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  1. Does this mean that a JTV and flash v2.00 *will* update via the Helix?
  2. Thark

    Helix Dust Cover/Bag Wear?

    I use a piece of cloth cut to size as a dust cover for my LT in the studio. Works fine. Not so good.probably for gigs.
  3. Thark

    iLok problem

    That seems a bit excessive. They’re $59 CAD where I am, which translates to about $44 USD. I have one in my studio for my EastWest instruments.
  4. No problems here as well so it can’t be a bug. Just really picky about sample rate etc.
  5. Thark

    Control Helix with MIDI controller

    I’ve used my Helix’s on-the-fly editing while playing with my band without any problems. It’s great for tweaking a sound during a tune and also having a funky back myself I really appreciate it. You can change a parameter rapidly with the expression pedal (which, as you say, is a bit tricky to use for precise settings) or incrementally via the footswitches (which allows very precise setting). Wouldn’t using a tablet mean not playing while tweaking? Surely you could only use it between tunes. Perhaps this is what the OP meant?
  6. Thark

    Control Helix with MIDI controller

    Either I'm missing something here or everyone else is. You want to tweak settings as you're playing, right? Why go to the trouble of using a midi device? Why not just use the Helix's on-th-fly edit facility? On my LT I just push the MODE button and hold to edit the preset. It will enter the edit mode and then you edit each of the blocks in your preset by simply tapping on a footswitch and perhaps using the expression pedal to adjust a setting. Easy-peasy and great when playing live.
  7. Thark

    Firehawk 1500 or PowerCab 212 plus with Helix

    The Powercab 212 is way too heavy for me to lift on a regular basis. I use two Powercab 112s linked together via L6 Link. Sounds really good to my ears. I don’t know the Firehawk but if, as gunpointmetal says, it is purely FRFFR then you won’t have all of the sound options that come with the Powercab such as FRFR, LFRAW etc. ... not to mention the built-in speaker emulations and ir capabilities that can reduce the processing load in your Helix.
  8. Thark

    My Helix and Powercab Tone Suddenly Sucks

    I’ve updated to 2.81 for my Helixes and 2.00.1 for my Powercabs. Sounds fine ... better than fine actually. This is an odd problem that I’ve not heard of before. You could try going back to 2.71 (which I assume you came from) and see if that fixes it.
  9. Thark

    2.81 NOT up to speed

    Agreed. There are always bugs in software, especially in radical rewrites such as 2.8. However, what you are descibing can’t be one of them otherwise absolutely everyone would be experiencing the same thing because the bug would necessarily be built in to everyone’s download. For me, the upgrade went perfectly ... on two Helix’s. No problems at all, both during and afterwards. All of my previous v2.71 presets work fine in v2.81. HXEdit works properly, again no problems that I have noticed (and I use it every day). Have you tried going from v2.6 to v2.71 rather than to v2.81? If so, does that work?
  10. I seem to recall something mentioned somewhere about the selector switch. The thing was that when pushed extra hard the knob moves down the shaft a bit and then won't work properly. The fix, as I recall, is to pull the selector knob off and put a shim in it to raise it up enough so that it engages the switch mechanism. Sorry, I can't remember where I saw this but it may be worth a try in your case.
  11. Thark

    Just bought the 112 Powercab Plus...

    Hope you're young and muscular. The 212's weight is pretty hefty. It's a game killer for an old git like me ... and will be for you when you get to a ripe old age. :)
  12. Thark

    Powercab/Helix REMOTE ?

    I found this confusing at first but then realized that when I'm playing with the band I don't ever look at what preset is loaded on my Powercab +. It's awkward to lean back and check the preset readout and almost impossible if the cabinet is tilted back. I don't really even look at what colour the ring is. I just listen to what it sounds like ... it's either great and doesn't need tweaking, or it isn't and needs looking at,
  13. Thark

    Helix 2.6 -> 2.81 my custom presets ported too!?

    I did the update on my Mac and as with the op, mine went fine. I also went on to load the new factory presets and, yes, all of my old presets were erased, as expected. Of course, I had backed up everything and it was easy to go and grab my old setlists and rebuild all of the presets.
  14. Thark

    Time to BULLET Proof the next upgrade for Humans

    I lost the fight. Here’s a sampling: French: DUH German: DUH Estonian: DUH Swedish: DUH etc. etc. etc.
  15. Thark

    HX Edit Won't Run - even 2.81

    Ya, I’ve noticed that too. I’m also a Mac user and haven’t had any troubles at all with upgrading nor can I recall hearing of any other Mac users having problems. Could it be that most “bugs” are actually Windows problems? Like you, I’m not trying to put Windows down ... I write multiplatform programs and have a Windows machine in my arsenal. Don’t used it for much else though.