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Found 3 results

  1. roscoe5

    Helix For Bass

    Wow Line 6, Helix is AMAZING for bass! It's such a bonus since I did NOT buy Helix for bass at all. I was loving it for guitar though. I had given up on processors and multi-effects for bass a long time ago as I would loose low end and punch just running through a processor with no effects. I was a true-bypass, analog snob when it came to bass tone. I've had various Digitech, Boss, Eleven Rack, Pods XT, X3, and HD500x, and never liked any of them for bass, even for effects only. Yesterday, for the first time I plugged the Helix 1/4" out into the effects return of my Mesa M9 2x12 and a Helix XLR out my JBL Eon 515XT and played some bass through it just to try and help another forum member out. I set it to the Cali 400 Ch1 model (Amp only) and was floored. I went and grabbed my real Mesa Bass 400+ (which needs to be retubed so I cant take it out live) and A+B'd them. They are VERY close. Funny thing is, I'm actually preferring the Helix Cali 400 into the effects return of the M9 over the real 400+ into the same powerhouse 2x12 cab. It's a little less muddy while still keeping the all-tube vibe. Now I don't have to retube the 400+ and drag around 80+ pounds for a good tube bass tone. I could 4CM the M9 to get its preamp back in play, but I'm not sure that it's worth the cabling. There is an M9 model in Helix that sounds pretty good, but I'm still loving the Cali 400. I went ahead a committed myself to using the Helix for this Friday's gig. I spent 2 hours today setting up a single preset for stomp mode with Vetta wah, LA Comp, 2 distortions, 2 filters/synths, flanger, chorus, 10 band EQ, and volume. My basic tone is just the Cali 400 and LA Comp. I love how most effects have a mix control. The Vetta wah is super tweakable for bass. The tuner is great for bass too, and has no issue picking up the low B. FYI, I was running the Mesa M9 with Boss tuner, chorus, flanger; Markbass Compressore,Super Synth, and Mini Distortion; ProCo Rat; Keeley Mod Ibanez TS-9; Morley Bass Wah. Everything sounds good at home, we'll see what it's like on stage. Thanks again Line 6 for simplifying my setup.
  2. Hey everyone! I'm trying to create or request a model for the Tech21 SansAmp bass driver. that "used to be" my go to overdrive pedal prior to Helix. any suggestions?
  3. Hi :) So I'm new around here, wanted to say hello. so hello. Also, I just uploaded a Jam/Groove with a Bass preset I'm working on, and I would love to hear what you guys think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_whvpXBk-U Have a good one.
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