for the bass. Pretty happy with the overall sound and thank you to Line 6 for making my recording session so much more streamlined and fun! Please enjoy!
  2. What do you guys and gals think about this unit for doing bass and guitar? I don’t have any experience with any of thier other products but I often hear good things. I have been wanting a powered cab solution for running both; so, this seems like a winner.
  3. Any ideas? Or any rumours? I am hoping for the helix watch. Wireless, Uber light, with a sleek, sexy, Rolex appeal. What say you peeps?
  4. Looks pretty interesting, if it can do everything it says, and do it well, and if the company can avoid being sued for copyright infringements than we will have another decent product on the market and maybe some inspiration for Helix 2. What do you guys/gals think?
  5. I know. Feel like I am beating a dead horse but some of the old bass pod and lowdown model effects would just awesome. I have ended up slowly purchasing the pedals that they have been modelled in the past to keep my tone and move to a better, lighter bass rig.
  6. True UAD Apollo makes the bees knees of recording equipment but it is total overkill for you. Even Presonus has up there game with there Quantum interface that uses Thunderbolt and records @ 192kz with ridiculous low latency but it is for the people who want the best sound quality possible and have the money to buy it. When I get a chance I will up load some of my tunes to give you an idea of the quality I got with my old gear. I make rock music and don’t need everything to be prestine just good.
  7. There is always going to be new technology that comes out but you should be solid with what you have unless you want the highest sound quality. I have been using presonus and studio live for years and I am a big fan of their products. Right now I am using a studio live 24 as my interface because I often record bands and need the extra channels and also once and awhile I play live shows and need a mixer. I also have a used rack mount version of my mixer which has a higher sample rate but I haven’t used it much. I have native as well and use it all the time. What I found is that because I am using a mixer that I need some DI boxes to convert impedance levels for my instruments some (both active and passive). My rack system has a z input but I haven’t tried it but it should be good enough not to have to use a D.I. box. I am also running a pc with 32 gigabytes of ram and a solid state drive to run my O.S. and studio one. Computer power would be a big factor for recording and running plugins like native. I hope this helped.
  8. Very true. Specially when it comes to playing in 1/2 step and hearing you physical strings in standard. Solution: crank it up, worry about hearing issues later. Lol.
  9. I personally am very happy with the purchase of a used JTV-89. It has become one of my favourite and most used guitar and I have decent selection of nice guitars. I play a large variety of material with all different tunings and styles of music and the guitar has been a godsend for that, specially with the helix control to boot. I do notice the palm muting sounds different and I have to adjust my technique for it but it works fine. I also play green day tunes, here and there, that require a lot of palm muted downstrokes in e-flat and that is when I noticed a slight tonal difference but it is still very usuable and no one from the audience notices, just me. The one thing I didn’t expect is to utilize the models of guitars as much as I do to get an artists certain guitar tone. Early Billy Joe Armstrong: P-90 so I go with the Special model, etc. I suggest getting a used one if you can; so, you can save yourself some dough and if a new model comes out with current tech you want be at a total loss. I have been wanting another since I started getting into my JTV-89. Hope this helped.
  10. Here is the man himself talking about the “problem” with palm muting.
  11. zivdud

    Freeze Paddle

    Perhaps something here might help. There was a neat preset that someone made on customtone that worked pretty well, but I can’t remember the name and I am not near my helix; so, I can not look.
  12. zivdud

    Bass Content

    I like the helix bass content but it would be cool if we got some of the bass gear that Line 6 modelled in the past with there former bass modelling gear. There seems to be a trend that they model the same standard: amps, effects, cabs, etc with each new generation of modelling tech; so, I would guess that eventually those bass models might end up in helix in some form. It would make so happy considering that the lowdown series amp is what I have used and recorded with and to wrote a bunch of my songs with it’s specific sounds and looking into upgrading my rig with something more user friendly and flexible would be great. Would cheaper and more effective to get it in one box instead of buying each component to replicate it what I have in the lowdown. Oh, well. Time will tell.
  13. Many DAW’s and plugins have presets that are great to start with and get a general good mix or a mastered track. I use Presonus StudioOne (which comes with a large set of presets for there plugins) to record and I use a Presonus Studiolive 24 to record my live room with a another free Presonus software Capture(which is a very basic recording software) and a Presonus Firestudio in my studio. I like the integrated hardware/software setup and have been very happy for years with the setup. StudioOne has the cool capability to master/arrange tracks inside the DAW as well. I also use helix native for guitars and bass and also blend live recorded gear. For drums I will mic my drum kit or use Ezdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3.
  14. Not a problem. I have been curious myself. Glad I found it and could share it. I am going to say it again, “lush!”
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