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  1. Thark

    Using a Windows 10 tablet to run HX Edit

    This is likely a dumb question but how does it connect to the Helix? Usb?
  2. Thark

    Using FRFR Behind You On Stage

    How ‘bout a Line 6 Powercab Plus? They sound great and can be tilted back if needed.
  3. Thark

    It arrived!!

    Do what I did. Get yourself a mini-refrigerator for the studio and stock it up!
  4. Thark

    An Idiot's Guide to Making Impulse Responses?

    Hi Danny. Yes, there is a guide on YouTube ... several in fact. The one that I used (very successfully, I might add) is: Give it a try. It's really cool!
  5. My impression of the capabilities of the Helix Floor just went up a notch or two last night at band rehearsal. I had just learned how to alter block parameters with the footswitches a couple of hours before. As we were playing I decided that the chorus effect wasn't quite right so I put the Helix into switch programming mode (if that's what it's called) and tweaked the chorus 'till it was to my taste. This all while we were playing! What a sweet feature! Not enough drive on your amp model? Kick it into switch programming mode and notch it up until it's to your taste. Only takes seconds and you don't have to stop playing.
  6. I had the same problem back when Mac OS was last updated to Mojave. What a dumb thing for the Apple software people to to! Makes me wonder what kind of silly things like this will pop up in future updates.
  7. Agree with Gin and Jersyboy. There is no reason to worry about having no strings on the neck, at least for a short period of time. For a longer time you might want to straighten the neck with a truss rod ajustment and then re-set the relief after the new strings are on. A couple of reasons for removing all strings: oiling the fretboard to prevent cracking from excessive dryness (it’s *really* dry where I live, especially in the winter), leveling and crowning frets. I do all of my own guitar maintenance and most repairs and upgrades. I have so many instruments that it would cost a pile to have someone else do it ... and it’s kind of fun. Also, you know for sure that the work has been done the way you want it.
  8. Yes, this is the way that I normally do it as well. However, this time I was putting a set of locking Grovers onto the guitar and had all the strings off.
  9. Hi all. I have two JTV59's which I love playing and which are both loaded up with Arislaf's "Realistic Bundle" (https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=24065.0). They pretty much do it all for me but there is one minor irritation ... changing strings. It's pretty tough to slot the strings in the bridge and then wind them on the tuning machine without having the string fall out of the bridge. There's a simple solution to this though. A piece of tape holds the strings in nicely until they can be wound up to pitch.
  10. Thark

    Daisychaining Powercabs

    Still ... it would be fun to give it a go. Too bad we’re so far apart. If not we could get together and hook up our PC+ cabs. :)
  11. Thark

    Daisychaining Powercabs

    Bonjour, Steve. This idea is just something that occurred to me one day. I wasn’t really concerned about running in stereo or even whether one uses midi cables or the L6 digital cable in the next firmware update. It seems to me that if the digital signal is available on the output of the PC+ it should be possible to pass it on to the next PC+ in the chain. If this is the case then it should be possible to connect more than two PC+ cabs together. Also, if the digital signal can pass from cab to cab, then (after the next upgrade) the “change speaker model” should reach each cab. This is just a fanciful thought on my part. I do own two PC+ cabs and they are certainly more than enough for my needs. It would be cool however to try hooking up three or more cabs. :)
  12. Thark

    Daisychaining Powercabs

    Here’s a (possiby silly) question that popped in to mind as I woke up today. What would happen if you were to daisychain *more* than two powercabs together? For example, could, say, six powercabs be stacked (ala Marshall stacks) and linked together via L6 link cables.? Admittedly, it would be an expensive set of stacked speakers but setting that aside for the moment, would it work?
  13. Ahh ... forgot that. Another instance of my being lazy, LOL! For the past while I’ve only used the VDI input. Can’t remember when I last used the 1/4” input.
  14. Why not use the wireless (and the battery) for soundcheck and then switch to vdi for the show? You were originally going to switch cables anyway. Or the looper, as Kilrahi suggests. :)
  15. If you’re interested, there are a whole whack of howto videos on Youtube. I especially recommend “Dave’s World of Fun Stuff”. He does a new video about every two or three days and has been at it for at least ten years. Needless to say there are *lots* of them. (Warning: Dave has a tendency to rant sometimes, which I think makes it more interesting. Look for his opinion on Rickenbacker basses). I got interested in guitar maintenance (and some repairs) as my collection grew. I could never afford to have a setup done on each instrument and now that I’ve retired it’s kind of grown into a hobby. I’ve even done a couple of tweaks on other guitar player’s instruments.